IN LOVE WITH A MAFIA – Chapter Thirteen

By Jessica-Ken:

  “I mean I…”

  “Kendra!” The Vice-president called sharply.


  I had spilled the beans, unthinkingly, regretting it at that moment. I hadn’t know why I had done that, but it felt awfully good as my heart fluttered inside.

  I was acting like a little child right now. Gosh! He must have noticed, I tightened my lips and answered Mom. She gave a curious look.


  “I can see you alright,” she laughed, clasping her arms behind.

  I tried not to blush but kept a serious face. I pretended not to know what she was talking about, making to change the subject.

  “Did Brook tell you I wasn’t feeling well?” I asked. I quickly scolded myself, wishing I didn’t ask.

  “Not feeling…?” She stopped. “Honey, does your chest still hurts? You know the doctor said we shouldn’t let you walk about until you were fully okay.”

  “I’m fine.”

  “Well, he did mention that you tricked him…”

  “Yeah, right.”

  “Well, let’s stop the chitty chat and let our guest inside.” Mom rolled her eyes in a way I understood.

  “Vice President,” Lucille bowed her head. “Welcome.” She looked at me in a not-so-lovely way.

  Hmm, what’s with her? I thought briefly, walking past her. I glanced over my shoulder and saw her looking at Jong. It felt as though she was going to swallow him with her eyes.

  Does she know him from anywhere? I continued in my mind. It seemed like she knew him from somewhere, or was it my mind creating the form?

  “Oh, Lucille. Our guest.” Mom introduced him with her hand stretched out.

  “Oh, he’s a gentleman.” Her smile seemed rather fake. “Kendra, come with me.” She said to me.

  “Oh, no. She’ll have to stay here with us, Lu.”

  “But she needs to rest…”

  “I bet she’d have lots of rest after we’re done. But, for now” she smiled, urging Jong to sit. “Sit with me,” she beckoned to me.

  I could see the look on Lucille’s face when Mom opted for me to sit. I wasn’t so sure if she was seeing it, because it would have caused a stir. Lucille quickly relaxed her face, and gently excused herself. Something was up, I could tell. She was acting in an unusually least way.


  I overheard them from the stairs, laughing and making a mockery of me. It was like I thought, calling me an old hag! I was starting to hate this woman and wished dearly that I could smother the life out of her. Their laughter was unpleasant. It gave me the feeling I so detested.


  I thought about where I’d known this woman. She looked pretty familiar. Her face was one I swore I’d look upon…

…but where have I seen her before?


  Kamila threw a weird look at Jong, and quickly averted her gaze, looking at her daughter.

  “He’s not so bad,” she communicated with her eyes.

  She understood the look and nodded in agreement, concealing her blush.

  “Make yourself at home, will you?” Kamila said to Jong. She smiled sweetly at him, giving him a warm welcome. King wasn’t feeling so comfortable with this, wondering if he was supposed to be there. His throat tightened as his lips could make no word. He was clamped to a place and only watched, forcing a smile that had vigorously escaped.

  “Thank you,” he finally said amidst the heat. “Um, I’d like to use the bathroom.”

  “The bathroom?” Kendra looked at him. “Are you tense?” He only nodded, swiftly getting up.

  “Pamela?” Kamila called one of the maids—a facetious, tall, timid girl, who looked exactly about Kendra’s age.

  “Yes, ma’am.”

  “Please show our guest to the bathroom.” The Vice President requested.

  Jong hurriedly followed the maid and avoided making eye contact with Kendra as he exited the living room. The interior of the room was nice to adore. Jong took little notice of the other parts, rushing into the loo on arrival.

  “Thank you.”

  Pamela blushed.

  Who’s this handsome guy? She thought. “I wonder if he’s got a girlfriend. He sure looks tasty.” She said to herself, forgetting he could hear.

  “God, what have I gotten myself…? What am I doing here?” Jong breathed in and out, wondering what next to do. I’m not ready. I’m not. Oh, God. What is this? He thought as he looked up at the ceiling. The pretty bulb hung down, shining its light on his face. It was a beautiful sight. Everything sure looked fancy in the Vice President’s house.

