By JessyKen:


  Stage opens on the Ojie’s hut. A boy of about ten laid weakly on the floor, as a woman held on to his arms, crying bitterly. His condition seems to be getting worse by the minute, and the chief priest had declared there was no time left on their side. A young maiden walks in surprisingly, with an elderly woman following closely as the queen and the king’s sister stare in amazement.

Omolara: Who are you people?

Oje: (Averts her gaze from her son) Yes, who are you people?

Chief priest: (Enters startling everyone) She is here. Our daughter has returned!

Abagba N’Ojie: (Cuts in from behind) Daughter?

Cheif Priest: (Nods and looks at her Itohan) Welcome daughter of the gods (Looks back at the king) Your long lost daughter has finally returned to us.

Abagba N’Ojie: (Aside) It can’t be (Memories of eighteen years ago came rushing in and he exited in shame)

Oje: (Shakes) My Lord. My Lord, where are you going? (Looks at her sister-in-law) What is this? Is this some kind of trick?

Omolara: (Bows her head) No, my Queen! The gods don’t lie.

Oje: (Stammers) It can’t be. My daughter died many years ago. She died many years ago!

Emomwoyi: I found her at Ojumiri river, and ever since then, I have nurtured and cared for her like every mother would.

Omolara: (Makes towards them) Gods of our land! You have proved to me that you do not slumber or sleep (Hugs the beautiful maiden) My daughter, welcome home!



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