IN LOVE WITH A MAFIA – Chapter Fourteen

By Jessica-Ken:

Please 🙏 this is chapter fourteen. The other one was a mistake 🥺

  “W-wait, what are you doing?” Kendra looked in utter amazement.

  Jong made to move backward, confused and wondering if it was part of the plan. “What have I done? What have I…?” A man seized his hand from behind, swiftly making him groan. “What the hell…!”

  “Take him to the room,” Kamila’s voice rang behind.

  Kendra was confused about what was happening. Was Jong-su being held captive? “Mom, what’s going on?” She asked, hurriedly following her mother’s puppets. “Mom, I’d like to know what’s happening,”

  Kamila remained mute.

  Jong-Su was taken back into the Circle, as an astonished Kendra followed behind. Her mother had a lot to explain to her, and why the innocent guy was being taken.

  “Lock him up!” Kamila instructed. Her face had this look her daughter had never seen before.

  “This doesn’t make any sense. Mom! Mom!”

…but Kamila was out of her sight, not bothering to look back.

  “Mom, this isn’t fair!”

  “Make sure you lock her up in her room, Brook,”

  Kendra overheard.

  The scary man nodded and made an unregretful turn, as Kendra’s heart leaped into her throat. What has come over my mother? She thought.

  She made to make a sharp turn, but Brook caught her hand. He and Jan dragged her all the way upstairs, where she stayed, not getting herself.


  I sobbed in my palms, not believing what had happened. Why was Mom so angry with Jong? Was there something to it?

  The door of my room creaked open to my surprise. It was Lucille at it. “Lucile?”

  “Shush, child. I’m going to save you.” She said in a low voice. “What really happened back there, Kenny? Why was your Mom angry with you?”

  “I don’t know, aunt.”

  Lucille walked towards me and helped me up. She wiped my face next and asked me to come with her.

  “We have to leave this place. I’m taking you so far away,”

  “So far away?”

  I wondered what she had in mind, thinking of why she wanted to take me with her. Was there something behind it? There couldn’t be. She must have made a mistake stating it. “What do you mean by far away? W-what about Mom?”

  “I’m your mother, Kendra. It’s time you knew the truth.”

  I couldn’t believe a single word of hers. There was no way she could be my mother.

  “What do you mean by that?”

  “Kendra, my child,” she held my face, staring shakily at me. We heard footsteps and my heart rattled. Oh, no. We were going to be caught.


  Jong slowly tiptoed into the room, seeing the two women. His heart was at rest, finally finding them. “Where is Penelope?” He lowered his voice as he asked. The two women looked at each other and wondered how he had escaped.

  “We should get going. The girl should be somewhere in the house.”

  Kendra nodded. She found it hard to speak, frighteningly following him. She prayed fervently in her heart, wishing everything would end.


  “Call your men and come right to this place. We have a filthy rat that we must get rid of.”
  » The phone buzzed and the line went dead. It was game on!





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