Don’t fear

By Senagbo:

Don’t fear

Don’t fear !!! Don’t fear!!!
I call them bitches because one day
I see them gone,gonna then say
Wow! The man is down
The strong is drown
The problem comes in night!×2
I know I’m just right.
Keep fighting, keep praying
Keep hoping, keep watching
Don’t fear!!!!
The problem you see we call them bitches
Filled with sorrow , coming in the ditches .
Yea ! I know the prob is big
But I’m sure tomorrow will bing

Don’t fear! Don’t fear what you don’t know
Buckle up and let it be for now×2
Niggas don’t fear
Nedgro nevermind
Nevertheless earnestly request for joy
With faith
Don’t faint
Fighting for all
To be see in dark the hall

Don’t fear!!!
See bro!!! I just believe
That’s why I’m relieved.

December 2020

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