By Jessica-Ken:


  She thought she could be out of my grasp. Kendra… I mean.

  The look on her face showed she was surprised. With a naughty grin on my face, I looked like ‘Joker’.

  Oh, wait. I was worse. Worse than the movie character himself. I placed my hand on her, not letting the grin disappear. “How are you feeling?”

  “How am I feeling, what?!” she shot me a cold look.

  “Calm down, angry pants. You don’t have to be like that.”

  “Oh, I have to!” she shone her eyes. They were bulging and filled with rage. “How can you tell me to calm down after what you did yesterday?” she rolled her eyes. “Wait,” she blinked, and then she looked around. “It’s morning?”

  I replied smilingly, giving a ‘Yes’. It was morning, alright, and she just realized.  “Princess,” I called her sweetly, “Do you want to eat?” I had the intention of getting on her nerves so she could yell back at me. It was working.

  “What I want, is for you to get the hell out of my face, and never come back!”

  “But I’m in my house, sweety. You’re the one who’s trespassing…”


  “You should see your face,” I laughed charmingly. Though it annoyed her, she laughed partly, frowning again.

  “It’s not funny,”

  “I know, but you should see your face—” I stopped. “Fine. I’m sorry.” I poked her in the side.

  I apologised thereafter, feeling sorry for the first time. Funny how one lady could make you do the things you never believed you’d do, and apologise a thousand times.

  Kendra was different—different from all the women I’d come in contact with. Not even Isla could match her taste. She wasn’t any better.

  “Kendra Umaro, what is it about you?” I could keep it no longer, asking out loud.

  “Mm? What do you mean?”

  “I love you, Kendra, and I’d love to make you my bride.”

  She looked at me with brows arched.

  “Not the expression I was looking for,” I said. “but, it’ll do.” I dreaded shifting my gaze.

  Her face twitched as her brows made slight movements. “I-I don’t know what to say…”

  I caught her arms as she made to stand. “Please say something, mi Amor. Marry me,” I looked into her eyes.

  It was going to be tough taking ‘No’ for an answer—a positive reply was all I needed her to say.

  “Marry me, Kendra,” I didn’t care about not having a ring. “Marry me, and we would build an empire together. I cannot let you go—”


  Huang wanting me to marry him was a quick move; saying yes was a tough choice, and I needed some time to deliberate on it.

  Getting married to a mafia, wasn’t my dream in any way, for I wanted a decent man. A man who’d love me in every way, and one who would have something legal doing.

  “I-I don’t know what to say,” I stammered as I looked at Huang. It was happening fast. So fast. “It’s sudden, don’t you think?” I looked away, not wanting to look at him.

  “What do you need?” he asked, holding me midway. “Time?

  I brought my face back. The bed creaked as I had my knees atop it. They were starting to ache. “Well, can I at least stand?” I asked.

   He laughed, “Oh!” then he let go of me. “I’ll give you some time to think about it,” he rose from the bed.

  I heaved a deep breath as I watched him leave. It was comforting being all alone.

  “You sure you don’t want to give me an answer now?” a head popped in. It was Huang’s.

  “Oh, get out!” I said teasingly, getting out of bed.

  “No, I’m serious…”

  “I’d give you an answer when I want to,” I made for the door and slammed it shut.

   The fluttery feeling in my stomach made my heart jumble. I was having mixed feelings about the proposal.

  Huang and I, I dreaded saying it…

  …together? I couldn’t imagine it being so, even though I was starting to feel comfortable around him.

  Tap—a knock on the door got me aware. “Huang,” I muttered, sighing at the thought.
  I wondered what he was looking for, running my hand on the doorknob. “You couldn’t wait for an hour to pass, could you?” A hand came on my mouth, shoving me inside.

*    *   *


  “Shh, you have to be quiet,” a familiar voice shushed her

  “What do you think you’re doing?” Kendra didn’t recognise him at first. She gasped as she stared into his eyes. “Huang?” she corrected herself, “I mean… Jong.” She chuckled. It was embarrassing calling him Huang.

  Jong looked at her, amazed by how she was. She didn’t look like a prisoner. Not in any way. She was feeding well. “It must be some kind of miracle,” he said, not expecting it.

  Kendra looked at him, surprised. “What are you doing here, Jong? And, how do you even know this place?”

  Jong gripped her wrist and opened the door. “We don’t have much time—” he stopped. “No, the other way should be what we should take.”

  “What other way?” Kendra asked.

  “We don’t have much time,” he dragged her with him.

  The maids were downstairs going about their chores. They hadn’t noticed them; not even their boss.

  Haung’s shoes (Italian brown), clicked on the shiny floor. He surveyed the large hall, as Jong and Kendra lay in wait.

  “So, what’s your plan?” Kendra whispered.

  “We attack,” Jong jokingly said, getting a prod.

  “Focus,” Kendra said.

  “Come on now,” Jong asked her to follow him. Four of the Pisces had blocked the exit. There was no going out now.

  Oh no!

  “Major!” Jong smirked. “Gabriel.” he looked at them. He rolled his eyes at the two, and then at the others that were standing beside them. “This should be easy,” he scoffed. “Soooo easy!”

  Kendra watched as he charged at them. They all had weapons while Jong had none.

  Silly of him not to have brought a gun, Kendra thought. The four of the men were beaten before her very eyes.

  “How was I…?” Jong couldn’t complete. They were more men. The boss stood in their midst, and Kendra shuddered at the sight—”This is the end,” she ran to her companion’s side.



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