By Jessica-Ken Duru:

It was July 28th, 1994. The year things had gone not like the way it should be.
“Hands above your head! Hands above your head!” Sound of sirens filled the air at the cops’ call. I wanted to flee, but had no place to go, knowing my end has come.
“Hands… above… your… heads!”
I did as they commanded, paying no attention to the people that were watching from a distance. I got roughly pushed down with my hands brought backwards, and with my face turned sideways, got handcuffed without wasting time.
If anyone told me that this would be my last in NYC, I would have laughed it off and said, “FUCK YOU!” But hey! Here I was, being bundled into the back of the van, to be taken to the place I dreaded most.

… this would be an interesting one.



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Jessica-Ken Duru
Jessica-Ken Duru

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