By Jessica-Ken:

Kamila arrived at her daughter’s residence, only to find an empty living room. The living room was unkept, with the furniture gone, and the floorboard was dusty. Where could Kendra be?

“Ma’am, I doubt she’s been here,” Lucille, Kamila’s P. A said. “It’s not like her to have stayed out for days…”

“Dial her number again,” Kamila said.

Kendra’s line was still not reachable; it got her mother worried. “Where could Kendra be?” Her mother thought aloud. She feared her daughter was in grave danger. Call the team, Lucille,” she said. The team were all she needed to find her daughter–

* * *

Urgh! What an eyesore this place is, thought Kendra. She wondered how the boss could be so heartless to have left Penelope there.

The scattered skeletons were the ones that got her talking the most. Dead people, all gone dry; she felt an ounce to spit, but she didn’t.

“Where is Penelope?” Kendra asked.

The boss turned around to look at her. The girl has escaped, he found it hard to tell her. “I shouldn’t have left her here, I’m sorry,” he began. His lips quivered as he apologized.

“Where is Penelope?” Kendra asked again.

“She couldn’t have gone far,” one of the Pisces chipped in, adding; “She should be near,”

“Gabriel!” hollered the boss.

The unshaken man appeared, grunting as always.

“Take your men,” the boss ordered. “I expect the girl to be found immediately…!”


Few days had passed and Penelope was still lost. Having grown torn with worry, and wanting to look for Penelope herself, Kendra devised a plan; one she was sure she’d go uncaught.

“Where do you think you’re going?” A deep-throated voice halted a panic-stricken Kendra.

Of course, the boss’ men wouldn’t let her leave. Her plan was not working as she’d wanted, and she was starting to regret why she had thought about it in the first place.



“I, um…”


The frightened woman’s heart contracted where it was; tightening almost immediately, at the sight of the young fella, her tummy growled, giving her an awfully, unusual sign.

“Hakeem,” muttered the lady, as she let out a sigh.

“Leave… the… girl… alone!” he said to her surprise. The spiky man raised his hands as if to tell him he was innocent.

Spiky, Kendra laughed at the hideous name she had made up. Having named him that because of his hair, trying to relieve the tension, she called him at intervals, making a mockery of his name whilst alone.

She had named him that the first day she had seen him, also imagining him in a villainy way.

He was vicious, alright? The name perfectly fitted him. He looked funny, though. And, somehow cool. The way his hair stood out in the light made his observer almost laugh.

“What’s funny?”

The suppressed laughter seemed unhidden as Kendra’s lips were spread. Hakeem’s torchlight illuminated her face almost immediately, and she heard him say, “Sorry,”

“The lights will be back on soon, won’t they, Hakeem?” Spikes arched his brows. They were slender, almost absent. They seemed like they were never to grow back.

Kendra was taken back to her room; someplace she didn’t want to be. She wore a serious look, not smiling at Hakeem. The latter on his part had grown to love this woman standing before him. Though it’s been a couple of days, he had felt he had known her before.

“Sad, aren’t we?” He wanted to brighten her mood. He didn’t like how she wore a serious look. “Why don’t you tell me what the problem is?” He started. He wanted to brighten her up.

“As if you care,” Kendra huffed, giving him a cold look, but it didn’t keep him from asking, and achieving his aim.

“So, tell me…”

“Some man!”

“What is the problem?”

Kendra gritted her teeth. He was getting on her nerves, having ruined her plan. What next was he looking for?

“Look here!” she pointed at him.

“Oh, wow. Tough one,” Hakeem applauded. He laughed at the sight of her finger.

“What’s funny?” It was unfamiliar. She had never seen him laugh.

“You look beautiful when you’re angry,”

She huffed. Beautiful? Pfft. Like, that’s gonna get me.

“You are, trust me…”

“Like I asked!” Kendra rolled her eyes, not wanting to use the wrong choice of words. Having said enough, she remembered Hakeem had gotten in the way. If not, the whole situation would have gone worse. She knew how Spikes would have expressed his anger if he hadn’t intervened.

“I know what you did…”

“Thank you,” she rushed and shut him up.

“Thank you for what?” Hakeem stared, not knowing what she was getting at.

“Just thank you,” she said and left.

The boss watched from his room, seeing everything that went on.

The flashlight Hakeem carried made everything clear, and the lights coming on made it even clearer.

“Haaaaakeem!!” thundered Huang.


“I swear, I’d punish that bastard… that fool who thinks he can get his hands on whatever he wants!”

“Calm down, my dear. You just have to relax.”

I’d forgotten about my maiden. Half-naked, lips pursed, she beckoned me to come.

“I’ve got something for you that’ll make you relax,” she said in a shrilled voice. “I’m certain it will,” she tried to convince me, but I wasn’t paying attention to her, cause my mind was somewhere else.

“What do you want, mi amor?” she purred like a kitty. “Head or…” she pointed down at her Kitty. Her legs were spread.

“My, oh, my,” I licked my lips, getting the signal at the sight of her swollen clit. “Glorious pussy! Oh, so sweet!” I mounted the bed like a little child, ready to be wrapped in mama’s arms.

Kendra slept soundly that night to her surprise. She woke up to realize it was morning, finding a tray by her bedside.

A tiny card poked out of it, reading ‘Eat up!’

How she knew it was the boss’ trick. “Some gesture,” she smirked.

The downside of the card had another thing. It was an entirely different thing, with two bold words written on it; ‘I KNOW’

Eat up, I know? Pfft. This man has got to be kidding me.


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