Mama Sikira

By Ruth:

Light Of The World .

Whatever said by man.
Your ways so different from ours.
That we have to ponder and wonder.
Your great dazzling features
Our corporeal eyes can’t behold.
You are the word in the world.

Death viciously finds it’s way
In the feeble heart of man.
Man reigns and dies.
But to you death bows so low.
Your kingdom has no end.
You are man and spirit.

We hear about you.
We long to see your majestic glory.
Our soul’s euphoric with you.
The earth shudder at your presence.
Our heart tremble at your sight.
Darkness gives way to you.

Man wonder what being you are.
Leaving your splendor above
And risking your life for your people.
Is a mystery to mankind.
Every soul ponder who’s this great being?
For beneath and above the earth
There’s non like you.


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