Metal Panthers

By Mairo1:

The metal panther lunges without caution
Latching onto the unlucky pedestrian
Catching him with the right fender
Throwing him high up in the air.
The man spins twice before hitting the ground hard
With a sickening thud.
Lethargically, the vultures swoon in
with surgical precision:
Workers who had a grim lazy day
Are soon galvanized into flourish and fray
Reaping entrails from the broken carcass.
All pickings to the casket bearer they pass.
The panther walks home with nothing
His nuzzle wiped clean of all frothing.
Again he trots into the lane
In search of the next kill in another reckless run.


Born and bred in Zimbabwe. Currently living and working in South Africa. A primary school teacher by profession but a Performance Poet by design. My father was a wood-carver, so I fancy myself a word-carver. To me poetry is life, therefore the purpose of art is to comment on the human condition.

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