By Jessy:

“Alexander honey, please check if the mailman delivered any mail.” Mrs. Hill’s head popped in as Alexander grumbled and sighed.

  “Okay, Mum.” he brought his legs down and slipped his feet into the carpet slipper.

  Grumbling once again, he said, “I wish the mailman didn’t come today.”

  A flicker of light came suddenly and he moved backwards with fear – just by the door stood a lady, dressed in a pink odd outfit, with hair tied upwards in a bun.

  Alexander was taken aback by her presence as he wondered who the strange lady was.

  “Don’t be afraid,” the odd-looking fair lady said. “I won’t hurt you.” She drew closer to him as Alexander quickly changed position.

  “Who are you?” asked a shaken Alexander. “And how did you get here?”

  “I am Yasmin.” came the lady’s response. “I am Mother Nature – the goddess of the earth.” she introduced with pride.

  “And why should I believe you?”

  Yasmin laughed. “All right. What’s your first wish going to be?”

  Alexandra’s brows arched up. “First wish? You also grant wishes?”

  “Of course, sweetie. Christmas is all about making wishes… and granting them.” she said with a charming smile.

  Alexander blinked twice, realizing he wasn’t dreaming, as he moved closer and asked about her wand. “Why don’t you have one?” he grew suspicious.

  “I don’t have to own a wand before I grant a wish.” she snapped her fingers and it began snowing outside.

  “Hey. I thought the snow’s stopped.” he made toward the window and looked out.

  “But I made it snow again.” The fair lady walked to his side, and Alexander turned to her.

  “You really are Mother Nature.” He shouted in ecstasy as Yasmin put a finger on his lips.

  “Yes. I’m Mother Nature.” She nodded her head as she said. “But you needn’t tell anyone or I’ll disappear forever.” warned the fair lady.

  Alexander promised not to and his first wish was granted in no time –

  “Mr. President,”

  Alexander’s eyes stood open.

  “Here are the documents you requested for.”

  His jaw dropped open. “Oh, my.”

  Not knowing what to do with them, he thought – is being president this hard?

  He dismissed the man that was about his Dad’s age – or so he thought.

  “Having fun on your first day, huh?” the fair lady appeared right in front of him.

  “Oh, you don’t wanna know.” He shook his head and felt his neck with the back of his hand. “Oh, I think I’m starting to get sick.”

  “When you haven’t even begun.” Yasmin jeered at his remarks.

“And gee, I look really different.” Alexander grinned at his new size.

  He looked manly now, and was pretty muscular, compared to before.

  “Handsome even.” Yasmin added, staring admirably.

Having worked all day long, Alexander made another wish. “Make me to be attractive to all girls.”

Yasmin’s eyes widened. “What?”

“I said make me to be attractive to all girls.”

Yasmin reminded, “I wish -” She moved her eyes, and he remembered.

“Oh, yeah.”

And with that, and a snap of the finger, came Alexander’s desirous wish.

“Oh, my gosh. Is he cute.” said one.

“Oh, holy God. I feel like kissing him.” said another.

“Isn’t he so handsome? So hot -” one fell into her friend’s arms.

The girls’ screams made Alexander realize he wasn’t in the White House anymore.

“Whoa! I’m…”

“Not you?” the fair lady whispered in his ears as only Alexander could see her.

“That wasn’t the word I was looking for… but pretty much.” he raised his shoulders high as he walked into the wine bar. “A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, please.” he placed his order and the bartender brought it to him.

He noticed the bartender kept stealing glances at him. It seemed girls weren’t the only ones attracted to him, he gave a thought about it and drained his glass.

“Where’ you from?” came the bartender’s voice.

Is he really talking to me, Alexander thought and pushed the glass to him. “No where you should be concerned about.”

“Not playing nice.” Yasmin whispered.

“Quit it, you!” He snapped and slapped his ear, as the bartender gave him a ‘weird’ look.

“Sorry. TN.” he replied shortly and took out a dollar bill he didn’t know was there, from his wallet.

“See you later, bruh. Merry Christmas.” he saluted and walked out of the bar.

He loving his new self, and wished that he could keep it forever, if only he knew the fair lady’s true form.

“Time for your third wish!” Yasmin squealed and twirled, giving a maniacal laugh Alexander didn’t see. “So… what’s it gonna be?”

“Let me think.” Alexander rubbed his chin with thoughts.

Oh, I’m really gonna enjoy this, Yasmin chuckled inwardly and rubbed her palms together. This was her chance. He was going to be hers forever, and had other plans for him.

“Ah-hah!” Alexander snapped his fingers.

“Yesss?” Yasmin’s eyes shone with eagerness. Come on, little pea. We haven’t got much time, she pounded her fists in the air.

“I wish I had everything the world’s never had!”

Yasmin cackled at his words. “Your wish is my command.”

He shut his eyes and let her do her magic thing. Swoosh! went Alexander’s wish, trapping him in the very last place he expected to see himself.

“Let me out!” he cried. “Let me out, you backstabber!” he yelled much louder, but no one came to his aid.

He was starting to miss home, and wished nothing more but to be back with his family… again.

“Now I’ll never be able to make it back in time for Christmas.” the poor lad buried her face in his hands as long agonizing sobs wracked his body to the core. The fair lady had abandoned him, and not even his wishes could save him now.

His greed had gotten him into an even more greater trouble, like his Mum kept on telling him, and now he was going to spend the rest of his life in a golden cage.



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