By JessyKen:


  Stage opens as the Ojie of Ukogho is seated in the middle of his elders, as they discuss the present happenings in the community.

Edion òkpá: Your Highness, what shall we call this? The city has being polluted and something needs to be done lest our people perish. (Shivers)

Edion eva: Omwokha is right, Your Highness. Something really really has to be done! (Strikes his palm)

Abagba N’Ojie: (Adjusts and thinks) My elders, something has to be done indeed. Even my son has grown sick from the illness. I’m afraid he won’t make it before the next Aho comes.

Edion ea: (Spits) May the gods forbid!

Abagba N’Ojie: May they forbid. Even the great Osaka is yet to say something.

Chief Priest: I am here! (Walks in and chants in a sorrowful tone) The gods are angry. Ah! (Pounds his staff on the floor) The ground has being cursed, and now the blood of every first born shall flow until the one who has been taken is returned. (Breathes heavily)

Abagba N’Ojie: (Confused)  The one who has been taken? What do you mean, great one?

Chief Priest: I have nothing else to say. (Chants and walks away)

Edion òkpá: Your Highness, how shall we know who the great one speaks of? (Eager)

Abagba N’Ojie: (Feels irritated by the murmurs) Silence! The council is dismissed. (Gets up as the lights grow thin and darkness emerge)



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