HABIBAT°ADDITION {Continuation of Married To An Atheist}

By Jessica-Ken:

Gabrielle coming to our house was a nightmare. The maniacal smile imprinted on her face showed she was there for a reason. “Gabrielle, what do you want?” I asked, feeling uncomfortable with her return.

“My kids. Where are they?” she smirked and came closer. “Hope you two’ve been taking care of ’em?”

I asked to distract her. “Thought you were British?” I folded my arms. “Why are you speaking like that?”

Amos stepped in. “Why are you here, Gabrielle? Has your shame level gone down?”

I twisted my mouth.

“Oh, I’m not British, darling,” Gabrielle ignored him. She walked to my side and gave me a smirk. Another one. Then she looked at Amos and ran her two fingers on his right collar. “You’ve got a little bit of dirt, honey. Here. Let me help.” She offered with a grin. Rubbing her fingers lightly, turning to face me again, she raised her shoulders partly and walked back to where she was. “Quit stalling!” she said, “I want my kids now.”

I looked at Amos, and he looked at me.

“Hang on-” Gabrielle was doing all the talking. “Did you miss me, Kitty? Please tell me you did.” Her eyes glistened, as she said with a puppy face.

Kitty? I thought, wanting to puke.

“Certainly your little puppet hasn’t been giving it to you as I did…”

“Enough!” Amos barked.

“My, my. You really have one temper,” she threw him a seductive smile.

“Gabrielle, please stop this. It’s embarrassing.” She had gotten up my sleeves. “Now, why don’t you tell us why you’re here? I’m sure you didn’t just come from London to pick up the kids you left for five years!” I boiled.

“Five years? Really?” Gabrielle gave a spin. “Oh, I really must have lost count. Has it been that long?” she asked with lips puckered.

Amos held me. . .And I swallowed-We have a crazy woman on the loose, I thought. He said: “Don’t let her get to you. I’m here.”

Jenna came running, and Henry and the twins followed behind. “Mom! Mom!” Jenna and Henry called. “Mom, where have you been? How are you here?” the kids continued asking, encircling her.

“Oh, Jenna, my love. Henry, my bun. Mommy’s back home now.”

I burned with jealousy, watching her kiss them.


The third room in the mansion after the kids’ room was made available. I intended to leave for class but decided to stay back.

“Are you sure missing class today is okay?” Amos asked me.

I nodded, and left for our bedroom upstairs, going in, only to find Gabrielle already there.

“My, you are one Christian,” she had my bible in her hand.

“What are you doing here?”

“This is my room from now on.”

I wanted to smother her with a pillow. “Amos!” I called my husband, and he was there in no time.


“Ooh, how cute.” Gabrielle rolled her eyes at us, getting up. “Babe, you’ve lost your touch, I must say. A Christian?” she threw my bible back on the bed.

“How dare you…?”

Amos held me back. He made me face him and looked into my eyes. “Hon, calm down,”

“Calm down?!”

“I’ll talk to her,” he said and led me outside.

I stood out the door, waiting patiently for them to finish. Amos hadn’t known I stayed and listened. He and Gabrielle ranted on, slowly coming to a stop: “Fine! Two days in a week. But a Christian?” it seemed Gabrielle wasn’t one.

“Hon?” I shifted from the door, as it pulled open. “Have you been standing here?”

I said no word but shrugged.

“Guess you heard everything then?”

“Amos, I don’t like that she’s here. She could ruin our lives.”

A frown begot his face. “Just be calm. I’ll try and convince her to go back to London…”

I asked, not letting him finish. “W-well, what if she takes the kids along? I love Jenna and Henry and have always treated them as mine.”

“She won’t take them from you, Habibat. No one’s taking them, I promise.” He came closer and hugged me. “Now you have to go to class. Please.”

I pulled partly away. “I’m just not feeling like. Feel sick.” I lied.

Gabrielle came out, wearing no smile. She kept her face straight and aimed for the stairs. I saw our family as one that was never going to be peaceful. Especially with the devil in our house.

Amos’ hands were on me all this time. He rubbed my shoulders and brought his hands down to caress my elbows. “Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be alright.” He said.

I hoped and prayed it was going to be, agreeing to the fact that Gabrielle was part of the family.

