By Jessica-Ken:

    Samuel sat on his bed thinking about the pretty lady he had saved. To him, Lucille wasn’t just anyone, but the first woman he’d admired, even right before he saw Anita. Anita was the girl he loved, but he still had the hots for her sister. He cared not a thing about her condition, all he wanted was to be there for her… this was his wish. After all these years, he thought, some things never change-his mind went to the day he met Lucille at the park. They had bumped into each other that time, but he hadn’t got the chance to talk to her. And when he did, Anita came in the way.
     “Argh!” groaned Samuel as he remembered his ex. “Nita shouldn’t be the one in here.” he touched his head and groaned again. Things ended between us a long time ago. There was no how they could get back again. He groaned a third time, knowing there was a part of him wishing they could.
     “I don’t want to hurt you, Nita. I really don’t want to hurt you—his words, he recounted. He decided to pay Anita a visit, summoning up the courage to try his luck.
     The next day Samuel woke up, he had a clean shave and a nice bath, wore a pair of jeans, and a turtle-neck to match, determined not to let anything get in his way, though he was nervous they might not receive him.
     Ding dong-
     “Who is it?” a voice came on the other side at the ring of the bell.
     “He’s here,” a pleasant voice, different from the first, rolled in as the door swung open.
     Nita froze.
     “Is it the delivery boy?” asked Hilda as they only stared at each other.
     A pin could be heard if dropped on the floor. Hilda knew something had to be done.
     “Um, who are you?” the intelligent lady got in front of her friend, the latter speaking at the same time.
     “Samuel, what are you doing here?”
     Hilda eyed the good-looking fella. “Oh. So he’s the gentleman you mentioned?”
     Samuel remained lost of words as angry bulging eyes rolled like they were going to make holes on him.
     “Anita, please hear me out.” the young man found his voice.
     “Hear you out?” questioned Anne in an angry tone.
     “Um, I think I’m going to step out for a while,” Hilda informed, leaving the two.
     Samuel got ready to apologize, knowing this was his chance. “Nita,” he called. “I just want to say I’m sorry for…”
     Nita halted him. “Just stop!” she gritted. “You’re sorry for what exactly? Huh?” his statement infuriated her.
     Samuel ignored the voice telling him to stop and continued. “I know leaving wasn’t right, but I had no choice. I did it to protect you, Anita. Please believe me.” he felt apologizing wasn’t enough; she deserved more.
     “You did it to protect me?” Anita laughed at his foolishness and felt the urge to slap him. “You must be stupid thinking this would make me feel better.” she bit her lower lip and said, “Guess you ain’t smart!”
     Shame and hurt flushed over Samuel as she said this.
     Seeing how piercing her words had gone, Anita smiled and walked back inside, almost shutting the door as her unwanted guest stopped her.
     “Let go of the door, Samuel!” Anita yelled at the top of her voice.
     “Nita, just hear me out-”
Anita groaned. “I said let go!”
     “I won’t let go, Nita.” Samuel pushed open the door and hugged her. “I won’t let go, Anita MacKenny.” he repeated in full, adding a love remark, “I love you so much. I still do. I don’t know what I’ll do without you.”
     Anita felt weak at this point, and she said, “You shouldn’t have left, Samuel? Why did you?” her tears flowed. “I pleaded for you to stay. I asked you not to leave, but you did—and never even bothered coming back,”
Samuel sniffed. “I know… I know, Nita. I’m so sorry. I really am.” Lover boy felt miserable seeing the woman he loved in tears. He wished he had never left, and for once, he felt sorry for ever leaving town. This is all your fault, father! I’d have never parted ways with the MacKennys if it weren’t for you.
     The thought of his father’s evil schemes crowded his mind. He had grown tired of this fight and was looking forward to the day his dad would accept his fate and give up.

  Guys, do you really think that day would come?



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