By JessyKen:

    She’s human… he’s odd ‼
     So odd, and not so sure what he is ‼

Genre: Horror

Rome, 1971

  “Aiuto! Qualcuno mi auiti per favore… per favore!”
  >>>Help! Someone please help me… please!

  Tired feet ran through the woods in the dead of the night, and loud breathing rang. The strong malodor of smoke and awful stench of burnt bodies ruled the night, while ouzels danced in the gray clouds.

  “Qualcuno? Mi aiuti per favore. Aiutemi!”
  >>>Anyone? Please help me. Help me!

  A loud laughter erupted as the black birds hovered low.
  “Non ti tirerai indietro da me,”
  >>>You will not get away from me,

  “No per favore. No!!!”
  >>>No, please. No!!!
  A piercing cry came, and was… no more!


  I never really thought about how things were going to be when they went extreme. I wasn’t the religious type, and I certainly wasn’t a believer of anything. Unlike my older sister who was at Romania studying.

  We had moved to Italy a month ago all because my Mom’s new job didn’t give us much of a choice. I was transferred to a new school immediately, and some boarding school at the heart of Viterbo didn’t waste time acknowledging my transfer.

  Viterbo was one place I never looked forward to living in; a city harboring all kinds of things and fairy tales read only in books and known to be Gothic… just like my Dad used to read to me when I was little.

  Dad was Italian, while Mom was pretty much a Romanian. I took after her mostly. And Dad, well he died of cancer few years ago, leaving us three. Big sis took after him in all ways: His eyes colour. His smooth auburn hair, and also the way he walked. We all missed him so, but all the same, life still goes on.

  ” We’re here,”

  “Yay, us,”  I muttered sarcastically, and gave a slight shrug.

  “You okay there, babe?”

  “Yeah. Perfect.” I pushed the door open.

  “Ooh. First day’s always exciting, isn’t it?”

  “Tell me about it,”

  “Weird -” She looked at me. “You say something, now?”

  I shrugged my shoulders again and threw my head in her direction. “Definitely not.”

  “Good. Now let’s go.” She pushed hers open and got out.

  My eyes made a thorough scan of the gigantic school building, remembering how beautiful my old high school looked, with pretty garden flowers gracing all sides.

  “Ain’t it a beauty, hon?”

  I scoffed and looked at her. “Mom, rhis place looks horrible,” I added, “Just take a look at the gate. Who paints a school gate red?”

  “Ha-oh. So the school gate’s your problem, huh?” She asked with arms folded.

  “It’s just not the gate, mother. I miss my old high school pretty much. My old friends. Romania even,” I said coyly.

  “I know, baby. But you know Mom’s got plenty of work here, and you know there’s nothing she can do about it.”

  “Yeah, yeah. Journalism and stuff. I’ll go grab my things.” I sighed, and made for the back of the car.



  “I love you,”

  “Mom!” I frowned. “Seriously. Everyone’s watching,”

  “Then you should be proud that you’ve got an amazing mother like me.” She laughed, and drew closer. “No hugs? You’re going to make me cry if you don’t do so,” She whimpered playfully.

  “Oh, fine.” I reluctantly gave in.

  “I’ll see you soon, all right?”

  “No problem. Love you.” I heaved a sigh and finally let go.

  She helped me fully pack in, as they allowed her, and in no time, we were done with everything, and I had to bid her goodbye.

  I joined my new classmates, and the teacher introduced me to everyone and had me take my seat at the middle row.

  “You must be the new girl,” A flashy blue eyes girl said to me. “I’m Celeste Barese.” She offered me her hand.

  “Liv.” I said laconically, and clasped my hands.

  “OH. So um, you’re new here?”

  “Isn’t that obvious?” I rolled my eyes at her.

  “Heh. Well, enjoy the rest of the class. Welcome to Galena Academia once again.” She said, and went back to reading.

  “I saw that.” came another voice.

  I turned around, giving the whiskey brown hair girl a glare. “And you are?”

