GHOSTED 3: The First-Blood Prince

By JessyKen:

  I am Arianus. Half mortal, half beast. I am the only one of my kind, and was conceived when my father laid with a woman under the guise of a man. My mother died at labour’s feet, and I was thence welcomed into my father’s embrace and, thus became the first seed of the ruler of the Dark Realm – The first hybrid ever known.

  I am… the first blood prince!!!

  “My Lord, she’s escaped!

  The Dark king got up on his feet. “What?! That can’t be!” His voice thundered as he turned to face his son. “Arian!”

  “Yes, father,” The prince of Hades bowed before him.

  “Go into the world! Search every corner of the earth! And… bring her to me!!”

  The morning birds chirped, and the community church bell chimed at a distance. The air glistened with after-rain, and little feet scampered outside on the went grounds.  Inside, a pretty maiden sat; hair tied in a bun, and lips as red as pretty petals, and a lingering expression sitting upon her face… the one of sadness.

  She stared blankly in the air, sinking deeply into thoughts as her lips moved, but her voice unheard.

  The door creaked open and she jerked out of thoughts, clasping her hands together. “Any word from outside, Hilda?”

  “Not one, my lady.” came the maidservant’s reply.

  She walked toward her, and placed a tiny stool with a silver plate on its surface, atop her.

  “I’m not hungry.” The young maiden said.

  “But my lady -” The maidservant made to talk.

  “I said I’m not hungry!” An angry expression broke across her lips.

“I’m sorry.” The frightened servant apologized and carried the tray in her hands.

  She hurried out quickly, shutting the door as she went, and walked down the long stairs.

  She met her lady’s mother on her way, and the elderly woman asked her why the plate still had the same proportion in it.

  She explained everything to her and the woman took the food, climbing up the stairs, with a knock placed on her door as she approached. “Akana? Akana!”


  “Akana, open the door.” She pleaded.

  “I’m coming,” Akana answered.

  The door pulled open and a warm smile appeared on her lips. “Akana, dear. Please have your food. You can’t starve yourself just because your father yelled at you.” Her mother spoke softly.

  Akana gave a sigh, walking back to her bed, and with a leg partly folded backwards, sat on the wooden bed.

  “Oh, my child. Please eat something. Even if it’s a little.” Her mother insisted.

  “I don’t want to, mother. I already told Hilda.” She crossed her arms, with her face thrown in the opposite direction.

  “You’re just as stubborn as your father,” Her mother started, caressing her hair. “You know he loves you very much and would get really sad if he found out you refused to eat.”

  “Loves me?” Akana turned to her. “Mom, he always gets mad at me. He always does, like I’m not his daughter or something.” She whined.

  “Oh, dear. Don’t talk like that. Your father loves you very much.” Her mother comforted, bringing her head on her bosom.

  “Then why do I feel the opposite? That he doesn’t like me.” She continued.

  “Shh-shh.” Her mother hushed and began singing.

  Now you will learn to know
  The path that you barely see
  Someday I know you will find…
  And then you will know what you see.

  “What I see?” Akana raised her head up.

  “Yes, Akana. The world isn’t really as we see it…”

  “A-are you trying to tell me something, mother?” Akana stared with suspicion.

  “Oh, no, dear.” Her mother chuckled, pulling her in her arms. “You’re far too young for what you seek.”

  “But I’m 19!” Akana frowned.

  “Oh, my dearest child. You still are young.”

  “Mommy,” She called. “Promise you’ll never leave me.”

  “Of course. Of course, my princess. I’ll never leave your side.” Her mother whispered in her ears.

  “I love you very much, Mommy.” She tightened her arms around her.

  “And I love you most, my pretty rose.”


  Later in the day, Akana strolled the rose garden, picking up flowers and placing them in a basket, as she hummed, admiring the beautiful scenery.

  She had a strong passion for nature and admired it’s wonderful scenery, composing poems and songs in honor of its beauty.

  She walked some more, swinging her basket and twirling, as she stopped, turning abruptly at the rustling sound amidst the flowers. Hmm, she thought, drawing close.

  She bent forward, examining it for a while, and got up again.

  She heard footsteps approach, and she gasped, turning around.

  “Isabella -” The unknown visitor breathed.

