Monster in the Coop

By Mairo-the-Poet:

We all know there is a pond of motherless fish
Whom the ocean hugs ever so lovingly
We know there is a coop
Of parentless ducks
Whom the valleys cuddle ever so soothingly.
They have cried their pain out
Where it rang in the clearing
Till it rolls and dies upon the foaming seas.
There is no pattern to their bereavement
As we continually chuck death their way
I want to hug them ever so tightly
But I can’t stop my fellows from slicing the bellies of their loved ones
So I watch them perish from man’s maniacal hunger.

These days I am now friends with their helplessness
As graves mushroom on every doorstep
My neighbors are either sick or dying.
This clawing beast, as he squeezes life out of a human lung
unrelenting as he decimates our kind
Does he lose any sleep afterwards?
As we lounge in sorrow
Does he dive into a deep pool
Having leisure as we count our dead?
Humanity, what have we done that we are now cooped up with this killer?


Born and bred in Zimbabwe. Currently living and working in South Africa. A primary school teacher by profession but a Performance Poet by design. My father was a wood-carver, so I fancy myself a word-carver. To me poetry is life, therefore the purpose of art is to comment on the human condition.

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