“I don’t like the way you’re handling this matter. This woman didn’t just leave yesterday,” I complained the moment we went into the bedroom.
“You know how Gabrielle is…”
“I don’t know how she is, Amos. You’re not taking this matter seriously.”
“I’ll sort things out-”
Sorting things out was exactly what I needed. Gabrielle was a threat and I wanted her out of our lives! “When are you going to do just that? When she has stayed long and shown us her true colour?” I asked.
Amos rubbed his face and with a heavy sigh, leaned on the dresser. He got his legs crossed and fixed a worried gaze on me. “You’re stressing me, you know that?” his voice was low. “And you’re stressing yourself, too.”
I made towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “I just don’t like that she’s staying here,” I said, pouting my lips. I got my face back to normal and stroked the side of his face.
“You don’t have to worry yourself…”
“Oh, I will, Amos,” I gave my reason-“Cause you’re not acting like the man you should!” I let go and turned around. Amos was taking this lightly, I hated it. I knew Gabrielle was on a mission, if not, why would she be back?
I left the room, having no success convincing Amos Gabrielle shouldn’t stay. I saw Gabrielle in the living room with my kids. Seeing her clasp their hands, I made towards them and pulled them away. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Oh, and, cuties, you can call me ‘Mommy’. Or ‘Mama’. Whichever.”
She was still talking.

“Are you insane?” I lost it at that instant.

“Have you tried looking at yourself in the mirror?” she looked up at me with a grit.

I tried to hold myself but went slapping her. “You must have some nerves coming into my home…”

“Mommy!” Ayo and Kowe shouted at the top of their voices, as Amos rushed down the stairs.

“What’s happening here?”

Gabrielle wore a pretentious look. “Baby, you see what your wife’s done?” she played the victim, nursing the pain inflicted by the slap, which I doubted hurt so much. In no time, Amos made toward us, getting in front of me. He called my name, rolling furious eyes at me, then at Gabrielle.
“Tell me, what happened here?” he asked, looking back at me.

“You should ask your stupid wife, Amos,” I said, “she pushed me.”

Gabrielle countered, gaping at me. “She’s lying, Ami. “Baby, you know she’s lying,” she began sobbing.

What a drama queen, I thought. Furious eyes followed me, ones that were Amos. I thought he was going to yell at me, but he faced Gabrielle.
“I know you very well, Gabrielle,” he spat in her face. “I know you just right.”

Gabrielle gaped. “But, baby…?” she made to speak.

“Just quit the act!” Amos shut her up.

I was pleased to see Amos was on my side. Now was the perfect time-“Babe, she was the one who pushed me when I tried sending Ayo on an errand,”

The twins looked at me. “But, mommy…”

I hushed. “I almost fell on the glass table,” I continued. “If I hadn’t held myself, I have no idea what we’ll be saying now.” I said with an inward grin.

Kowe stood up and did the complete opposite of what I intended of him. “Aunt Gabrielle is innocent, Daddy,” he said. “Mommy, please stop lying. You told us not to lie.”

I almost fainted. It seemed like the ground should open and swallow me up. Amos scowled, as all eyes were on me. He looked with bulging eyes, making me shift. “Habibat, is that true?”

I refused to give up soon. “Babe, can’t you see she’s trying to ruin us?”

Amos questioned. “Who’s trying to ruin who here?”

I could see Gabrielle grinning. Amos scolded me, and he ordered the kids to go to their room, while Gabrielle and I stood. I made to talk but stopped seeing his face.

“I’ll only let this pass because of your condition.” He left with his final words.

The day after that was a Sunday. . .And the kids and I prepared to go to church.

“Oh, please don’t tell me you’ve been taking my peas to church-” Gabrielle’s voice made me stop.

“Oh, don’t fret, mother,” Jenna said in a gentle tone. ” ‘The Lord is all we need’… said our Sunday school teacher. We’ve learned quite a lot.”

Gabrielle frowned the more. “I can’t believe you’ve been taking my kids to where they’ve been fed with more lies-”

I ignored, tying Henry’s shoes.

“Does Amos know?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Go ask.” I said, not giving her an eye, getting up to go prepare.

“The kids are going nowhere-”

I felt Gabrielle’s hand on mine.


“I said they’re going nowhere,” she repeated. “I can’t have you taking them to that awful place, where nothing but filthy bags of buns lie and dwell with empty heads.”

I lost it at that instant. “You know, you can do as you please and I won’t talk… but don’t you dare insult the church. My people. Or else…”

“Or else what?!”

