By Crystal_epoet:


Omo Ola – Onibadi aran
So swifty was your voice
Like a dot on a hummingbird
How can i easily read your flesh from my heart?

How do i count the stars in your sky?
Please teach me how to measure the love in your sweet voice

For many moons
I saw stars & I saw moon
All dancing to the tone of your voice
Which was handcuffed by the same Spirit that bathe me

Please! take me to bethlehem & Make me see where christ was born
Spare me the gist of abstract &
Make me see the beauty of Love.

I sit here but I’m not here
I’m there but not there
My soul sojourns and wonders far
Like a traveller with no distinct destination.


A young and passion driven African writer, Poet, Historian and Author who belives in the beauty of pen.

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