  “I’m Lorraine. Lorraine Aguel.” She said to me.

  “I don’t care.” I shone my eyes. “Why don’t you mind your own business?!” I huffed, and averted my gaze.

  “Humph! Some girl,”

  I heard her say, and I felt irritated at once, as my fingers clenched the table. Now breathe, Olivia. Breathe, I tried to calm myself.

  The door to our class swung open, and a snazzy, gray hair guy walked in. My, oh, my. If there isn’t anything I haven’t seen in years? I admired his glowing skin and prayed he’d notice me.

  “Don’t waste your time doing that. He never talks to anyone,” The blue eyes girl spoke again.

  “Didn’t I already told you not to -” I pinched myself. “Sorry. It’s just the new environment tensing me up a bit.” I faked a smile, and held my breath.

  Her red lips shut, and she gave a nod. “I understand. But we can we be friends, right?” M

  “Why not?” I gave a slight shrug, which I’m sure she didn’t notice.

  This school was really getting on my nerves and I definitely couldn’t wait for the semester to be all over.

  I kept stealing glances at the prince charming, and couldn’t help but wonder how such a guy could have all features. God! He’s so cute, I blushed hard, giving him a final look as our eyes met.

  I was disappointed when he didn’t return my smile but got up instead, walking out of the class. Unbelievable, I scoffed, and boiled. No one’s ever done that to me. I’m always the catchy type. I felt my rage increase, and I got up instantly.

  “Where are you going to?”

  “Um, to pee.” I lied, wiggling free from her grasp. “Be back in a minute.” I said, and hurried out.

  I followed and watched, as he disappeared into the other side. Sneaky, I shook my head, not giving up. I was curious to know what he’s being up to, so I had no  option but to follow him, finding the place he had taken empty. “That’s weird.”

  “What’s weird?” A voice startled me.

  “Oh gee!” I exclaimed, turning around. “You… you… you startled me -” I stuttered, trying to regain my breath.

  “One advice. Stop following me!” He said coldly.

  “I wasn’t -” I made to talk, but he walked away before I was able to complete my words. So rude!

  I walked back to class, feeling a little disappointed, and furious at the same time as I hoped he’d be there so I could give him a peace of my mind. “Where is he?” I clenched my fist and walked to Celeste.

  “Who again?” She asked with a confused expression written on her face.

  “That guy,” I curved my lips. “You know, the one that sat over there for first period,” I motioned to the back seat.

  “OH. Oh, you mean Franco Gonzalez?”

  Franco. So that’s his name, I made a swift thought, my cheek turning red. “Anyway, don’t bother.” I made to sit, and the two of us got talking.

  He didn’t come back later on, and I wondered why. Maybe he’s avoiding me. Or maybe, just maybe…”


  I bumped into someone as my books came falling. “Are you -” I stared into two similar eyes. “H-hi,” I said nervously, as his lips remained shut. “Are you not going to apologize?”

  He made no utterance and left. “Humph! Some attitude he’s got.” I scoffed, and picked up my books.

  I looked back again and saw no one, a low groan eluding my lips. I shrugged my shoulders, and began heading for the cafeteria.

  “Hey. Over here,”

  I caught sight of Celeste as a faint smile broke out on my slightly moist lips. She was seated with three others, and I could tell they knew each from the way they talked.

  “Guys, meet Liv,” She introduced.

  I said hi to them and sat down. “Actually, the name’s Olivia. Olivia De Gatto.” I introduced in full.

  “De Gatto?” The boy in their midst spoke up. “Are you royal or something?”

  “You wish.” I laughed and placed my food on the table. “You from Italy?”

  “Nope. Germany,”

  “Fantastisch.” I spoke in a German accent, and he gasped, with widened eyes.

  “Beeindruckend! Du sprichst Deutsch?”

  “Ja,” I affirmed. “I can speak German.” I replied in English, as Celeste and the girls watched.

  We gave a slight chuckle and began talking. The two girls introduced themselves as Flores and Antoinette, and we became friends.