“Gabrielle!” Amos called from the stairs, and we pulled away. Gabrielle wore an ‘innocent’ look and played the victim.

“Don’t you dare cause problems this morning!” I gripped her arm fiercely.

“Ouch, my arm. My right arm.” She cried in falsely pain. “Baby… ouch. Ouch… ouch.”

I quickly removed my hand, scared I was hurting her.

“Gabrielle, what is it?”

Sunday morning… another problem, I thought with a frustrated sigh. “Babe, she’s faking it,” I spoke out of anger. “Mo bura, o jẹ.”… I swear, she is.

Amos sighed. “Is there ever a day you two won’t quarrel?”

Gabrielle replied, “You’re the one letting her take my kids. Our babies. To that awful place…”

I cut in. “The church is no awful place, Gabrielle. Quit talking now or I’ll rain curses on…”

Amos thundered. “Enough!”

Your days are numbered in this house, Gabrielle, I thought, fed up with the ‘whole’ drama. Asking Jenna to take the kids to the car, I turned to Gabrielle and got ready for whatever thing she had in wait.

“Jenna, come back!”

“No, Jenna, go!” I said, urging Jenna on.

“I said Jenna come back! Amos, now you warn your wife or I’ll shred her to dust.”

Amos sighed and walked to me. “Hon, you have to take it easy…”

“Take it easy… after yelling at me?!” I spoke in anger.


“Jenna, I said take the kids to the car. We’re going to church!” I barked furiously.


“Don’t ‘hon’ me. You don’t act like a man at all.” I said to Amos, not giving a thought.

“You see what I’ve been telling you? Your wife’s possessed.” Gabrielle spoke.

“Your condition… remember?” Amos reminded.

“Amos, what… is…. Wrong with you? You don’t act like yourself!”

Gabrielle cut in with a grin. “That’s because he’s not himself anymore,”l

I gasped. “Gabrielle, what did you do?”
Amos only smiled as Gabrielle went on. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” grinned Gabrielle. Amos made towards me and hugged me. “Relax,” he whispered in my ear. “It’s all in the plan.”

What plan? He withdrew before I could let out my thought.

Gabrielle marched forward and got ahold of his arm. She led him away and stood thinking of what Amos said. What did he mean by ‘it’s all in the plan’?” I sighed and watched as they walked up the stairs.


Gabrielle treated Amos like a slave and made him do her biddings. I couldn’t understand why Amos would let her. This plan he talked about, I needed to know what it was about.

“Babe, what is really going on? Why is Gabrielle making you do some things you ought not to?” I asked confused. Gabrielle had no right to order him around. It almost caused a fight in the early hours of the morning but Amos stepped in. “Babe, please talk to me. What are you up to?” I needed him to trust me at least. Whatever he was planning, I needed him to share it with me. “Babe…”

“Shh. She’s listening.” He signalled to me with a finger pointed at the ceiling.

“I don’t like how she’s treating you. She has no right.”

He brought the newspaper down on his laps and pulled out partially from the chair. “I’ll tell you everything,” he said, ” but not now.”

I sighed in frustration. “Just tell me, hm. I feel left out.”

“No,” he got up to my surprise.

Clicking shoes came from the stairs as two toned legs stood out on the top. “Amos?”

Amos looked at me and left to answer her.

“Oh, baby, I think I left my shawl. Yeah, the pink one.”

I scoffed and walked to the bottom of the stairs. “My-” Amos gave me a sign-I groaned and walked out furiously.

Gabrielle was clearly trying to annoy me, that I knew. Giving her a piece of my mind was just what I wanted to do.

* * *

One night Gabrielle came home drunk. She staggered towards the stairs and went up until she disappeared into her left-

“Not that drunk… hm?” I thought aloud with a shrug.

“Hmmm” Amos cut in behind.

“Yes, I think she’s faking to be drunk. Who knows?”

He led me to the couch and had me sit. “Hon,” he started. “I know you must think that all this I’m doing is to please Gabrielle…”

“Well, I’m not thinking anything. You said you had a plan-”

“I also know you must think I’m on her side…”

” I don’t!” Anger stirred.

“Come on, don’t be mad at me. You’re not, are you?” He observed with his brows raised.

“I’m furious!” I said with my arms folded, my pronounced belly out like a giant beach ball.


“Well, enough with the shushing,” I cut him short. “What is it that you’re planning that you ain’t telling me? Is now not the perfect time?” I asked with eager brows.

