By Jessica-Ken Duru:

The MacKennys’ sorrow was only beginning. The object which Mr MacKenny had been hit with caused serious damage to his brain. The subject was unconscious for days, and not being able to hold on much longer, joined the ghostly train
“Derek, you never should have left me. Why did you?” Tricia mourned her husband’s death as she clung to the picture frame that once hanged on the wall. She couldn’t stop crying. Her girls couldn’t stop crying, either, knowing truly their Dad was gone.
A knock came on the door as Tricia quickly wiped off her tears and rose to her feet. The door opened to reveal Lucille, as the grown lady looked at her mother with such pity eyes.
Poor Mum, she sighed. She’s been skipping meals. Lucille’s heart was sore seeing her Mom miserable and lean. She moved into the room and focused her eyes on her for some minutes before coming to her side. She hung her arms around her neck and placed her head on her clavicle spot. They stayed in this position until one of the maids came to inform them that the guests had arrived.
The finely decorated living room couldn’t contain the people that came to sympathize with Tricia and her daugthers. The whole place was packed, and even those who knew little about them came to sympathize.
Tricia was pained to know that she will never see Derek again, but was consoled by the thought that her dearest husband was watching over them, and would forever be in their hearts.
In our hearts… he’d lie
In our hearts, he’d forever be
Your family… your people
Never will forget
Ne-v-er will forget…
Anita got choked up as painful memories flushed her once free mind. Her dad was gone; her hero as she knew him to be. She was never going to see him again. She was never going to see him.


Everyone was looking at me. I couldn’t hold back my tears as they came rushing, wetting my cheeks. I lowered my face to my palms and sobbed in them, getting off from the mic area as warm hands encircled me.
“It’s okay, Anita,” I heard a voice. “I know your father’s in a better place.” I wept even more.
Father was in a better place, that I knew. But he should have still been in this world if not for the dreadful incidence, I thought bitterly clinging to Samuel as he led me out.
Lucille sighted us from afar and walked towards us. I hated the fact that she was coming closer but I had to play nice in front of everyone.
Oh, what does she want now? my mind spoke. I rolled my eyes disgustingly at her and left to get myself a drink.
There wasn’t any day that went by that my hate for Lucille got the best of me. I saw myself not able to love and accept her. And was ready to bear the bag of hate I had concealed in my heart.


Good day, guys. I know you’ve grown bored of this story because of the delays and how I haven’t been consistent here. I know. I, also have gotten tired of writing with the whole stress brought about by med school. If you guys would give me a chance, I’ll try finish this up so I can continue with my short stories line. I can tell you that it hasn’t been easy, but I know with God… all things will be made easy. You know I love you guys? Yeah, I know you do 💓💓💓

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