  “Isabella?” She moved closer. “I’m sorry, who are you?” She asked, rolling her eyes at the haggard-looking bloke. “And how did you get in?” Does my father know you’re here?” She asked simultaneously, staring at him.

  “I’m Lorenz.” He stretched out his hand.

  She looked at him, clasping her hands together. “You shouldn’t be here,”

  “Akana!” Her father’s voice came.

  “She shuddered, turning around, and back to the stranger as she saw no one.

  “Akana, who are you talking to?” Her father bellowed, making for her.

  “N-no one, father. N-no one.” She stuttered, feeling scared.

  “How many times have I told you not to leave your room? How many times, Akana?” He barked at her.

  “But father -”

  “Don’t, Akana! Just go up to your room… now!”


  “Mommy… Mommy -” Akana rushed to her.

  “Oh, child. Why are you crying?”

  “Mommy, it’s Dad. He’s started again.” She whimpered. “He’s always making it seem as if I’m the bad one here, whereas I’m not.”


  “Raoul!” Akana’s mother hollered with an angry stare, and looked back at her daughter. “Come on, my child. Let’s go inside.” She said to her.

  She went up to her room, slumping onto her bed, as she thought about the strange lad she had seen. She wondered if anyone had seen him, and feared they might have, hoping her father won’t hear of it.

  Night came, and she heard a tap on the glass leading to the balcony, as she sat up alerted, seeing a slender figure behind. “Who is there?” asked Akana.

  She waited for an answer one time, and got up reluctantly, cursing under her breath. “You again?” His face came in sight as his cap came off.


  “How did you…?”

  “You dropped this,” He wiggled the basket in the air.

  “Th-thank you.” She said nervously, taking it from him. “How did you get in?” She rolled her eyes.

  “Magic.” He smiled.

  “Please you have to go, or my father will see you.” She shook, moving inside.

  “Does he always treat you like that?”

  “He -” Akana stopped, hearing a knock on her bedroom door.

  She gasped lightly, pulling her with him, as she motioned to the closet.

  She quickly rushed to her bed, feigning anger as the door swung open. “What do you need?”

  “Akana,” He started, “I just want to say I’m sorry,”

  “Sorry won’t do!” She threw her head away.

  “Look, I just panicked. I thought something bad was going to happen to you.”

  “Something bad?” She turned to face him. Seriously, Dad? That’s your excuse?” Her asked with a raised voice.

  “Come on, I said I’m sorry.”

  “Well, you don’t have to protect me. I’m a grown woman and sure can take care of myself!” She gritted.

  A soft sigh eluded her father’s lips and he sat beside her. Okay, fine. I won’t do that again.

  “Promise, Daddy?” Her face softened into a smile.

  “Mm-hmm,” Her father nodded, clasping her hand. “But please promise you’ll be careful.”

  “Careful?” She laughed. “Dad, you talk as if someone’s going to take me away any minute.”

  “No one’s going to. I just want you to be. Okay?”

  “All right, Dad. I’m sorry I talked back at you.” She apologized sincerely.

  “Oh, it’s fine. Get some sleep.”

  “Okay, Dad.” She smiled faintly, making to lie down. “Oh, Dad. I forgot to ask. Can I go see Elisabeth?” She asked, as a frown coated his face. “Hilda can come.” She added quickly, pouting her lips.

  “Okay then. As long as Hilda’s with you, I approve.” He said, and turned to leave.

  Akana heaved a sigh of relief, watching him walk out the door, as she made for her closet. “You can come out now,” She whispered at the pull of the door.

  “Whew! You two sure did talk a lot.”

  “Don’t start,” She gave him a frown. “Why are you here? And how do you know who I am?” She clenched her teeth.

  “I don’t.” He gave a straight answer.

  “Then why are you here?”

  “Cause… cause I saw you picking roses in the garden and thought maybe you’d want some help.”

  “Really?” She folded her arms and raised her brows.

  “Yeah. But I can go if you don’t want me here. I’m sorry for bothering you.” His countenance fell as he made to leave.

  She grabbed hold of his arm, coming in front of him. “Please don’t leave. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She said.

  A smile broke out on his lips and he listened to her.

  They talked like they’ve known before, and Akana was really glad that she had found a friend; someone who she can talk to anytime – Her little secret.

  “Arian… Arian…”

  “Father?” Arian’s eyes stood open, as he found himself amidst green fumes.