“You just can’t know now,”

Why does he say that each time I ask? “What do you mean by I can’t know now?” I asked more curious.

“Just trust me, okay? You trust me, right?” He stared into my eyes and I had no option but to nod.

“I trust you,” I groaned after the reply, feeling a sharp pain cut across my belly side. “Ah!”


The air around me grew still. “Ah!!”


I looked down wearily at my stomach and then at Amos. “B-Babe…?”

“Don’t worry, hon. You’ll be fine.”

A sudden gush of fluid from my PV alerted me. “A…mos!!!”


“I’m sorry, ma’am, but you can’t see the baby. It’s a stillborn.”

“No! Not my baby. Not my baby… no! I can hear him. Yes, I can hear him. Where is my baby? My baby. Where is he?!”

The cry of an infant woke me up and I stirred on the cotton sheet, sliding my eyes open.

“Amos Junior,” Amos’ happy voice rang and I beamed, watching him bring our child close.

“After eight long years,”

“After eight long years…” Baby Amos was placed in my arms and Amos and I bonded with him.

“Aww. Look at how his sucking those lips…”

“Told you he’d be stubborn,” Amos cracked. His tease got to my spine and I laughed lightly.

“Does anywhere hurt?”

I looked at him in a bid to show my surprise. “Amos, I gave birth a couple minutes ago.”

“Hours-” He corrected.

“Hours?” I gaped at him.

“Two, actually,”

I realized that I’d been asleep for more than an hour. “Was there any complication?”

“A minor. Just really glad that you and our baby are okay.”

I was glad, too.

The few years after mama died, I had had four miscarriages and it got me depressed. Bringing Amos Junior into the world was the best thing that could happen after the twins; I believed our family was going to be healed, and the gift God had given us would never depart.

“Yes, Dad. It’s a boy. A bouncing baby boy.” I informed. Amos helped me settle on the sofa and asked the twins to take the baby bag upstairs.

“Mom, Amos looks like us she we were small,” Ayo rang in my ears.

“How’d you know how we looked like when you were small?” Kowe chipped in.

I was too tired to laugh, Amos had to get my legs up well on the sofa.

“You have to let mommy rest, okay?”

Kowe and Ayo chorused. “Okay,”

They left and Henry and Jenna came running down the stairs.

“Thought I’ve told you two not to run?”

“Can’t help it, dad,” Jenna made towards us.

“We just want to see the baby.” Henry completed.

“Jenna? Henry? Where are you, my babies?” Gabrielle’s voice rang immediately.

“Mom!” Jenna hollered. “Mom, how many times have I told you not to call us babies?” Jenna looked pissed. “By the way we have a new baby in the house,” she said. “Baby Amos.” She looked down at my son as a light smile lapped my face.

“A-A new baby?” Gabrielle’s eyes widened in shock. “A new b-baby?” It seemed as though she was finding it hard to talk.

“Yes. A new baby, Mom.”

She drew closer and arched towards me. “Wow. I’m happy for you.”

“Huh?” We were confused.

“I’m happy for you,”

I got up slightly, contemplating reciprocating the hug.

“Amos, how could you not tell me?” she looked at Amos then at our child. “Aww. He’s so cute.” She took the baby from him and held him to her bosom.

“Gabrielle, are you okay?” Amos was forced to ask.

“I’m pretty fine,”

We all gaped at her, the kids not excluded.

Gabrielle’s change of attitude was really surprising. She’d carry our baby and hold him so dear like he was hers and let him sleep as she sang him a lullaby.

“I do not like this one bit,” I said to Amos in the kitchen when Gabrielle wasn’t near.

“You don’t like what?” He asked.

“Gabrielle’s sudden change of attitude,”

He high-pitched. “I know! Isn’t it wonderful? You’ve always wanted her to change, right?” he raised one brow and poked my side.

“I still don’t like I,” I frowned. “It’s making me suspicious.”

“I guess she really misses having a baby of her own,”

I looked at Amos. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He chuckled slightly. “You know,”

I drew closer to listen.

“When Gabrielle and I got married, we tried all that we could to have babies…”


He revealed. “Jenna and Henry are adopted,”

I gasped. “Adopted?”

“We haven’t told them still… I don’t know if we’re ever going to. It’s just…”

“Dad?” A voice broke through the warm air. “Dad, what do you mean we’re adopted?” Jenna and Henry stood at the door. “So you’ve been lying to us?” Jenna came inside, rolling fiery eyes at us.

