Elegy For Victims of Drunken Driving

By Mairo-the-Poet:

Elegy for Victims of Drunken Driving

I will not shed tears again
If sobriety prevails this season.
I will not bury a brother again
If drunkards stand far from the steering wheel.
I will not lose a limb again
If rum-infested veins shun the gas pedal!

Road Carnage!
Perennial blood-sucker!
Serial Maimer!
Is festive season for you to gouge on human blood?
Shadow that dwells in wreckages
Beast that gawks on human carnage
Pandemonium is your plunder.
If only I knew where to find you
I would gather all that is mine
And clamber away from your fateful arms
for you multiple-murderer, triple-mutilator!


Born and bred in Zimbabwe. Currently living and working in South Africa. A primary school teacher by profession but a Performance Poet by design. My father was a wood-carver, so I fancy myself a word-carver. To me poetry is life, therefore the purpose of art is to comment on the human condition.

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