GHOSTED 2: Haunted Academy

By JessyKen:

             ☠️UNEDITED ☠️


  Rain spattered on the window sills and the sky crashed with lightning; the earth quivered with thunder and the air roared with the wind-driven bright, leaving trees and roofs at its mercy.

  Girly chatters hovered in the dorm, as Emily Gidez laid on her side of the bed, thinking about home. She had never been separated from her dearest mother, and her father who was in the States wanted her to go to this school, while her mother stayed at Naples. She stared blankly, wondering why her Dad had wanted this and shrugged the thoughts off, turning to face the girls at the opposite corner.

  “You doing okay there, newb?” One of the girls asked.

  She gave a slight nod, slowly sitting up, as they went back to talking.

  She felt left out, giving a sigh and got up. “Can I?”

  “Of course.” The girl who had thrown a question at her replied.

  She got up and walked towards them, as they beckoned her to sit.

  She listened to their nightly tales and also contributed to the paranormal ones as the lights went out few minutes later.

  “Say, Kris. Why don’t we talk about the mystery girl?” A girl opined in their midst.

  Emily’s eyes widened, and she looked at her. “The mystery girl?”

  “Yes. You really are going to love it.” said the cornrows girl, giving her shoulders a shrug.

  “No, Roselle,” Her friend opposed.

  “Oh, come on, Kristen. Don’t tell me you’re scared.” Roselle pouted her lips, and Emily made to talk.

  “What about her, Kristen?” She asked.

  “There’s nothing intriguing about her.” A brown hair girl broke in. “The story’s just… creepy.” She said high-pitched.


  “What? I’m serious,” She eyed Roselle.

  “Fine! Then, I’m going to bed.” Roselle stood up.

  She made to walk, and faint footsteps came on the carpet.

  “What was that?” Emily shivered.

  “Oh, it’s just a rat.” Kristen laughed. “Good night, girls.” She bid, and off she went.

  The girls did same, and Emily was left with no choice but to retire to hers. She rolled the blanket over her, curling into her favorite sleeping position and drifted off to sleep some minutes later.

  The room was dark and quiet, and the rain no longer fell. Emily laid in a deep slumber; a little girl with a ragged doll in her hand chasing after her whilst she ran. “Help me.” Her soft whisper hovered in the wind.

  She stumbled over a rock and came face down in a puddle, making her panic more as she tried to get out. She heard footsteps approach on the ground and, with a gasp, turned around as the little girl stood with a blade glistening in her hand. She let out a sharp scream, moving backwards as a strong grip came on her hair as she panted and jerked up.

  A thin light came upon her face and the door of her dorm room swung open, a gust of air moving in. Her body shook with fright and her heart raced faster, as a shadow appeared in the light. She moved under her blanket, listening to unknown footsteps approach, inducing more terror in her as millions of goosebumps flushed all over her damp skin.

  She steadied her breathing and wished she’d wake up from this horrible nightmare, as she prayed and shuddered seeing a figure in front of her, with the outline of an object in his hand. She gave a sharp scream, taking the blanket off as his masked face came in sight and the blade aimed at her…

    ✡☠️ARIANUS ☠️✡

  I walked into class, my bag hanging from one part of my shoulder as I heard girls gossip and giggle. A smirk eluded my lips at the mention my name, and I pretended not to have heard a thing and walked past them.

  “Mr. Snubby sure is looking dashing today.” One with a pigtail said.

  Our form Mistress walked in with a slender girl following behind, and she motioned to us to sit.

  My gaze went to the new girl, and for a moment, I lingered the stare as our eyes met. I should go, I breathed and got up.

  “Yes, Mr. Gödel?” Mrs. Lopez called.

  “Sorry, ma’am. I think I forgot something.” I said, and hurried out.

  Why did I just do that? Who is this girl? I wondered and walked.

  I headed down the hall, outside the building and toward the back, making sure no one watched. I made for the red brick, placing my hand on it as it granted me passage.

  I came out later at dawn and walked in the shadows, no one really knowing my true form as to every kid, I was just a normal teenager who preferred keeping to himself than associating with anyone. Little did they know I was more than what they could really tell – A killer – A walking dead!

  I was on a mission to kill, and swore never to rest until I completed my task on earth; a task to bring souls to the world below. And one to feed the destroyer and help him build his domain. Until that is done, I shall not rest, but continue to walk the earth… until the last of the pure blood is spilled!

  “What are you doing on my seat?” I groaned furiously.

  “Told you he won’t approve.” Aguirre whispered from his seat.

  I looked sharply and clasped her arm. “Now, listen. If you know what would be good for us both, then you better…”

  “I better do what?!” She scowled and got up.

  “Ooh.” The whole class echoed.

  I rolled my eyes around, gritting my teeth, as my fist clenched. “Forget it!” I said, and picked up my bag,

  Her guts infuriated me more, and I moved outside. I glimpsed a girl at a corner, and I drew close, catching sight of her glistening grazed knees.

  “Hey there,” She smiled.

  “You’re hurt.” I said coldly, as she dabbed with a tissue.

  “Oh, don’t worry. It’s only a scratch.”

   “You should go,” I turned around. “The school clinic will treat it better.”

  “But -”

  “I said go!”

  She shuddered and began running. I couldn’t hold it anymore, as I chased after her, drawing out a blade and with a firm grip on her, pulled her down and slit her throat!

   I walked back to the class, acting normal again, as I took the rest of it in silence.

  The lunch bell rang and I knew this was my chance. The new girl got up, and I followed her, making sure she didn’t notice. She walked for a while, halting to a stop as she glanced over her shoulder, and took to her heels.

    I hastened my steps, walking out the building, taking a faster route as I glimpsed her from a distance.

  “Who are you? And why are you following me?!” She demanded, holding out a pencil.

  I drew out my blade, heading for her, as the leaves rustled in the wind, making her turn.


  “Yes, me!” A sinister smile broke out on my lips as I stepped forward.

  She lifted a bottle to my face, and out of it, gushed forth a liquid as my screams filled the air. “Holy water!”

  I groaned and chased after her, as the sound of her beating heart led me onward.

  “You think you can get away from me? Haha! I’m going to make your death much sufferable!”

  “Leave me alone!” She cried and made to run.

  I laughed so hard, gripping her, and ran the edge of the blade on her throat, as her last breath came…




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