By Jessy:

Even the lights knew I had wronged my daughter. We didn’t know what had gone on. But what we saw sent cold chills up our spine.

“Tricia!” We hurried to where she laid, our yells one could hear if he or she was standing right outside.

There was no blood anywhere, meaning she had dropped the scissors the minute the lights went out.

A relief, I breathed and pulled her up, caressing her face in the process. I was happy she was okay, and was relieved that her eyes were still open.

We were confused on how all the lights in the house had gone out by themselves. And was at the same time thankful that it had actually caused a distraction, making her not do what she had in mind.

I carried her in my arms, not minding if she was heavy. I placed her carefully on the bed, kissed her lightly on her cheek and sat down beside her. She’s not saying anything “Why isn’t she saying anything?” I panicked. Will she be okay, Nanny?” I looked up at Nanny, not so sure if I needed an answer.

I looked down at Tricia again, pleading for her to talk. Her lips remained closed, like she had not heard me, Nanny Pearl asking me not to worry, as she assured me that she was going to be just fine. If not she was breathing, and her eyes were wide open, I would have sworn she was no more. But God forbid that ever happened.

Tricia wasn’t the only one having a hard time believing the truth. Derek’s was far much worse as he broke every object he could lay his hands on. He had always trusted his dad and had always looked up to him. He couldn’t believe his own father could lie to him, not caring if he ended up hurt. “He should have told me the truth all along,” he thought aloud. “And not make me look like a fool!” he thundered in his room.

He had slept with his blood, he couldn’t believe. He was in love with his own sister, he sulked at the awful thought. How was he going to tell anyone who came asking? his emotions couldn’t let him be.

Aunt Marcie and Uncle Martins were soon going to be back. He had to put everything back to the way it was, he realized, giving a scan of his room, which was a total mess. The posters that were once on the wall, were now scattered all over the place, with every one of them torn to shreds. Derek’s rage was one you wouldn’t want to witness, and no one other than his mum could calm him down—if only she was there, the poor bloke thought soberly.

He was forced to get up to his feet, and was left with no option but to pick up a broom and tidy up the place. The thought of Tricia crowded his mind once again. Muttering her name, as though she was there, he wondered how she was and hoped she was taking things a lot more easier than he was.

Although he had tried getting her off his mind, it wasn’t that easy doing so, as his feelings were still there. How could he possibly let go of the one person he had always longed to have? He couldn’t bring himself to do so. He also didn’t know how to face her now, and wished he could just end everything so he wouldn’t have to bear all that he felt inside. He had to move on, that he knew. And had to stay strong, though the scar remained…


Meanwhile, back at school Philip and Daphne were at it again. They were arguing about something they couldn’t come to terms with—
“How do you expect I go with you?” Philip asked, “You’re not serious about this, are you?”

Daphne waved the tickets at him. “You bet I am,” she grinned up at him.

“My God!” gasped a surprised Philip. “You are serious!” he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“That’s right. We’re going to Switzerland, baby!” she clasped his arms and began swinging them.

“No. No, there’s no way I’m going to Switzerland with you.” Philip snatched his hand away. “I mean, what were you thinking?” he asked. “I’ve got school. Grams’ here. And—” he couldn’t say. Not with Daphne locking her lips with his.

“Mm… mm—” he struggled to break free. “Daphne!” he pulled away breathlessly. “What has gotten into you?”

Daphne smiled wickedly. “Wouldn’t you love to go with me, baby? We can start a family over there, you know?” she inched closer to him as he moved backwards.

“A family?” Philip grew irritated at the sound.

“Mm-hmm,” she replied with a nod. “You got any problem with that?”

“Can you just hear yourself?”

She frowned at his question. “What? I’m not doing anything wrong, am I?” she twisted her lips.

And Philip shook his head. “You’re impossible!” the angry lad said and walked out on her.


“Mm. You think you’re smart, Philip—but I’ll show you that I’m not the girl you think I am!”


Derek was clearly avoiding me, just at the time I needed him most. I didn’t care if we were siblings. I only wished to feel his arms around me again.

I’ve been staring at my phone for quite sometime now, hoping that he’d call. I wiped my tears off and looked down at it again—a number I couldn’t recognize coming in at that moment. “Who can it be?” I couldn’t resist moving my thumb on the screen, so I could know who it was.


I froze on hearing it. I tried not to sniff and held back my tears, not so sure if his voice was what I wanted to hear.

“Trish, if you can hear me, look out your window,” he instructed.

And I followed—

I brought the phone down shakily as colourful balloons came into sight, each having an inscription that I could clearly make out. “I’M SORRY,”

I shrugged.


I frowned. Love isn’t just anything you say, I found it so hard to smile, a cuckoo sound making me turn.

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