By Jessica-Ken:

  The MacKennys’ sorrow was only beginning. The object which Mr MacKenny had been hit with caused serious damage to his brain. The subject was unconscious for days, and not being able to hold on much longer, joined the ghostly train.

  “Derek, you never should have left me. Why did you leave me?” Tricia mourned her husband’s death as she clung to the picture frame that once hung on the wall. She couldn’t stop crying. Her girls couldn’t stop crying, either, knowing truly their Dad was gone.

  A knock came on the door as Tricia quickly wiped off her tears and rose to her feet. The door opened to reveal Lucille, as the grown lady looked at her mother with such pity eyes.

  Poor Mum, she sighed. She’s been skipping meals. Lucille’s heart was sore seeing her Mom miserable and lean. She moved into the room and focused her eyes on her for some minutes before coming to her side. She hung her arms around her neck and placed her head on her clavicle spot. They stayed in this position until one of the maids came to inform them that the guests had arrived.

  The finely decorated living room couldn’t contain the people that came to sympathize with Tricia and her daughters. The whole place was packed, and even those who knew little about them came to sympathize.

  Tricia was pained to know that she would never see Derek again—but was consoled by the thought that her husband was resting perfectly.

  In our hearts… he will lie
  In our hearts, he will stay
  Your family… your people
  Will never forget
  Will n-e-v-er forget…

  Painful memories flushed Anita’s mind as more tears came flowing. Her dad was gone; her hero gone but never forgotten. She was never going to see him again, but knew he was always going to be in her heart.


  Everyone was looking at me. I couldn’t hold back my tears as they came rushing, wetting my cheeks. I lowered my face to my palms and sobbed in them, getting off from the mic area as warm hands encircled me.

  “It’s okay, Anita,” I heard a voice. “I know your father’s in a better place.” I wept even more.
Father was in a better place, yeah. But he should have still been in this world if not for the dreadful incidence, I thought bitterly clinging to Samuel as he led me out.

  Lucille sighted us from afar and walked towards us. I hated the fact that she was doing that, but I had no choice but to play nice.

  I rolled my eyes disgustingly at her and left to get myself a drink.
There wasn’t a day that went by that my hate for Lucille didn’t get the best of me. I saw myself not able to love and accept her. And was ready to bear the bag of hate concealed in my heart.

  I could see Anita throwing me her usual glares. It was a good thing I’d gotten used to it and wasn’t letting it make me uncomfortable, else I’d have left that place.

  I smiled crookedly and placed my hand on the guy she was talking to. He looked no other than—


  I gasped with eyes wide open. What was Samuel doing here? Who said that he could come?

  Quickly taking my hand off him, I moved backwards, not wanting to have anything to do with him.

  Sensing my fears, like I assumed, he took a step forward and stared deeply into my eyes as though he wanted me to see that it was really him.

  My skin was already getting damp and my legs shaky from the shock. Our place was the least I expected him to be. Why would he even bother coming here?

  Is everything alright?”

  I sensed vibrations informing me that a statement had just been made.


  I stood still with my breath held.

  I could make no movement or turn, as my sister emerged in front.

  S-M-A-C-K—came her five fingers on my face.

  I didn’t know whether to cry or walk away and not make a scene.

  Daddy’s funeral deserved better. I wasn’t going to let Anita ruin it—my mind roared to life immediately—I have had enough of you, sister! I will not let you treat me like the lesser one! I raised my hand to slap her as it stood still in the air.

  “Father?” Samuel’s jaw dropped open.

  “You didn’t think I’d miss the fun, did you?” the man in black smiled and let go of Lucille’s hand.

  “The fun?” Anita repeated to make sure she had heard right.

  “What are you doing here?” Samuel asked in a gruff tone as Anita moved to the side with arms crossed.

  “H-hold on a minute. Did you say… father?” Anita unclasped her arms with eyes widened in shock.

  The people who came to pay their respects left all that they were doing and focused their attention on them.

  Tricia wanting to know what the commotion was about left to see what was going on. “Anita?”

  Anita answered the call with bulging fiery eyes. “Mother—”

  “What’s it this time?”