  Jong thought about an alternative move to take. Was it to escape…? He gave it a brief thought.

  No—he shook the thought slowly off. “The Vice President was so kind to receive me.” He looked in the mirror.

  Pamela eavesdropped, wondering what he was going on about. Gosh, I have never seen anyone so handsome! She exclaimed in her mind, tightening her legs. The door jerked open, revealing a surprised Jong. The girl’s been listening, he rolled his eyes at her, displeased.

  “Pamela?” A gentle call shook them both.


Shit! Why did she have to come now?

“Pamela, I’ve been calling you,” Ma’am Kendra looked viciously at me.


“Oh, Mom’s waiting for you,” she looked at the young man. Our handsome guest was out of the bathroom, and he gave me the killer look—or so I fantasized in my mind.

“Don’t move any further!” Ma’am Kendra halted me.

I shook like a leaf, panicking and feeling the sweat roll down my face.

“What were you thinking coming here?”

“Oh, I was just passing…”

“Shut up! Now, listen up,” she said to me. “If you dare carry out any moves on my man, I’ll make sure I feed you to the dogs.”

I trembled. I didn’t expect it.

The young man was looking at me, I raised my head to know if it was so.

He had gone back to the living room, I let out a sigh. It was embarrassing being scolded by that rat. Oh, how I wanted to eat her up!

“Now, leave.”

“I-I’m sorry,” I took to my heels.

“Such an insolent brat.” I overheard her once I was on my way.

Oh, stupid Pamela, I cursed myself. What were you thinking moving from your lane?


The duo had gotten seated, and a brief silence hovered in the air. The Vice President had sat up, having been in a resting position on the couch, it was certainly time to be in a contrasting position. “So, tell me, what are those things my daughter speaks of? She said you have answers. Just not any ordinary ones. But the answers to what we seek. Are you an accomplice?!” Her expression changed.

“Mom, relax. He’s no accomplice.”

How sure are you? Jong-Su wanted to ask. He gave a half smile, fastly getting it hidden. She was right. He wasn’t any accomplice.

“When did you and my daughter meet?” Kamila arched her brows.

“Mom, is that necessary?”

“Hush it, hon. You seem like the witty one. Not bad at all. But, are you good for her?”

“Mom, I said enough!” Kendra barked.

“Oh, my!”

“Mom, I thought we had other important things, but here you are asking my boyfriend silly questions…”

“How dare you?!”

Kendra had no idea why she had done that. She had only met this guy and she felt a need to protect him.

“Mom, Jong isn’t who you think he is. There’s no way he must have had a hand in this.”

“Then, why do you claim he knows answers? Answers to what exactly?”

“Um, I think I’m going to go,” Jong stood up, not understanding anything. The room was heating up, he could feel it. It was only a matter of time before the cops were going to be called in.

“Why are you doing this?” Jong held Kendra’s hand. She didn’t even know him and, yet she was acting as if she did. He was a total stranger, but a wholly different person in this girl’s eyes. Why is she doing this? Yelling at her mother all because of me?

“Mom, you just piss me off every time. You’re giving more reasons to not want to be here. Let’s go, babe.” She said to me.

For a minute there, I forgot myself. I could almost hear myself laughing in the background.

Is this real?

I reluctantly got up from the chair, taking a look at the Vice President’s face. It had disgust written all over it. She was certainly unhappy with me.

“Kendra, come back here!”

“I’m not coming. I ain’t coming back to this house again!”

Kendra and Jong exited the Circle, and the latter asked through clenched teeth; “What was that back there?”

  “It suddenly came to me. I have a plan.”

Jong’s eyes widened at her words.

“I’ll tell you all about it. Come on.”

Jong was left with no option but to follow.

  The gates were left shut, under the commands of the Vice President. Brook and his men were already waiting outside. No one was allowed to leave the premises.

  “Brook, what is this? Jan?” Kendra looked at the fellow beside the buff figure, giving him and the watchdogs a deadly scowl.

“Get him!”




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