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The weather was a bit foggy. It seemed like it was going to rain. Hakeem stared out the window, watching the trees sway. He could see Kendra from where he was, and he wondered what she was doing outside by that time. Where is Kendra going? The swing of the door interrupted his thought. A revolver stood as he turned, giving him no chance to talk; not a chance to see his attacker’s face or even fight for himself.

* * *

Huang made towards Kendra with a crooked smile. He had sighted her from afar and had made up his mind to talk to her. It was unlike him to have fallen for a being. The last one he loved, ended up breaking his heart. “You look so beautiful, mi Amor,” he complimented with a genuine smile. He had grown soft at the sight of this one woman. What was it that captivated him?

“Any word from your men?” Kendra asked. She was worried about Penelope and wondered why his men were yet to find her.

“There has been no word, my lady,” Huang said. He placed his hand on hers, giving her the chills. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, because she looked exquisite.

“Why do you call me sweet names?” Kendra stared into his eyes. They were just like the colour of a ripe hazelnut, and weren’t cold like before.

“Do you like it when I call you sweet names?” he flashed her a billion-dollar smile, looking a bit stupid in her eyes.

“Are you flirting with me?” Kendra looked away. She returned her gaze, frowning at him. “You’re flirting with me, yes, you are!”

Huang laughed. She looked beautiful, even when she frowned. Her gaze was the one that could light up one’s heart. “How do you do that?”

Kendra ignored him. “They should be back by now, don’t you think?” she asked. “I’m starting to get worried,” she said.

“Who’s the girl to you?” Huang observed her. There was no ring on her finger to show that she was married, so there could be a chance the child wasn’t hers. “Now, now, now, don’t lie to me,” he grinned.

“Penelope’s my child, for sure!” Kendra gritted. He was getting on her nerves-some man he was. She wanted to be out of his sight, and far away from him. “What do you want? You want something, tell me.”

Huang moved closer to her, making her shift. Her heart raced faster now, watching him come closer to her. “What do I want?” Huang gave her a naughty grin.

His eyes danced as he touched the side of her face. He inhaled her scent-lavender, he thought. He gave her another grin, lowering his face to her neck. An annoying call stopped him, and he made out the voice of one of his aids.

“Sir, you have to come-”


“Oh, no. Not Hakeem,” Huang muttered as he saw his assistant on the floor. He was in a terrible state, as a bullet had pierced his heart. Blood trickled from the side of his mouth, showing he was long gone. “This must have been the work of a silencer,” the boss said to himself. He drew closer and stooped beside him, then turned to call his maids.

“Dispose of the body,”

No one dared to object.

Huang returned outside, and Kendra asked if he was okay.

“Yes,” he replied. “I just had to tend to something,” he said.

Kendra threw him a worried look. “Is it something I need to know?” she asked.

Huang overlooked her question. “You should get some rest,” he rubbed her arm. He went back inside and left her speechless.


Unknown caller… buzz***



“Has the deed been done?”

“Yes, General.”

“Then it’s time…”

* * *


I wondered why Hakeem hadn’t come to check on me. It was strange. The time was 9:55. It was late. Hakeem, on his own, would have knocked on the door and asked me if I was there. Sometimes, Huang would ask him to know if I was ready to eat. Despite I was a prisoner, I was treated less. It was like I was a guest, having been given my bedroom. I was allowed to walk around freely.

Back to Hakeem>>where could he be?

The door of my bedroom stood ajar with a head popping in.

“Dinner, ma’am? Sorry, we had it prepared late,” Mary, another of Huang’s maids, walked in, holding a tray. I wasn’t hungry, staring at the plates on it. The glass of water was all I wanted.

“Say, Mary, what happened to Hakeem?”

Mary looked at me; a vague expression was seated on her face.

I could tell she saw I was worried; the first time I was over one of the boss’ men.

She cleared her throat and placed the tray by my bedside. “You should have dinner, ma’am. The boss said it’s important-”

Weird, I thought. Weird.

She didn’t answer my question but left with her head bowed.

It got me even worried; the way she kept mute. There was something wrong, I figured out, and I had to find out myself.

* * *

The boss’ men arrived that night. There was no sign of Penelope anywhere.

Kendra hurriedly left her room at the sound of their return, but she was disappointed when she didn’t find Penelope with them. She dropped down in tears. “Where is Penelope?”

The boss had his hand up, in a bid to calm her down. “Let me handle this,” he said to her. “Any luck?” he looked at the nine men.

Spikes spoke amidst them, shaking his head in a downcast way. He had his arms wrapped behind him, grunting as usual, as he lifted his head to look at the boss.

“No luck?” Huang spread his arms. “Even no luck finding Jong-su?”

Kendra gasped as she heard the name. It couldn’t be Jong, she worried. What connection did he have with them? “Jong-su?” she arched her brows at the boss.

“No luck, boss,”

All the men were dismissed.

Huang roared to Kendra’s surprise, and he pointed at her. “You!”

“Huh? Me?”

“I shall have you in my bed today!” he thundered and grabbed her hands.

Kendra struggled to be out of his grasp, biting him hard. The rage in his eyes burned like an inferno.

“You’re coming with me…”

“Argh! Stop!”

“I said you’re coming with me!” Huang hollered.

Kendra tried again, biting him harder this time. She was able to cause him much pain; this time breaking free.

“Come back here…!”


Oh, no. I have to get out of here. Kendra, what were you thinking?

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, panting wildly-could see nothing. The whole place was dark.

I couldn’t tell where I was or how I had jumped over the fence, fleeing without being seen.

It was God, that was all I could say. God, and no one else-

“Help! Help! Please help me-” My vision was fading.

I spotted a car coming my way; could make out its colour under the moonlight, and with the help of the headlight it shone. “Help…!” was all I remembered I said.


“You’re awake,”

“Mmm, where am I?” Two friendly eyes, I realized.

“Some fall you had there,” I recognised the voice.

Oh, no! I quickly moved backwards. “What am I doing here?” my heart raced faster than I could count.

“Back from the dead, are we?” a grin rested on my saviour’s face. “Welcome…”


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