By Tracy Njeri:

I didn’t the sound of it the first time
And coming from the physician was even worse
A kidney transplant?!
I didn’t know why he decided so
Or why he thought so
But I truly hated the sound of it
When I went to school, I was happy to be away from him
I only trusted him to treat me
That’s how it used to be.
I came back and whenever he talked about it
The reality would hit me hard
And I decided to work it out

That short story reminds me of how much
I needed such
Such a great committed doctor
A man of great honor
He helped me through my journey of health
Till now, he is by my side
He walks daily with me, side-by-side

For me, it’s very easy to call him Dad
The kind of father I needed in my life
One who understands me
One who talks to the fearful, nervous me
He always checks up on me
He follows up on my health, forget the distance
In my life, he stands a chance
To be called my father, even if once..

It may feel odd calling you that
But in my heart it feels right
I may have known you for less than a year
But you always put a smile on my face, from ear-to-ear
You are the best
Saying that, I’ll never rest
Thank you so much
I’ll always write about my dad, right from my heart.

Tracy Njeri
Tracy Njeri

Tracy Njeri is passionate about poetry. Poems are one way to tell her story in a rhythmic way.
She is a kidney post transplant survivor hence her love for health and wellness research and writing.

"Let it go; let love" keeps Tracy pushing.

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