By Ruth:

Being An Eminent.


We all  have our different dreams. The insatiable desires to be known, loved and wanted.

The sweetness that comes with power and wealth is really over whelming, it’s like being drunk in the sweetness of an intoxicating fresh wine.

If you’ve ever been poor then managed to have the cloying taste of power, wealth and the world of the luminaries, you wouldn’t like to go back to your old rags. If you aren’t so disciplined and if you aren’t so strong to overcome the arrogance that comes with it, you might get so intoxicated by the sweetness within.

Just like the dreams of most men, I got what I wanted. To be a shining star shimmering before my fans.

Am an amazing actress, a pro in my field. Am not really good at praising myself but I can’t help noticing how excellent my acting skills are, my fans and manager didn’t need to remind me that.

One look at my progress, one would think I was born with a silver spoon but it wasn’t so. Infact I was almost all entirely the oppose of what I am now, years ago. A poor vagabond  without a family or relatives. The street was my home, the leftover my food and a stray lonely dog, I found by the lonely road, my best friend, family and world.

I had a talent which I never knew until an angel in the form of a human ( as I thought earlier because she isn’t) pick me up from the street, after watching Clo, my pet and I perform.

We were both playing a master and her humble servant. I was the master while Clo was the humble servant.

I acted so passionately with Clo, that one would think I’ve gone so crazy talking to a stray dog and getting a reply in return but who cares? Not I or Clo. We were having the best fun time ever.

Just at the peak of our show, a young lady drove by, parking her car right in front of us. She wined her glass down and beckoned on me to come. I thought she was looking for direction so I ran to her.

“Good day” I greeted with smile.

” How’re you darling? What on Earth are you doing here, dressed on rags?”
The young lady asked, gently sniffing around. I felt insulted but not mad.

“How old are you?” She asked again.

“Sixteen” I told her calmly.

“Oh, poor young girl. What’s your name?”

” Amara” I replied with confidence.

“What a name” she sniffed again with such content.
” Do you know what talent you’ve got?”

“Talent?, What’s talent?” I asked her politely. Wondering if she was trying to make fun me again.

“Aha! That’s it. At your age you don’t know what talent means. My eight year old girl knows better, any way, hop into the car, will you?”

” I should come in?” I asked confused at her offer.

“Yes, or are you scared?”

” No, it’s just that, I don’t know where we’re going to”

” Don’t be frightened darling, there’s nothing to be worried about. I want to help you get better. Make your dreams come through. Turn you into a shining star. Turn those rags of yours in to glittering diamond studded gowns. All of these, if only you can come with me. You’re wasting a great talent here”.
The young lady mesmerised.

For few seconds, I thought the lady was crazy but on a second thought I wanted to go with her, after all it isn’t so good here, probably life will be better for Clo and I, living with her.

” Alright, I need to go get my friend” I agreed.

” Your friend? You’ve got a friend? She asked in awe.

‘Yes. She’s my all”

“Where’s she, please?”

” Over there” I pointed at Clo, who was so busy scratching out the lice out of her furs.

“Oh! My God. You ain’t bringing that dirty thing with you into my car?” She yelled.

“But why?”

” Why? Why, because she’s such a stray stupid dirty dog!”

” Oh, no. You don’t insult my dog, she’s all I’ve got. My friend and family she’s my world”

“Fine! If she’s coming with you, she stays in the boot?”

“She can’t stay there, she’ll suffocate to death”. I found myself almost yelling at the young lady.

“Isn’t she suppose to be dead?”

“Now madam, you’re getting me mad. If you don’t want me to come with you, then at least leave me alone to stay in peace and with joy with my friend. I think am satisfied with just what I have”

“Fine! Go fetch your pet and be fast about it” the young lady sputtered, waving her hand in disgust.

I ran happily to get Clo. At first, Clo never wanted to come along, she fought to stay back. She seems not to like the young lady but after so much petting she reluntantly came along.

Minutes later, we got to a magnifiscent mansion. I never knew the young lady I’ve been talking to, was a star, a luminary and a pro at her field.

I barely watch movies or news, so I didn’t really know who she was, at least, not until she introduced me to her staffs but before then I was thoroughly cleaned.

My dress and looks were taken care of by some young maidens. I never knew how beautiful I was, until I got washed up and properly dressed.

I didn’t need to wear makeup, the ladies thought, they couldn’t help admitting how gorgeous I was.

I was so happy with the new me, at least not until I found out that Clo was dead. How it all happened, I can’t really explain. All I know was that, I found Clo lying dead close to my bed. He looked strangled, for his tongue was stucked out of his mouth, while his body was stiff cold.

I felt really sad and wished I allowed her to stay in the street, she would have probably been alife and live longer. I sobbed and morned over her death, she was my best friend, family and all.

