“Daddy?” She called as she slid down the bed, grabbing her bra that was lying like it was abandoned at the foot-side of the bed.

“Yes dear” Daddy responded hurriedly, his breathing was not quite even yet. His left thumb was rubbing a ruby ring on his middle finger while his eyes were fixed on the two mountains on her chest which were staring back confidently. When her bra covered those, his eyes slid down to her crotch side which was also bare. It seemed his eyes did not like her beautiful round face.

As soon as she finished clipping the bra hook behind her, she bent in a move to hide the lower part of her body from his prying eyes. She knew if he stared too much they might have to go all over again and she couldn’t refuse him. Not when she had a request to make. She wondered where he got all that stamina when men his age were usually found dead on top of young girls.

“I am getting old and yet I haven’t settled down. It’s starting to bother me.” She purred softly.
The man sat up abruptly. 

“How can a little thing like that bother you? Don’t you know who I am?” He placed one heavy hand on his flabby chest. He had breasts of his own. “I can get you married in a snap of fingers. In fact, you are going to be married in a month.” He continued. She stood erect, then placed one knee on the high bed suggestively. His eyes were not looking at her face again. 

“I just want to show you the kind of power I wield. You see, you are a girl after my heart and I love you. So I’m gonna do this for you. Ok?” He was at her side of the bed already, one hand, the one without a ring was on the lap whose knee was on the bed.

“Yes, Daddy.” Her voice was even softer.

“What exactly is your spec? As in, what kind of work would you prefer your husband do?” He asked as she settled close to him. Her bra fell again.

“I want a banker” she moaned out. 

“I think there are some bachelor bankers in my congregation,” He said hurriedly “Just make your choice and let me know.” He concluded and then put his mouth to more important work. 


“Brother Awin! Is Brother Awin in church today?” The announcer said behind the microphone from the podium.

A young good-looking, well-dressed fella stood up and waved. He was a stylish guy. He had a highly stylish beard that was in vogue. One word for him – stunner!

“Pa-pa has a message for you from the lord. See him before you go” The announcer announced with the pride of a bailiff announcing the arrival of a judge. 

Awin waved his hands to the heavens. He was praising God. Others envied his luck. 


“Brother Awin, have you given your life to Christ?” Pa-pa asked from behind a fancy desk sitting on a chair that looked like a throne. He leaned back in a very relaxed mode. The thumb on his left hand was rubbing the ruby ring on his middle finger.

“Yes sir-. Yes Pa-pa” He stammered. He always was intimidated by the man of God.
Noticing the young man’s uneasiness, he stopped rubbing the ring and sat up. Placing both elbows on the high desk.

“God has answered your prayers. You are looking for a good wife to marry. God has revealed her to me. I suppose you know the choir director? She is your anointed wife.”

Awin was taken aback.

“I know her but-” 

“You can’t argue with the lord. You are very young yet very successful, do you think all this by your power and might?” He paused for Awin to respond. 

“No,” Said Awin softly. 

“Your ways are straight with the lord that is why you are blessed. Obey his commandments and you will be more blessed but if you don’t, the wrath of God will be on you. Do you want the wrath of the lord to be upon you?” He asked solemnly. He was rubbing the ring again.

“No Pa-pa” He was looking sullen.

“Cheer up. She’s really beautiful and she’s going to make you happy. She is a good girl.” Pa-pa said cheerfully.

Awin did not really like the choir director because he saw her as a beautiful lady who liked to form. He wasn’t the type to chase girls, he was the type that ran from them after he got bored.

He wondered when he had prayed to God for a wife but then, God knows better than man. He knows what is best for him. She better not form for me. He thought. He was going to try at least so God will know he made an effort and spare him his wrath. 

**Three weeks later**

Awin and the choir director who surprisingly was a cool person with no formings were meeting with Pa-pa for the finalization of the wedding plan which was coming up the next week. Awin believed he was a really lucky guy as his fiancée was a good-looking woman, humble, at least to him and fun to be with.

The only hitch was he had not visited the other room with her. That was Pa-pa’s instruction. Their marriage was anointed by God himself, so if he entered it in an unholy way, their union was doomed. The choir director was very chaste in that aspect. At times when he allowed temptation to carry him, she was always strong for both of them. She was a virtuous woman. This was the reason why he readily agreed to a rush wedding when Pa-pa suggested it.

This was their last meeting with Pa-pa until their wedding day in which he will personally join them together.

“My daughter, can you stay behind so we can finalize discussions on the choir ministration for our next program?” Papa asked smoothly with eyes on the cleavage of the choir director at the end of the meeting.

“Daddy, I should drop him at his car and then come back.” She was looking for a way to escape.
“Don’t worry honey, talk with Pa-pa I will go on my own. Just call me after.” Awin intercepted. She shot him a look. You fool! She thought. He did not see her look as he was at the door already. He left and closed the door.

Papa got up from his throne-like chair and came round the desk towards the choir director.
“Daddy, I think it’s time we stopped doing this. I feel terrible that I am still cheating on him. I love him.” She was softly defiant.

“Hmmm. So because you get what you want now you think you can do anyhow abi?” His voice was not oily smooth again, it was harsh. “I created this with my hands” He showed two hands in front of him, the ruby ring blinged “I can scatter it anytime I want, so, if you don’t want that, you better get on your knees and please me.” His voice became oily and smooth again as he said “Please me”.

Reluctantly, she knelt in from of him and unbuckled his belt for the umpteenth time. She could even guess which boxer he was wearing. She let the baggy flannel trousers fall. She recognized the boxer. She got down to work. Pa-pa’s face looked into the heavens.

The door opened “Honey have you seen my car ke-” Brother Awin stopped as he saw what was going on. “What the fuck!?” He exclaimed, eyes popping out of his sockets. 

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