By Jessica-Ken:

  Pisces!! I hate them all! Jong gritted, snarling at the men. With a glare, he said to them, “If anyone has the mind…”

  “Give us the girl, you coward!” The boss’ voice erupted. He gave him an angry stare as he growled.

  Jong looked at Kendra and clasped her hand. He gave her some kind of reassurance, making her calm. “The girl is mine,” he looked back at the men.

  Huang huffed, outraged by his statement, making towards them. His expression could be read… by Kendra who was scared. “Take me instead!” she cried out, as a grin broke out on Huang’s face.

  “You heard the lady,” he spoke with brows arched. “She’s made her choice, so let… her… go.” He dragged his words.

  Jong wasn’t ready to give up, determined to fight his men. He gave Huang a contemptuous look, and turned to Kendra, unsure of what to do.

  “You don’t have to do this,” Kendra stared into his eyes. They were deep, dark black, and glistened with no fear.

  Jong looked at the men with the boss and the ones behind him. He was outnumbered.

  “You heard the girl, lover boy,” someone said to his hearing.

  Major! Jong tightened his fists at the thought and then relaxed.

  “I’ll let go of the girl if only you’ll promise me one thing,” Jong said to the boss.

  “And what’s that thing?”

  The subject smirked at him. “We have an unfinished business,”

  The boss growled. “You and I have no business,” he stretched out his hand. “Now, give me the girl!” he roared.

  “The girl should be the least of your problem—” someone said behind.

  20 YEARS AGO•••

  “I’m leaving, father…”
  “Son, you don’t have to do this,”
  “I need to start my own life. Is that a bad thing to do?”
  “But you’re only 20. You still have a lot to learn. The ninjas and I can teach you…”
  “I do not need your help, father!”
  “Huan!!! Talk some senses into your brother. I can see he has lost it!”



  “It’s been long, brother,” I smiled mischievously at Huang. I could remember how my father had called me that day; the day he was to leave, and I came yelling. It marked the day I saw him last.

  “What are you doing here?”

  “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

  “After all these years,” he smirked at me. “You finally decided to visit your older brother, Huan Zheng,” He called me in full.

  The drama was still on. The men had their faces squeezed. The lady in their midst gripped a handsome one. The fear in her eyes wasn’t hidden, and I could see how her partner growled.

  Did I interrupt something?”

  The sound of a siren came. Not now!

  Huang’s holler drowned my thoughts out. “Did you call the police?”

   I knew I needed an escape plan before I got caught up in my brother’s mess. “We will meet again,” I saluted with a grin and hurried off.

  “The cops, no! No, this shouldn’t be how it ends,” Huang looked furiously at Jong-su. “You! You!!” He raised his gun at him, firing with a rumbling rage. “I swear, I’ll make you pay…!”

  “Jong!” Kendra stepped in. The bullet hit her shoulder, getting embedded right there, as she dropped to the ground. Jong yelled furiously, taking hold of her. Her dress was stained in a twinkle. Huang and his men dispersed before the cops arrived.

  The place was surrounded. There was nowhere else to go. Kamila and Lucille emerged from the car. They were concerned about Kendra’s whereabouts and were shocked to see a man from Kamila’s past.

  “Huang?” Kamila called, shocked. No, this can’t be Huang, can it? She slightly thought.

  The men were rushed and unarmed in no time before Kamila could come near, and they were bundled into the back of the van. The rest of the team invaded the mansion. Kendra was unconscious by the time they arrived.

  “She’s bleeding. We have to save her!” A man in their midst (Cornell by name) yelled out. He dived for the wounded woman.
  Kendra was carried out of the mansion immediately. Kamila could only let her tears flow.


  “I don’t know what I did wrong, Lucille. My daughter’s lying in there, unconscious!”

  “You shouldn’t stress yourself much, vice president. Kendra’s a strong girl. I know she can get through anything. She’ll be up soon, I trust.” Lucille spoke.

  Kamila heaved a sigh, resting her head on the wall.

  “About Huang,” Lucille spoke again.

  “What about him?” Kamila asked.

  “Oh, never mind, vice president,” she smiled faintly. The doctor came out and she sprang up. “How is she, doctor?”

  Kamila asked alongside, “Yes, how’s my daughter doing, doctor? How is she?”

  The doctor looked at them both and sighed. “She lost a lot of blood,”


  “She’d need a transfusion…”

   Lucille hurriedly cut in. “I’ll do it,”

  Kamila looked at her. “You will?”

  “I’ll do it. Can we…?” she looked at the doctor, not completing.

  The blood transfusion was a success. Lucille’s blood matched Kendra’s. The latter was slowly healing. The vice president was happy, at least, and couldn’t wait for her daughter to be perfectly sound.

  “Do you think she’ll be okay, Lu? I’m worried,”

  “I trust your daughter will be fine, vice president,”

  Kamila looked down at Kendra. She rubbed her fingers as she prayed in her mind. Those scoundrels, she thought, they are going to pay for everything they did to my daughter. Including Huang! She clenched her fists and asked Lucille to call the commissioner.

  “Hello, commissioner,”


  Kamila took the phone from Lucille and held it to her ear. “He’s back!”



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