By Jessica-Ken:

The morning cock crowed, and the early birds chirped, signaling it was daybreak. Sluggishly getting out of bed, I gave a scratch at my hair and looked idly to where the partly broken mirror stood. I was tired, not wanting to go anywhere but lay back in bed. I was also sore, with every part of my body looking like they had been beaten.
Kowe and Ayo were still sleeping. Today is a big day, I thought as a smile crept up my face. The sudden reminder of what the day held made me want to freshen up and get dressed before he came.
Amos had proposed that we went out. The last he came, I was overjoyed.
Maybe he was going to ask me out—my mind made. Just maybe…


“Heh. Let me help you with that,” a chair was pulled out, and I sat down, looking nervous. I looked to where my date had gotten seated, swallowed the awfully large lump in my throat that seemed invisible to the eyes, and clasped the table, gulping again.
We made eye contact—
“Why don’t you tell me more about yourself. I want to hear.”
A waiter approached.
“Oh, what would you like to have, my dear?”
He looked at the waiter, then at me. “Do you like salad on your rice?”
“Salad?” I felt disgusted by how it sounded. “Y-yes.” though I wanted not to sound local by agreeing to eat, the thought of having it in my plate made me crinkle and groan, tasting it in the air.
Amos’ voice drew me back, and he repeated his question, bringing back memories.
“My life is a bit…” I drew my breath. “…complicated.” I halted to a stop.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell. I don’t want to—”
My thoughts drowned his voice out…
“Habibat, this is were you’d be staying,” the filthy mat was made ready for me.
I heaved deeply, my tears wanting to drop. I’d forgotten I was still at the fancy restaurant. Amos noticed this, and he asked me if everything was alright. “Y-yes,” the waiter came and dropped the trays nicely on our table.
“I’m sorry if I’d upset you,”
I faked a smile and asked him not to worry.
“Remind me to always bring you here,” Amos joked amid the situation.
I laughed and went digging into my dish.

Amos was really nice. He took me shopping and bought me lots of clothes, not leaving the twins’ out, as we went to the Kiddies.
That same day, he had also bought me a phone—an android, to replace my small one.
My Nokia was put out of sight, and I had Amos to thank. “I really can’t stop thanking you, Amos,” the thought of having to call his name, without any title attached, got me laughing inside.
“What’s making you smile?” he was fast to observe.
“I’ll see you tomorrow?” I quickly asked, giving my lips a slight lick.
“Yes, tomorrow.”
I took a deep breath, and shifted my gaze from him.


Kowe and Ayo were having fun playing with their friend. He had arrived just in time, handing the bags out to them.
“Toys!!!” Ayo cried out. “Mommy, see!”
It was undeniable saying Amos was going to make a perfect father… for them.
“And this is for you,” a sparkling necklace stood in the air.
“What?” I spoke excitedly.
“Here. Let me help you put it on.” He offered, as I smiled admirably.

“Have you ever thought about, you know, us?” the kids were asleep, so it was time for us to talk.
“Surely, you must need a man by your side. Raising two daring kids…isn’t easy at all.”
A brief silence hovered, then I broke it. “It’s not…easy!” I high-pitched.
“Don’t you want a man?”
I took a brief pause and gave a nervous laugh. “I don’t know,” I got up from the little bed. “Um, why don’t you like talking about yourself?” I did what I did best.
“Yes, you hardly talk.” I glued my eyes on him, wondering why.
“Well,” he heaved a sigh. “I felt I shouldn’t be boring you…”
“Sort of,”
“Well, now you’re not. I’m interested to hear.”
The chair at the adjacent side creaked, as he made to stand. “My parents are dead, actually. They died in a car crash.”
A sudden chill overshadowed me. “They’re d-dead?” I regretted requesting him to talk, apologizing immediately. “I’m sorry. I had no idea.”
A faint smile eluded his lips, then it disappeared. “Would you like something to eat?”
I shook my head. “No,” I said quietly.
I turned and walked back to the bed, feeling his hands on me, as I stopped.
“Don’t beat yourself up,” a soft whisper came lightly. “It’s in the past.”
I gulped, feeling the air around me get hot; nervous at the same time.
“You’re all sweaty…why?” he made me face him, lifting my chin slightly, as he held my gaze.
“Say you love me, Habib. I’ll give you the world and everything in it as long as you say those words.”
My heart skipped.
He leaned closer and nuzzled my neck.
Feeling his touch, a cold sensation passed through me, getting me all hot, as a ‘moan’ escaped my lips.
He reached for my zip, dragging it down. Stripping me to the feet, he let his eyes linger for a minute before cupping my petite breasts, planting a kiss on each, as I purred, melting in his arms.
“The twins,” his voice called me out.
“Oh, they’re asleep,” I replied, not in my right senses. All I wanted was to be lost in his arms.
I shuddered as he pulled away.

Amos and I hadn’t made love, for reasons I do not know. Aside the fact the twins were there, he asked me to put my clothes back on and left without saying a word.


Three years had passed since the incident. Amos and I began dating in the later months, and while the twins were celebrating their fifth birthday, Amos and I were celebrating our anniversary.
“Don’t you like how time flies?” Amos raised a glass and winked at me.
“Mm, time,” I inhaled the lovely air. Being in the outdoors, on a not so sunny day, was the one thing I looked forward to, as long as it came with no suffering.
Ever since Amos came into my life, things had been way better. I never stayed in the sun, working myself out in the market, trying to make ends meet. I even had my own boutique, and our one room apartment was pushed aside. My kids and I left for our whole new home. A 3-bedroom flat, with a toilet—inside! Things were definitely going well for us.
Amos was to leave for London soon. But before he did, he did the last thing I never expected he would so soon—”Marry me—” his voice had graced the air that fateful day.
“Marry you?”
“Yes, marry me, Habibat. Make me the happiest man on earth.”
I stood speechless for a moment, looking at the scattered roses on the floor of his living room.
“Say something, Habib. Do not let the poor man’s heart break.”
I laughed slightly, then said, “Of course I’ll marry you. I’ll marry you, Amos—”
A court wedding was set. A little party was thrown with few friends invited, and of course my parents, alongside Yemisi and Mama Iya. Their joy knew no bounds.
My kids were the happiest–having Amos as a father was the one thing they never expected. It was a dream come true after all, and they were going to live to tell the tale.


“Packed everything?”
“Got everything, honey!” hot lips found mine.
“Mm, I’ll miss you,”
“Not when I’ll miss you more…”
I couldn’t let go of him.
The twins and I saw him to the airport. Bidding him goodbye—a tear dropped, and onto my neckline it fell. “Make sure you use the money and enrol in school. I’ll be calling from time to time—” hearing his voice gave some kind of comfort. Having no choice but to let it ring, I clasped my kids’ hands and caressed them both.



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