  “Arian, why are you yet to return with her?”

  “Father, I haven’t found her.” He bowed his head.

  “That’s a lie!” His voice thundered. “Do not tell me your mother’s heart has grown on you.. ”

  “No, father. I am like you.”

  “Good! Now, I give you seven days. Seven days!” He roared. “Seven days, and if I you’re yet to return, I’ll wreak havoc on the world. Do you understand?”

  “Yes. Yes, father.” He said, and a gust of wind hovered, and the voice was no more.

  He sat thinking about his father’s threat as he looked to where his woman laid, and his heart pricked with emotions.

  Drawing close, he kissed her lightly on her lips as they moved, a soft moan covering them. “Hey.” She rubbed her eyes, holding the mattress close to her bosom. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

  “Nothing. You should get some sleep.” He faked a smile.

  “Nothing? Then why do you have that look on your face?” She looked worriedly.

  “It’s nothing. Come on, it’s almost sunrise.” He pulled her up, and had her place his head on his chest.

  He breathed a sigh, brushing a strand of her hair aside, and watched whilst she slept.


  On the third day, a deadly plague broke out on the Javari people, and so did chaos.

  Blood went flowing in the waters, and bees and locusts swarm all through the land.

  Water ceased to flow, leaving animals to die. The air becoming dry and thing, with the plants withering, leaving animals and humans with nothing to eat. 

  They wondered what wrong they have done and prayed to their saviour in sack cloths and ashes.

  Akana’s home was not left out as the entire household was in mourning. The death of Nagar… the oldest woman in their clan (who died of the plague) was a terrible blow to everyone.

  She was buried the following day, and the day after that, another tragedy stuck. Scattered bodies were seen on every way, with their flesh torn apart and eaten, as vultures hovered and flocked around them.

  The once peaceful town thus became a town of horror, stopping all town trades and keeping people shut from the outside world, while some fled.

  Raoul and his wife sat in their room, as they discussed the tragic happenings.

  “What shall we call this,  Achana?”

  “Even I cannot tell. This is beyond me, my husband.” Achana shook her head.

  “But something has to be done.”

  “Like what, my Lord? People are dying and not even the saviour is yet to come to our aid.”

  “You don’t believe this has got to do with what happened five years ago?” He asked, his face twitching.

  “What does that have to do with this?”

  “I don’t know. I just have this feeling -” He rubbed his chin with thoughts.

  “Why do you?” Achana asked.

  “Maybe because we knew nothing before we got ourselves involved!”

  “Can you please keep your voice down. Someone might hear you.” Achana alerted.

  “But you know a time would come when we’ll have to tell her. The child has come of age.”

  “But my Lord, she’s just a child. Our child!” Achana breathed.

  “Our child? When are you going to stop protecting her?!”

  Protecting me? What does Dad mean by that? Do they have another child? Have they been fooling be all these years? These thoughts ran through her mind as she walked back to her room.

  She turned the doorknob, stepping inside as she gasped. “Lorenz!”


  “Blimey, you startled me.” She muttered under her breath, shutting the door fast.

  “You do know you can’t be coming in here like this… what if someone saw you?” She said as they sat down.

  “Why? You didn’t miss me?” His countenance fell.

  “Not that. I just don’t want father to see you. You know how mad he’ll get.” She said coyly, placing her head on him.

  “Don’t worry, he won’t.”

  “But why don’t you want me to introduce you to them? We’ve been seeing each other for a year now -” She arched a brow as he kept mute. “Or don’t you want them to know about us?”

  Her acquaintance swallowed and sat upright. “There’s something I need to tell you,”

  “Why? What’s that?”

  “We can’t be together anymore, Akana.” He dropped the bombshell, as Akana’s eyes widened.

  “Y-you don’t mean that, do you?”

  “I’m sorry, Akana. But I have to do this. You have to forget about me… about us!” He removed her hand from his and got up.

  Tears streamed down her face and Akana clung to him. “No, Lorenz. No… you can’t leave me.”

  “I have to do this. Please let go.” He pushed her away gently, and with a final look, exited the room.


  Akana locked herself in her room, crying all day and night, wetting her pillow, with no one to ease the pain. She was heartbroken and really hoped she could talked to someone about it, but was scared to do so.

