By Ace Hart:

You’ve probably heard your fair share of love poems over the years.
I know I have.
But I had something I wanted to say
and figured why not make another cliche.

Love an intense feeling of deep affection
Love a great interest and pleasure in something or someone.
Or at least according to google that is.
What they don’t tell you is that love hurts.
Love shatters you ’till there is nothing left
It disfigures you beyond recognition
’till one day when take a glance at your self in the mirror and can’t even remember what you looked like before.

Fondness, warmth, devotion, passion, desire, lust, cherish, treasure, appreciation, friendship
All words used to describe love, but that’s not all love is.
It’s and endless cycle that happens over and over and over again.
In an infinite loop with no way to escape.

Love hurts and leaves you with questions:
Why does my heart keep breaking?
Why do these tears keep falling?
Why, not matter how many times I try to move on,
You’re always there to pull me back in?
They say love is the most precious thing in the world, but so far all its brought is pain and heartache.

Or maybe, we’re just not doing it right.
Stephen Chbosky once said, “We accept the love we think we deserve.”
Why do we think we deserve such painful love?
Or maybe it’s just that we focus so much on the pain that love brings, that we forget all the joy it brought us before heartache came knocking at our door.
The pain overshadows our judgement.
Makes us forget about the inside jokes once shared.
The silly nicknames that often made no sense.
The feeling of another humans comfort that family just can’t seem to give.
The sense that everything around you is at peace.
That feeling of being loved and giving love.The balance of light and dark.
That is what love truly is.
That is what love should be defined as.

The balance of of euphoria and agony.
A lesson.
A diamond in the rough.
An all around cycle of light and dark.
That is the true meaning of love.

So the day that love decides to up and leave you, don’t sit around and mope over the pain that it’s caused you.
Remember the good old days.
Remember the joy it brought you.
So that when love comes around again you won’t be stuck tip toeing.
Waiting around for the day that they too might decide to just up and leave you.
Instead you’ll cherish them, because you never know which loves are just a phase and which ones are infinite.

Ace Hart
Ace Hart

I've been writing since I was in the fourth grade and haven't stopped since. I love writing general fiction novels, songs, and of course poems. I find it freeing that I can write out something that I just can't seem say. And if you ever want to read some of my novels I post my work on sweek. My account is @truthfuldeceits.

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