By Quadri Oyerinde:


How sick! I don’t believe the government
Kaduna forestry students been saved they
Say- oh my days! I do believe not yet.

Security not just mal in afaka
Abia uni also face endearment
And just a few, that’s if you know how many.

Don’t get me wrong, not that I do believe not
Well maybe now I don’t, so yeah I don’t!

Rumours of bandits sound Abuja. Imo
Bauchi and lagos too. God ! the country is
God forbid! Haywire. God help us. I pray.

For all of things in this country we pray
For light- electric power, police or traffic
Wardens won’t stop my car for nothing, so to
Just make some money. LASTMA? VIO?
ARMY? For them we, off the bed we get
At dawn, presetting out for work, we pray
For they my friend, are pain in ass, big pain!

And this is joke but true like many more! We-
At street transformers gather not to mend
But pray.

Oh shit! I want out!


I write Poetry and short stories.

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