  School was pretty over and we all had to go back to our respective hostels. Celeste was in the same block with me, while Flores and the rest had to leave for theirs, leaving Celeste and I to go to ours. I rolled my eyes at the tall buildings that stood like pillars on each sides, making the scenery a bit creepy for me as I imagined them falling like Jericho mighty wall Dad used to talk about.

  “Where do you come from?” Celeste’s question came.

  Do you have to ask, I mumbled, and looked at her. “Romania,”

  “Really? And you’re really fluent in German?”

  “Uh-huh. My Mom’s a journalist. So she can speak mostly all languages. Even I.” I said with pride, as we took a turn.

  I got to say I was starting to enjoy talking to her, but I certainly couldn’t wait to be out of this itchy white uniform.

  We talked and walked for some minutes, and as we were, I caught a glimpse of someone at the far side, and my countenance fell. “Um, Celeste. I really got to go,”

  “Mm? Are you okay?  What’s with the face? And why are you in such a hurry?” She questioned simultaneously.

  God. This girl talks too much. “Just don’t follow me, please. I’ll see you later.” I said, and began moving, not looking back.

  I really wanted to know this guy, and it did seem like he didn’t want to be followed. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I didn’t see him anywhere, and I was certain it was him I saw. “Who’s there?” A gasp escaped my lips at the sound of footsteps approaching.

  I sharply rolled my eyes, looking back and forth, only to realize it was just my imagination playing tricks on me. I breathed a sigh and started moving again, as I noticed my breath get heavy.

  The back of the school looked really worst, compared to the front as some musty old rags and sacks hovered on the line. I stopped for a moment, looking backwards again at the sound of a human feet, as I tried to relax, trying not to get terrified. “Hello? Is anyone there? Franco? If really it’s you, why don’t you come out and quit playing games?”  I grew furious.

  I listened, hoping someone would answer, or him at least as only the wind whispered. I sighed, giving up instantly, and gave a final scan of the scenery.

  “Didn’t I tell you to stay away?” An angry voice spoke, as a hand gripped me.

  “I’m… I’m sorry,” I stammered unstably, staring into two bulging coloured eyes. “Y-your eyes -” I froze, as he released me. “T-they’re red,”

  He stopped, his face turning pale. ” You should go. I don’t want to hurt you,”

  “But I only wanted to…”

  “I said go! Get out!” His snorting came, and I trembled with fear.

  I’d never felt like that in any way, and I certainly couldn’t believe how my shaking feet could carry me till I reached my hostel. My breath still wasn’t back to normal, and I sat lost in thought. “No, it can’t be,”

  “Hmm?” Celeste looked at me, with her eyebrows raised.

  She averted her gaze, and back at me again, like she had clearly read my thoughts. She dropped the book she had in her hand on her bed and got up, moving towards me.

  “What?” I looked at her.

  “Nothing. But gosh, you look like you’ve seen a ghost or something. Is there something you’re not telling me?” She eyed me thoroughly.

  I bit my bottom lip, giving it a slight lick as I thought about what to say. “No, I’m fine. I just miss home, that’s all.”

  “Are you sure? You know you can tell me anything now we’re roomies?” She sat down beside me.

  My hands were still shaking from the experience and I bet she could notice. “You don’t have to worry, Est. Come on. Go back to reading,” I gave a smile and picked up my book.

  She gave my laps a slight rub and headed back to her bunk. I took off my shoes and laid down, having no energy to get up again as I fell into a deep slumber.

  Olivia. Olivia…

  “Wake up, sleepy head. It’s almost time.”

A soft moan escaped my lips and I got up sleepily. “Almost time for what?”

  “Time to eat, silly. My. You really slept a whole lot there,” She laughed, as I gave a yawn.

  “I did?” I blinked. “Wh-what’s the time?” I asked in a hurry.

  “Almost eight,”

  “My goodness!” I exclaimed, looking down at my school uniform. “Oh, gee. I haven’t pulled this yet,” My eyes widened, and I yawned tiredly again.