” Why’s your face looking swollen? And your eyes red?” Mrs Nora, (for that is the young ladys’ name) asked.

“Why? Clo, my lovely friend is dead!” I cried out.

” Oh, good riddens”. I heard the young lady whispered more to herself.

” Pardon?”

“I mean poor little thing, it’s such a pity she’s gone, but a favour she died in such a magnifiscent building as mine”

” Excuse me, I need some fresh air” I muttered, leaving the mean young lady.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to month. I had stayed with Mrs. Nora, doing absolutely nothing than eating, going out for gym and receiving classes on how to be an amazing actress.

Until a fateful day when Mrs. Nora Walked up to me.

“I want to tell you something” she said smiling.

” What’s it?”

” You’re going to star in an upcoming series, if you perform well. You aren’t the only one competing to get the role”

” Really?” I gibbered with joy.

“Yes. But that isn’t a problem, I can handle that if you’re willing and ready to play along” she said with a mischivious smile.

” Play along? I don’t understand”

” Yes. This is not just a mere offer, it’s a game and you’ve got to play it well. Be active so you don’t get trampled on. You’ve to be smart Yes, you’ve to get what you want with what you have” she explain pushing up her boobs.

” So girl, are you ready to play the game? Are you ready to join the world of the luminaries? are you ready to get what you want just at one click?”

“Yes, but umm” I tried to explain myself.

” Shush, say no more. You are going to put on your best dress. There’s no need for much makeup because girl! you’re charming. Your smiles are alluring, your shape is really striking, what more? you’re just a perfection of what we want. Go get ready girl!”

And that was it! That was the begining of my career. After staring on “One Night Out” TV series, I became an eminent.

Producers want me to feature in their films. Modeling industries kept calling and booking me, they can’t help but admire my beautiful features. Journalists were there too. Soon, just within a twinkle of an eye I became what I only dreamt of being, something I never knew could be possible. It was amazing but heart breaking knowing the process I had to go through just to get to such level.

Mrs. Nora, introduced me to a number of both young and old men including ladies some of who were lesbians. I never knew her plans or their plans until I got midway in the first TV series I was staring on.

Mrs. Nora called me out on one of my usual routine, to enlighten me more on what the real game was. I told her I couldn’t do it. But she gave me two choices. To star in the movie or leave and never return not even to see her.

It was really hard for me to decide. At that point I wished Clo was there with me. I had nobody or where to go to except to the street. Confused and tired, I made the worst decision ever in my life. I agreed to play along.

I had to sleep with almost all the men and women she introduced me to. Each had their turn on me. As if that wasn’t enough, I was initiated into a secret cult. According to Mrs. Nora, It was to protect me and keep my fame and wealth strong.

Everything was so sweet at first. I forgot where I came from, my formal level in life, my lovely Clo. Life was indeed beautiful to me at the time and my new found wealth and fame was so intoxicating. I forgot almost everything old about me but gradually I got tired of the new me.

I felt something was missing. I wasn’t satisfied with what I had and even if I had more, I still felt something was missing.

I had no privacy again. I can’t do much thing without it being on the news. I can’t do the things I once could do as a simple young lady. There were lots of simple natural things I couldn’t do in public, in order not tannish or break the rules of the secret cult. There were rules I had to follow. Instead of being fun and sweet life became miserable.

I had no privacy again. I can’t do much thing without it being on the news. I can’t do the things I once could do as a simple young lady. There were lots of simple natural things I couldn’t do in public, in order not tanish or break the rules of the secret cult. There were rules I had to follow. Instead of being fun and sweet life became miserable.

What hurt my heart, were the young innocent girls who kept on coming, blindly seeking to achieve their dreams each year. Majority were from poor background, some were found on the street just few were well to do.

I was gradually getting tired of life. Despite all the wealth and fame I had, l still wasn’t happy or satisfied. I just wished I wasn’t picked from the street.

While dying silently insid some of us ( luminaries) try our best to impress the media and our fans. We fake out smiles and act all was well when we know we were dying inside.

Despite having everything we wanted, we still weren’t happy or satisfied .

Life isn’t just all about wealth, fame and power or Dominion. There’s more to it than we think or can ever imagine. The very little thing that seems not to matter are actually the thing that matters most.

Clo might have been a stray dog but she gives me joy and makes happy. The street may not be too nice a place to call home but I lived in it peacefully without having much to worry about. I did petty job for traders and got paid and that was how I fed Clo and myself . Life may not have been so easy for Clo and I while we were on the street but it was peaceful and simple.

My new found me is all entirely different. Despite having millions of friends and fans, I still felt empty. Despite having so much wealth and fame I was sad and despite living in such a magnifiscent huge mansion there still wasn’t peace.

If there was anything I ever learnt from my little life experience, it was that true happiness, peace and harmony doesn’t really come from the material things but from the very simple things we ignore.


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