“Jenna?” I made to hold her.

“Let me be, Mom Habib!” she snatched her hand away. “We’re adopted?” bitter tears broke free; one that was clear to see.

“Jenna, we were going to tell you,” Amos said.

“Tell us when?!” Jenna barked. “When were you going to tell us? When we were older or had gotten married?”

Gabrielle came from the living room, her arms void of our baby. “Where is Amos?” I asked, panic-stricken.

“He’s in the nursery. “Wh-what’s wrong?”

“Mom, is dad saying the truth? Are we adopted?”

Gabrielle was lost for words, Jenna turning around with bulging eyes. “Mom?”

“Y-yes. But you’re still my babies,” she moved closer to touch her.
“You’re still that daring girl that I’m proud to call my daughter-”

“Just stop!” Jenna pushed her away. “All these years you chose to lie to us,” she sobbed. “All these years you made us believe that we were your kids and you kept nothing from us…”

“But you are,” Gabrielle sobbed along. “You are our kids. Our babies. Ami, why did you tell them?” she faced Amos. “Why did you choose to tell them now?”

Amos speechless to the core, gulped and dreaded looking at her.

“I know you’re behind this!” Gabrielle gritted. “I know you’ve always been looking for a way to have us out of your life, so you can have Amos all to yourself.” She accused. “You’re a monster…!”

“You and dad are the monsters here!” Jenna said. “I wish I never met you two,” she ran out of the kitchen.

Gabrielle followed, yelling at her loudest. “Jenna, wait…!”

We followed, too. “Jenna!”

Jenna opened the door and ran outside.

“Jenna!” Amos and Gabrielle continued as I slowed down. “Usman, don’t open that gate. Jenna!”

I could hear the sound of the gate going slam, meaning Jenna had made it out of the compound. “Oh, Lord, please protect Jenna. She’s too young for this.” I prayed constantly with my fingers clasped.

The clock was swiftly ticking, 12 o’clock-I read.

“Jenna, don’t you dare run out on us like that. You hear me?” Both Amos and Gabrielle, along with Jenna marched in through the door.

“Jenna?” I quickly made towards them in a panic state.

“A car almost knocked her down,” Amos explained.

“You should have let it!” Jenna yelled. “You should have just let me die,”

I looked at her in pity. “Jenna…?”

She cut me short. “Even you, Mom Habib. I’m sure you knew all this time.”

I stood baffled at the spot.

I wasn’t expecting her to accuse me, too. Amos only told me… I knew nothing about it, I thought.

“Jenna, leave your Mom out of this…”

“Oh, it’s that stupid wife of yours… your stupid wife, yes! She’s the reason we’re in this mess.” Gabrielle went on with the accusation.

“Gabrielle, you’re only making matters worse!”

“Worse?” She asked. “Ami, look what that whore’s caused. Our kids would have never learned about the truth if you didn’t go spilling your guts.”

“Habibat did nothing. This is all on me!”

“Amos-” I wanted to talk but got stopped.

“If you want to take out your anger, take it out on me. I’m the reason we’re in this mess… not Habibat or anyone.”

All I wanted was a peaceful place where I’d raise my kids. Why was it too much to ask? I was drawn out from the countless thoughts that raced my mind by Jenna’s yell. “Grrh! I hate you guys.” She aimed for the stairs.

“Jenna! Jenna-” Gabrielle followed her, giving me one last look.

Gabrielle had a chat with Jenna and I wondered what she said to keep her calm.

“Why didn’t you tell me Henry and Jenna were adopted?”

“Cause it didn’t matter,” Amos looked away.

“It mattered, hon. Are there any secrets you’re keeping aside this?”

He said, “Please don’t add to it. We’ve had enough headache for one day.”

I didn’t like his reply. I sighed and stood up from beside him. “I’m going to the room,” I said.

He encouraged me with a wave of his hand.

“You’re not coming?”

He shrugged. “Later.”

I was left with no option but to go all by myself.

Gabrielle had played the victim card so well. Well, she was a victim. The kids learning about themselves reopened wounded doors that were left closed for a long time. Her hatred for me grew the more; she’d eye me all over and give me the ‘devil’s’ look, her demon eyes having ‘danger’ written in an inscription I could read. I felt uncomfortable staying in the same place with her. Especially with my kids being around-this made me want to get rid of her totally, so she wouldn’t have to think of anything drastic.

