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“What are you doing here?” I asked through clenched teeth the moment he came inside.

“Trish, let me explain…”

“Oh, I am sick of hearing that word!”

He sighed, placing his hand on mine. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt it. But I could say I missed having it there. What am I saying? “Phil, why the hell are you here?”

“Your mum called saying that you needed me,”

“My mum called? Seriously?!” I grew furious even more. Can’t someone be left alone in this house? Why did mum have to involve Philip?

“I know I’ve wronged you…”

“Don’t!” I stopped him from saying. “Don’t even use that word. Na-ah!” I was really tired of it to be sincere. And I couldn’t wait to be out of his sight, not after all he’s done.

“Tricia, I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I’m really sorry I hurt you with my actions. I should have been there for you. Okay? I shouldn’t have pushed you away—”

I threw my head to the side, trying not to let go of my tears. Philip shouldn’t be here. He shouldn’t be doing this at all. “Philip, just go. Just leave…”


“I said go! I don’t want to see you,” tears streamed down my cheeks as I couldn’t hold it anymore.

He was hurt by my words, but I couldn’t care any less about how he felt. He hurt me. He should have thought about me before going back to his ex. I’ll never be able to forgive you, Philip. You brought this on yourself.

Tricia would never be able to forgive me. I couldn’t stop myself for feeling sorry for everything. I should have been there for her. I never should have let Daphne get into my head. I knew I was the cause of her pain—and if anything wasn’t done, she’d end up hating me for the rest of her life.


Philip couldn’t bear the thought of Tricia hating him. He knew he had to make things right. And by doing that, he had to choose between the two girls. Daphne was his first love, though their relationship wasn’t one he fancied. It was complicated; not passionate like he wanted. It was filled with lies, this he could tell. He knew Daphne was hiding something from him, but he didn’t know what was it she didn’t want him knowing. He wanted to see for himself, and could only do so if he just stayed close.


I took a deep breath and got in the back, asking the driver to follow the yellow taxi in front.

We drove for an hour, the taxi which seemed like it didn’t want to be followed, taking a narrow road, that looked pretty odd to me. I was determined to know what was going on. I asked the driver to drive slowly, so it wouldn’t seem like there was anyone following behind. From where we were, I could see the yellow taxi. It pulled up in front of a red building. Whose house is this? I wondered, having no idea how someone could own a property like this in the middle of nowhere.

I waited patiently for her to move into the building. It was a relief she hadn’t sighted the taxi that I was in, else my mission would have been for nothing. I got out immediately, paid the driver off and started toward where I had seen her move in.

I knew someone was following me but I couldn’t say who it was. I needed to know what motive he had, and was ready to kill anyone who came ruining my plans!

I walked into the apartment, giving instructions to the gang as I walked out the back. I clasped my gun, ready to shoot—as what I saw glued me to the spot.


A heavy metal came on his head and he fell to the ground.

“What the hell?”

“I believe “Thank you” is the word you’re looking for,” Romero spoke. “You know, you should try and be careful sometimes,”

“I threw him a scowl. “That’s my boyfriend, you idiot!”

He asked sarcastically, “This guy?”

I frowned. “Don’t start!” I went on to say, “You shouldn’t have left your post,”

He scoffed. “Like you’re the boss?”

I growled. “Well, you should be thankful he isn’t here.” I folded my arms.

And he smirked. “Whose responsibility is he?” he asked with fingers pointed down to Philip.

“Yours!” I shrugged and walked off.

Philip was going to be our prisoner—because I was going to teach him a lesson he’d never forget.


“Wake up!” I commanded, handing Ashton the once-filled bucket.

Ashton was my best friend and partner. We walked hand-in-hand and did mostly everything together.

“Leave us!” I asked her to leave.

Chuckling inwardly, I stooped to take a closer look at him.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked weakly.

“Mm. You look tired,” I ran my fingers lightly on his face.

And he huffed. “Don’t touch me!”

I laughed. “But I’m not doing anything,”

“You monster!” he made to stand, the chains I bound him with, dragging him to the floor.

“Mm-hmm-hmm—” I laughed softly, not giving up on warming his lips.

“You’re despicable!” he threw his head away as he cursed.

I loved the pain he was feeling, as I wanted him to feel all that I felt, when I came to realize that he was in love with that wrench!

“What do you want?” he asked, and I moaned, moving my lips on one side of his face; my tongue getting a taste of his salty skin.

“You really want to know?” I raked my fingers through his hair, and looked down at him. “Well, you’ll see!” I said with a final kiss on his pouty lips.

I was ready to go back to school, thanks to mum being persuasive. I hadn’t forgiven her, and was glad to know that I’d be going back to where I wouldn’t have to be seeing her—Patrick, not excluded.

“Packed everything, honey?”

I answered laconically, “Yeah.”

… and rolled my box behind.

“Baby?” she called.

“What is it?” I turned to know what was it she wanted to say.

“I love you—”

I shook my head, unsure of whether to reply.


“Yeah? You’ve got something to say?”

She sighed and embraced me. “I can’t believe my baby’s leaving already,”

“There’s no need to make things awkward here.” I said and pulled out from her arms.

I wasn’t in any mood to talk. And felt even worse when I turned to see Patrick smiling down at us.

“I have to go,” I didn’t need anyone calling me back.

“Aren’t you going to bid your father goodbye?”

I squeezed my face on hearing the word “Father” on her lips. “Not necessary,”

“I thought maybe…”

“Mum, can you please let me be?!”

“I-I’m sorry. I just thought maybe…”

“Perhaps you should keep your thoughts to yourself!” Did I just say that? I blinked, remembering I was talking to no other person than my mother.

“M-Mum, I’m sorry,”

She replied shakily, “N-no. No, it’s fine—” she turned to leave.

I couldn’t help but feel emotional at the thought that I had hurt her. I’ve been so harsh on her, it occurred to me. How will I be able to forgive myself? I sobbed at the spot. “Mum!”

She turned at the call.

“Mum, I’m so sorry,” I rushed into her arms, regretting all I had done.

We used to be closer than this—why did things have to change? I asked myself, cursing the day the strange wind came blowing in my family.

I didn’t want to let go of her as I felt safe in her arms. I couldn’t remember the last time we hugged, and I wished we could remain like this as long as the clock ticked.

“You should go, baby. Come on. Dry those tears.” she pushed me off gently, and wiped my tears off with her thumb.

I didn’t want to leave but I had no choice but to do so. Hugging her one last time, I smiled up faintly at Patrick, and stepped out.





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