By JessyKen:


The stage opens in a hut by the river side. A young woman is seen weeding her garden as the sound of an infant came ringing in her ears. Turning around, she sights a basket at a distance floating atop the water, and heads towards it, watching as it pulled up on the bank.

Woman: (Stares eagerly) What’s this? (Picks it up and opens it) A child? Oh, the gods have finally had mercy on me and wiped away with my ears (Sheds tears of joy and carries the child in her arms. She held her to her bosom and kissed her lightly on the cheek). Oh, my beautiful Itohan. Yes! I shall call you Itohan – mercy!


The stage opens once again as light falls on the narrator. She bows her head like she had previously done and looks at the audience. Wearing a beaming smile, she looks from left to right, and back at her audience again, signaling to them to keep mute.

Narrator: (Clears throat) My people. Now you see how the world turns around. The world is a really mysterious place they say… really mysterious. (Chuckles softly) I know you’re confused on how the beautiful Itohan landed in the hands of another woman, but don’t worry, I won’t let you wonder more. (Nods with enthusiasm) When the Ojie of Ukogho ordered for his newborn to be killed, his sister, Omolara set out to make certain no harm came to the child. She was thrown and left to die in the evil forest where animals of different kinds roamed the wild. Unknowingly to the wicked Ojie Omolara found her, and, with the basket she held, placed her in and sent her floating down the river, until a woman (by name Emomwoyi) found her and nurtured her as her own. (Shakes head) OH! Oh, Emomwoyi. Emomwoyi, may the gods continue to bless you. May you never lack  and live to your hearts content. (Prays amidst tears) The beautiful Itohan blossomed into a fine young woman. She was greatly endowed, and was surrounded by all who loved her so. She was taught the proper etiquette by her mother, whose joy knew no bounds, and was highly known by all. She could see far beyond any human could, and so was the eyes of the Ipobo people, as they came to her from every corners. Her wisdom was one to be marveled at, and even greater men traveled from their homeland just to behold  the legendary beauty whose name was on every lips and has grown beyond the mountains. She was indeed a goddess, and so was called the beauty goddess by her people. Now follow me as I continue my story.



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