Who Is Mariah Bird? Find Out All You Need to Know About Larry Bird’s Adopted Daughter 

Mariah Bird is the famous adopted daughter of Larry Bird, a retired American basketballer. 

Being a member of the Bird family has considerably brought the media’s attention to her. However, she hasn’t allowed her fame nor that of her parents to deter her from finding her path.

She started from being a cheerleader for her basketball team. And today she’s a successful event manager.

So, is there more to Mariah Bird? If this and many more are your questions about the well-known daughter of Larry Bird, this article has all the answers you need.

From her early life, career, family, and age, to where she is now, we’ll explore all there’s to know about her.

Mariah Bird’s Biography 

Details about Mariah Bird’s early life aren’t available to the public other than she was adopted by the renowned American basketballer, Larry Bird.

Larry and his second wife Dinah Mattingly adopted her after their marriage in 1989 alongside Connor Bird. She was allegedly born in 1991.

She has another sibling, Corrie Bird, who’s Larry’s biological daughter with his first wife Janet Condra.

Mariah attended Boston University after high school, and later proceeded to Indiana University, Bloomington, for further studies. She has a degree in Science and Recreation

Mariah was interested in basketball just like her father, Larry. However, rather than being a player, she opted for cheerleading and was very active during her teenage years.

She continued as a cheerleader, joining a local basketball team, and organizing cheerleading events and performances.

Today, having switched to event planning, she works as an event manager for Pacers Sports and Entertainment.

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Mariah Bird’s Career 

Mariah Bird cheer leading

Mariah is a cheerleader and event manager. She started as a cheerleader in her teenage years as she took an interest in basketball.

She later took cheerleading as a full-time job, joining a local basketball team. Eventually, she transitioned into event planning, and today works as an event planner for Pacers Sports and Entertainment.

What Is Mariah Bird’s Net Worth?

Mariah reportedly has an estimated net worth of $950,000. She earns about $80,473 annually as an event manager.

In addition, she resides in a $2.35 million apartment her father provided her.

Meet Mariah Bird’s Family 

Mariah Bird's older step-sister, Corrie Bird smiling

Mariah Bird became a member of Larry Bird’s family by adoption. Larry Bird and his wife Dinah Mattingly adopted her when she was an infant. 

They also adopted another child Conner Bird around that time. Mariah has an older sister, Corrie Bird, who’s Larry’s biological daughter. He had her with his first wife, Janet Condra.

Corrie Bird, stepsister to Mariah Bird was born to Larry Bird and Janet Condra on the 14th of August 1977. Her parents were divorced by the time she was born after staying married for less than a year.

Larry had first denied birthing Corrie, but after a paternity test proved that he was the father, he didn’t pursue a close relationship with her but rather supported the mother financially.

She was raised by her mother and stepfather, Mr. Hargrave. Corrie got married to Trent Theopolis Batson in 2008 and they have two children together. She also adopted two children from Trent’s previous marriage.

Connor Bird is the adopted brother of Mariah Bird and the youngest of the Bird’s siblings. While Mariah leads a quiet life, Connor has managed to make himself popular with his notoriety.

He had a run-in with the law in 2013 and was charged with criminal vehicular recklessness, possession of marijuana, and battery.

However, the case was later dismissed on the grounds that he would complete a 12-month compliance agreement filed in Monroe Circuit Court.

Also, before the 2013 incident, he’d been previously arrested for underage drinking and possession of drugs. Notwithstanding, he has managed to live a quiet life since 2013.

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Who Are Mariah Bird’s Parents?

Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly, Mariah Bird's adoptive parents

Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly are Mariah Bird’s adoptive parents. There are no details concerning her biological parents available on the internet. 

Larry Bird is a retired professional basketball player. He’s regarded as one of the greatest basketballers of all time. He was born on the 7th of December, 1956.

Larry began his career in the NBA in 1979, and from then, built a successful career as a player and a coach.

He played until 1992, winning numerous championship titles throughout his playing career. Also, he began as a coach in 1997 and retired in 2000. 

Thereafter in 2002, he became an executive on the board of Indian Pacers.

In addition, he’s the only person in the history of the NBA to get the Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, Finals MVP, All-Star MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year titles.

Larry got married to Janet Condra in 1975 but they were only married for less than a year. They had a daughter, Corrie Bird in 1977.

He got married to Dinah Mattingly in 1989.

Dinah Mattingly, who was born on the 16th of November, 1954, is the second wife of Larry Bird. They reportedly met at Indiana State University, where they were both students. 

She graduated with a degree in physical education and worked as a physical education teacher at North Side High School in French Lick.

Additionally, Dinah was the supportive wife who always attended her husband’s games. The two have been together for three decades and counting.

How Old Is Mariah Bird?

There’s no information about Maria Bird’s exact day of birth. Several media reports alleged that she was born in 1991 making her 33 years as of 2024.

Where’s Mariah Bird Now?

Mariah works as an event manager for Pacers Sports and Entertainment.

Wrapping Up

Mariah Bird is the celebrity daughter of Larry Bird. However, despite getting the public’s attention for being the daughter of the legendary basketball player, she lives a quiet life.

From being a cheerleader, she now works as an event planner.

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