  “Oh, I don’t blame you. You sure are new to this.” She chuckled and got up. “Come on. I’ll wait for you.”

  I pulled my hair into a bun after I was done changing and we began heading for the dining room.

  Halfway out, we saw Flores and Antoinette, and we exchanged pleasantries as they tagged along.

  We had dinner of bread rolls and hot chocolate, and we all headed back to our hostels.

  “Okay, guys. Buona notte.” Celeste and I bid them good night.

  “You were awfully quiet when we were eating. Did something happen?” Celeste questioned.

  I gave a slight shrug and mumbled unheard.


  “I said I’m fine -” I gritted my teeth and my ears twitched. “Do you hear that?”

  “Hear what?” She moved her eyes.


  “There it is again,” I gasped and listened.

  “I’m not hearing anything, Liv. Come on, you’re scaring me.” She shivered, moving to my side.

  “Come to me, Olivia. Come,”

  The voice echoed, and I began walking in the direction.

  “Olivia? Olivia, where are you going?” Celeste called to me, as I ignored her.

  I went on walking, the voice leading me to a dark corner.

  “I don’t like this, Olivia. Please let’s go,” Celeste pleaded.

  “Shh. Listen,” I signaled to her, hearing a vibration, like the sound of a chainsaw jerked to life. “Someone’s here.” I breathed.

  “Olivia -” Celeste whispered and clasped my hands tight, as a shadow emerged on the wall. “Olivia!” She shrieked, shutting her eyes.

  I was frightened as she was, and I really wanted to make a run for it, but then all this would have been for nothing. “Who’s there? I demand you show yourself!” I spoke firmly.

  The shadow grew bigger, and disappeared all again. We heaved a sigh and watched a little furry creature pop out in front  “Aww, so cute,” I smiled, throwing Celeste a jeering look. “It’s only a bunny, you. You can let go now.”

  “Thank God. Can we go now, please? Lights out few minutes to go.” She spoke, the sweat on her forehead glistening at the sudden reflection.

  “Ah!” We yelled, holding it each other.

  “My, my. What do we have here?” A dark figure stepped into the light.

  “Mrs. Culottes?” Celeste gasped.

  I tightened my mouth at the sound of her name, and tried so hard not to let out the chuckle that was wanting to break free.

  “Wandering, are we?”

  “Um, we weren’t wandering, ma’am,” I broke in.

  “Good. Now you two had better go back to your rooms and quit making a noise with those silly flip-flops you’re wearing.”

  “Oh, they’re pretty expensive,” I folded my arms, and Celeste hit me. “What?”

  “Now you two… go sleep!” She humphed, and off we went.

  The minute we were out of earshot, we began laughing and high-fived.

  “Some lady,”

  “I know, right? You should have seen her face when she told us-” I stopped, staring at the flickering bulbs as they all went off.

  “The lights!”We panicked.

  “But they shouldn’t be going off by this time,” Celeste muttered breathlessly.

   “Oh, calm down, will you? Gosh. You’re such a baby.” I teased, taking her hands off me, as heavy footsteps trudged towards us. “Who’s that?!” I squealed, feeling goose bumps flush all over me.

  “Now who’s acting like a baby?” Celeste mocked.


  “Ah!!” A sharp scream filled the air, and I heard Celeste no more.

“Celeste? Celeste!” I called, rooted, echoing her name. “Celeste…”

  “You’re next!” A voice hollered, and I uttered a loud cry.

“No! No, please -” I began running; slipping and falling, and picking myself up again, as the darkness blinded me, with hot beads of sweat flushing my skin.

  I yelled and panted heavily for breath, taking a sharp turn as I continued running. He was getting nearer and I could feel it. I caught glimpse of a figure silhouetted in the dark, and I screamed louder, slumping onto the hard tiles. I felt helpless as I watched him grip my neck and drive a knife through me. I let out a sharp cry and with that, breathed my last.



  First time I’m writing a story not fully in English 😳. Please guys, how is it? ↜(Ψ▼ー▼)


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