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I realized I made lots of mistakes in the first. I’m not perfect… I know. Will try make this one less filled with mistakes. We all learn everyday 😊 Please don’t stop reading. I need your views 🤗

Things would have been better, I said, if I had not remarried but stayed single. Ha! Scratch that out. Things were even better now Amos and I had gotten so close. He no longer got angry. . . And everything was going pretty well.


“Jenna, bring me my bag. It’s upstairs.” I got ready to go to class. It’s been four years already. Time really flies.

“Ready for class?”

“Mm, not without you driving me,” I rubbed my protruded belly, and smiled halfway.

“Come here,” he pulled me closer. . . The man I promised to love and cherish to the very end.

“What now?”

His hand was on my stomach.

“Oh! He kicked.” I gave a slight groan. I smiled, as he lowered his head to listen to the baby go on inside. “He’s just like his father…”

“And stubborn like his mother,” Amos teased. He wiggled my nose, and I laughed. “Hon, I’m going to be late.” I kissed him, and watched Jenna come down the stairs.

“Here, mom,”

“Thanks, dear.” I collected the classy brown leather bag from her. . . A gift from one of Amos’ many cousins, abroad.

Giving Jenna the usual instructions. “Make sure you close all doors properly. The backdoor especially. Feed your brothers. Make sure they bath early. You know how they are. And also don’t forget to keep the place in the right order. It’s important…” she saw us to the front door, and asked, “Anything else?”

Amos answered before me, “Not one she can mention when she’s late,” He looked down at my belly, and exhaled. “Whoo!” he said, “Women sure hell tries.”

“You and your fancy accent,” I teased, and made to step out. “Wait, hon,” I said, and slid my fingers into my bag, reaching for the zip on one side of its interior. “Here, Jenna. For you and the kids.” I pulled out a one-thousand naira note, handing it to her. “Make sure you buy some snacks with it. Don’t open the door oo. Give Usman through the window. Okay?”

She nodded.

Amos and I walked to the car, and Usman made to open the gate. We were about getting into it, when a woman in a cute jacket and dashing pants, pushed Usman out of the way and made toward us. “If it isn’t the slutty one night stand—”


She winked at me. “Sup?”


Gabrielle coming to our house was a nightmare. The maniacal smile imprinted on her face showed she was there for a reason. “Gabrielle, what do you want?” I asked, feeling uncomfortable with her return.

“My kids. Where are they?” she smirked, and came closer. “Hope you two’ve been taking care of ‘em?”

I asked to distract her. “Thought you were British?” I folded my arms. “Why are you speaking like that?”

Amos stepped in. “Why are you here, Gabrielle? Has your shame level gone down?”

I twisted my mouth.

“Oh, I’m not British, darling,” Gabrielle ignored him. She walked to my side, and gave me a smirk. Another one. Then she looked at Amos, and ran her two fingers on his right collar. “You’ve got a little bit of dirt, honey. Here. Let me help.” She offered with a grin. Rubbing her fingers lightly, turning to face me again, she raised her shoulders partly, and walked back to where she was. “Quit stalling!” she said, “I want my kids now.”

I looked at Amos, and he looked at me.

“Hang on—” Gabrielle was doing all the talking. “Did you miss me, Kitty? Please tell me you did.” Her eyes glistened, as she said with a puppy face.

Kitty? I thought, wanting to puke.

“Certainly your little puppet hasn’t been giving it to you like I did…”

“Enough!” Amos barked.

“My, my. You really have one temper,” she threw him a seductive smile.

“Gabrielle, please stop this. It’s embarrassing.” She had gotten up my sleeves. “Now, why don’t you tell us why you’re here? I’m sure you didn’t just come all the way from London to pick up the kids you left for five years!” I boiled.

“Five years? Really?” Gabrielle gave a spin. “Oh, I really must have lost count. Has it been that long?” she asked with lips puckered.

Amos held me. . .And I swallowed—We have a crazy woman on the loose, I thought. He said: “Don’t let her get to you. I’m here.”

Jenna came running, and Henry and the twins followed behind. “Mom! Mom!” Jenna and Henry called. “Mom, where have you been? How are you here?” the kids continued asking, encircling her.

“Oh, Jenna, my love. Henry, my bun. Mommy’s back home now.”

I burned with jealousy, watching her kiss them.


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