By Jessica-Ken:

“Commander, come in. There’s been a situation on El street. Do you copy?”
“Kids? Kids, where are you?”
Xander and Octavia were twins, adventurous and adorable kids.
Xander was a minute older than his twin; he claimed to be, at least, but Octavia thought different.
“Xander, now you listen…”
“Kids! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Xander and Octavia’s Mom came walking in a skirt. She had red matching shoes on and lipstick to go. The red shoes were her favourite, so she wore them everywhere.
“Kids…?” Mrs Kupps called.
“Oh, we’re coming, Mommy. Xander and I are playing pretend.” Octavia said.
The twins were the sweetest—amazing cuties, they were. Mrs Kupps loved them very much. She didn’t know what to do without them.
“Oh, kids…”
“Wanna play with us, Mommy?” Xander asked. He took after his father; brown eyes, fuzzy hair. Mr Kupps was a gallant man; his wife always knew that their son would be no different.
“Oh, son,”
“Mommy, when is Daddy coming back?” Octavia asked. Their Dad has been away for a while. She missed him, and she wanted him to know.
“Oh, sweety,” Mrs Kupps smiled. Looking at her little girl, she had her fingers on her chest and pursed her lips before answering. “Well…”
Ring—went the landline. Mrs Kupps made towards the telephone and had it placed close to her ear. “The Kupps residence?”
A voice came in. “I’m sorry, but there’s been a problem,”
“Who is this?”
“Something’s happened to Mr Kupps—”


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