   Anita hung her fingers in mid-air as she answered, “You should ask your precious daughter… M-A-M-A!”

  Her mother caught her wrist as she made to leave. “You had better behave, young lady, or I’ll mak—”



  I stared directly in the face of the man that I didn’t think I’d be seeing anytime soon; the man I’d gotten off my mind. He looked seasoned with his manly beards and nothing like the ruggish boy I had known him to be. “J-James?” I stood shaken, the anger that had risen in me now compressed.

  This fellow I had come to have so much disdain for, gave no other than a belly laugh, and then said, “You haven’t aged a day, mi amor,”

  I rolled my eyes at him, pretending not to hear. “What are you doing here, James? And how are you even here?” I felt the ounce to pounce on him right there. What right did he have to walk into my abode?

  “You two know each other?” the boy who seemed familiar and looked a lot like him interrupted as a grin I could recognize anywhere sat comfortably on James’ lips.

  “You haven’t changed a bit. Huh?” I asked not wearing a smile.

  He grinned wider, gave his lower lip a lick, and went on to make me angrier. “Oh, don’t you love the evening sunset, mon amour?” the words that escaped his mouth.

   “You really have some nerves coming here,” My forehead wrinkled as I said, “I could call the cops on you, if you don’t know.” My brows laid furrowed still, not relaxing.

  I had completely forgotten that we were surrounded by people. We were really making a scene and I knew for sure.

  “You’ve grown tough over the years, I see?”

  The blood in my veins boiled. “Who invited this man here?” I demanded with face turned in the opposite direction, asking not anyone in particular.


  The young man next to us had a clasp of James’ hand. “Dad, let’s go,”

   James made no attempt to leave but rather made to hold my hand. He does really think I’m joking, I scoffed and rubbed my tongue against my upper teeth. “Now you listen,” I began. “I ask that you leave my house this instant, or have yourself wishing you never came!” I hoped my threats would sink and not fall on deaf ears.

  I wanted to be anywhere but not with this man. I wanted nothing other than to have him thrown out of our house. My past and everything was never supposed to come in front. Why now?

  “W-wait. Hang on,” Anita spoke behind. “Did you say… James? As in ‘Mom’s James’?” she emphasized.

  This was what I didn’t want happening—my two daughters meeting a walker from my past.

  “James, please leave. I am asking you nicely. Leave!” I had no idea what I was doing. All I wanted was to be far away from here, away from the mockery eyes. If only Derek was still here, I lamented inside.

  “Dad, please—”

  “Son. This is our chance!”

  Anita and I froze on hearing James say.

  “Our chance?” I quoted.

  “What chance? Sammy, did you know all this time?” Anita asked almost immediately as the young lad’s countenance fell.

  “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he dared not look at her.

  “Your Dad just made a statement, Samuel. What is he talking about?”

  “Nothing!” he shot back with an angry stare.

  “Oh, hell, it’s something! It’s always something whenever you’re concerned.” Anita slammed her foot on the floor, not taking her eyes off him.

  “You have to trust me, Anita. D-don’t listen to him.”

  James chuckled and hung his arm around Anita’s neck. “You see, Princess, real feelings don’t exist…”


  “Whaaat? I’m trying to save you the stress of telling her that you never loved her for real.”

  I watched as tears dropped from my baby’s eyes. “You two are so unbelievable!”

  A loud laughter erupted as Anita glared at father and son.

  “S-so that’s why you wanted us to get back together? Huh? So you could break my heart all over again? Is that it?”


  Anita yelled—No—and gave him quite a distance. “Don’t come any closer. Don’t come any closer or I swear to God I’m gonna punch that face of yours!” she said in all seriousness.

  All eyes were on us—with phones making us viral.

  The shame was going to be there—the Internet shame.

  I couldn’t bear to see my daughter in pains. And Lucille? I couldn’t bear the fact that she could say not a word.

  Is this God’s way of punishing me?

  “And to think I could trust you?” Anita went on. To think I could actually let you back into my life and not have you repaying me with something worse!” more tears ran down her face as she ran out, face buried in now-soaking palms.




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