  Darkness grew on a certain morn, and a torrent of blood fell from the sky, with the clapping of thunder, and the striking of lightning ruling the day at the tremendous howling of the wind.

  The next day came serpents and creeping things, slithering and crawling into every home, causing death and bringing agony to whoever it saw.

  The land was in chaos and Arianus knew this was all his father’s wrath!

  Akana laid in her room with a gloom lingering on her face and hands clasped together, as she hummed a sad tune.

  Suddenly, a windy blast came, and a shadow stood silhouetted on the window panes, making her scream.

  She cried in terror, jumping out of bed as she made for the door, trying to open it as it stood shut.

  She panicked and banged continuously, as the outline of a huge shadow stood carved on the door.

  She turned around, panting heavily as her eyes met with two fiery eyeballs, her pleas filling the air.

  The hairy beast laughed and said, “Tu autem mea consummare!”
  >>> You are mine to finish!

  Akana yelled, “I’m with a child. Please have mercy!” She cried, shaken with fear.

  “Ha-ha. I will not let you escape this time.” He rose his hand as sharp claws emerged from it.

  He gripped her neck, raising her up as she struggled and gagged, trying to free herself.

  Sound of shattering windows came, and another figure emerged in the dark
  “Help -” She breathed and her eye lids slid closed.

  He let go of her, snorting wildly as swooshing of swords enclosed the air. “You are just like your mother. So weak! So miserable!”

  “Rah! I will not let you harm her.” He grunted and struck. “I will not let you!”

  “This is not the last, Arianus. Mark my words!!” Thunder struck and a cloud of smoke appeared – And was no more.

  The cock crowed and sounds of forest birds hovered in the air. The soft clattering of pans rang harmoniously as the air swayed them back and forth making rhythms.

  Arianus looked to where the young maiden laid, and with a worried look on his face, got up and walked towards her.

  He took her hand in his and rubbed it, not taking his gaze off. “Please wake up. Everything will be all right soon.”

  He sighed and got up, making to leave.

  “Mm -”


  “Lorenz -” She muttered weakly. Where am I?”

  “Oh, Akana.”

  “He… he tried to kill me. He tried to kill me!” She shivered intensely, gripping the sheet.

  “Shh. It’s just a bad dream.” Arianus clung to her. “It’s all my fault, Akana. I never should have left you.”

  “OH. I was so worried. Where are my parents? I… I need to see them.”

  “You should get some rest. You’re not yet strong.”

  “I… I’ve been wanting to tell you something -” She paused, contemplating on whether she should tell him about the child she was carrying.

  “What’s that?”


  “All right. Here you go.” He smiled and got up.

  He left to make her breakfast, and at a point, she got bored not having him with her. She got up slowly, making towards where he was, as she leaned and watched him peel the yam.

  He waved to her, and she waved back, walking in again. She glimpsed an object shimmering at the corner and she made for it.

  Bending forward, she realized it was a blade. Why is this here? She gave a thought, examining the symbols on it.
  She rubbed her face and made to drop it, as her eyes glimpsed the stain on the hilt.

  Her breathing became unsteady and she threw it away, stepping backwards.

  “You know,”


  “Since when have you known?”

  “Who are you? And what is this?” She questioned, frightened.

  He moved closer, and she moved backwards, breathing heavily.

   “You don’t remember, do you?”

  “Re… remember what?”

  He looked into her eyes, placing a hand on the side of her face as memories of the past came rushing in.

  She remembered how a man on a black horse had captured her and brought her to a certain place she didn’t know.

  She remembered the horrible place they had thrown her in – The smelly dungeon with scary green fumes oozing out from the floor, and the skeletons scattered on all corners.

  She remembered her blood being taken countless times and how she had managed to escape that, with a white unicorn appearing from nowhere.

  She remembered it all. “You’re that man!” Akana shouted and pulled away from him. “You-you’re him.”


  “No, don’t come any closer. Don’t touch me!”

  “Akana, I’m not him. It’s me… Lorenz.”

  “Then why do you like him? Why does he want me?” She sobbed, shivering.

  Arian looked at her, a tear rolling down his face as he pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” He said, and with the knife in his hand, drove it through her.

  Until now, Arianus still walks the earth, with the ghost of his lover haunting him… for all lifetime.

    Quae est immortalitatis!







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