“Babe, Gabrielle has to go. Enough with the plans. Whatever. She has to go!” I was fed up playing the ‘perseverance’ card.

Amos raised his head from the pillow and partly squinted. “Huh?” he asked.

“Amos, she has to go!” I repeated myself, vexed.

“Is that why you had to wake me up?” He asked.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “but she has to go, Amos. I’ve had enough.”

He sat upright-then yawned. “What did she do again?”

“You’re not even taking this seriously… like there’s something you’re leaving behind. What is it, really? What does Gabrielle have on you that I don’t know?”

He reminded, “Gabrielle, is my wife, Habibat,”

I scoffed. “Wife my foot!”

He looked at me and lay back down. I was so angry that I didn’t notice the stool behind me. The glass of water with the medium Eva fell and smashed on the floor. Habibat! I groaned furiously and made to get a broom.

I knew trying to convince Amos once more wouldn’t be of any help. Gabrielle still gave me the usual glares whenever she walked past me and would find all ways to make things worse for me. It was becoming more like a child’s play, I hated it. I tried to get off her path but with every push she made, couldn’t stay perfectly out.

All hell broke loose when I planned the perfect dinner and she ruined it. I was about to add the spice when she walked straight to me with a bag of flour in her hands. “Gabrielle…!” the bag got emptied on me as I trembled blindly and knocked over the pot. “Ah!!” the hot content came on my wrist.

“Habibat!” Amos rushed in immediately.


Gabrielle turned around remorselessly and moved back into the living room.

The burn was treated and Gabrielle was scolded. “You’re leaving this house today!” I heard Amos from the mini room close to the stairs. “You can’t stay here anymore-” her sobs sounded as though she was regretting every single thing.

“Amih, you can’t do this to me,”

I moved out of the room, my eyes rolling as they were going to come out any second.

“You can’t do this to me, baby. Please… listen to me. I-I’m sorry.” Torrents of tears fell.

This happened for a reason, I’m sure-to have my very desire granted and for us to have our normal lives back again. “My word is final,” Amos spoke. “Pack your things and get out!”

My heart fluttered with joy.

After Gabrielle left our house, peace returned and my heart was put at ease, knowing she’d never be able to disturb. Her kids were also against her, Jenna especially. It seemed she wasn’t so mad at me anymore, though the way we related wasn’t as before.

“Mom Habib,”

I raised my head at the call-was breastfeeding Amos.

“Yes, love,” I smiled warmly at her-then asked. “What’s wrong?”

She sat down beside me. “You know, I’ve been thinking…”

“Thinking about what?”

She smiled partly, her fingers clasped. “About a lot,”

I arched my brows at her. See this small girl o, I wanted to laugh but stopped. “You know you can tell me anything that’s bothering that mind of yours,” I said.

“I won’t call it bothering,” she raised her shoulders a bit. “Well, you know with college coming and Dad wanting me to study abroad, I feel I’m just not ready… yet,” she added.

Amos belched.

“Awn, isn’t he so cute?” Jenna wiggled his tiny hand. “He’s even smiling,” she smiled as she looked at him. “Can I…?”

I already knew what she was going to say. “You can.” I removed my breast from Amos’ mouth and placed his soft body in Jenna’s arms.

“Adorable, isn’t he?”

“Uh-huh,” I affirmed. “So… where were we?” I asked, pretending not to have a clue.

“We were talking about Dad wanting me to study overseas?”

“You don’t like the idea?”

She tilted her head. “Who doesn’t?”

“Then what’s making you have second thoughts?”

She sighed. “I’m not having second thoughts,” she said. “I just can’t leave…”

“Us? Are you serious now?” I laughed partly. “Jenna, this is your school we’re talking about here. Studying abroad is the greatest thing anyone would jump at if he’s got the chance…”

“I know,”

“Then you don’t have to let that feeling of you not being ready hover in your mind. London’s great. You were there before, right? Or don’t you miss it?”

“I do,” she tightened her lips. “I really do, Mom Habib. What was I thinking?”

I laughed as she did. “Or is a boy involved?” I teased.

“No!” we laughed again. Amos was sleeping peacefully in her arms, his lips moving in the cutest way I’d ever seen. “He’s sleeping…”

“Yes, he is,”

“He’d certainly grow up to be just like dad.”

I nodded in agreement and smiled down heartily at Amos.

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