By Stephanie Mbachu:


Wanna be able to write your name in my heart
Even when we fall apart
Wanna be able to scream and yearn for your touch
Even when my soul goes oblivion

Memories of you written boldly on me
In places never to be forgotten
I don’t like em scars
But I don’t mind being drawn with your stroke

Breath taking moment
By the stir of your face
On you alone I wanna fix my gaze
Be wrapped up in your arms
Like a maize in it’s husk

Memories strong enough to take the pain away
Love that had never fade away 😩
Like a moulder refining it’s clay
That’s how much you make my day
I’m never letting you go away
Stay with me
Let’s walk down our memory lane
With kisses on every step of the way 😩🤭🥰🥺

Stephanie Mbachu
Stephanie Mbachu
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