By Quadri Oyerinde:

Butter Girl

Hey butter girl! You’re barmy in here there.
By that; in my pretty, little brown-heart;
Black boy’s heart. Or brown if you like!

Succumbed by taunting heat, how come you’re taunt ?
If you could do as much as help her out?
How can this gush of passion be not rife?
Why can’t I? Why can’t I? I asked myself.

So often lots bemoan, the fervent lads
Wed not cute lassies, they not being chaste.
This maze, This hassle
I squiggled, I tamed

In sooth, the tamed was me. What can be done?
It wearies me, it wearies lots, the kind
Of lass that cheers the heart and makes it skip;
You see them go with all tom, dick and harry.
Unvirginal the lots of them, not all,
Though many. Makes you Squeamish, makes you sad.

That’s it, that’s life, that’s what’s become of it.
I always thought how being fair could make
Nigerian girls thus cocky, thinks herself
‘MISS UNIVERSE!’ but no offence. I’m right.
You know I’m right, think deep you’ll see how right.

You wish to show some skin, for spotless they’re!
You jolt them men, them boys, at all of jolt
Come randy from the crisp-butter long-legs.

When you are old and grey and full of crease.
And ironing out, not easy, as you wont.
Take down this book and reminisce on old.
Believe me ma’am, had you such venture forth
And get a little closer to thy God;
Past what you’re doing now, you’ll garner Grace!

Bethink the world to come: for this you see.
Is not eternal, it’s ephemeral.
It’s your one and only test to Bliss!
And hold the world as the world, beautiful.
A stage where every man must play a part.

And if by chance you’re not a butter girl;
But tan, or brown or black; bethink. Je t’aime!

Butter girl- yellow girl
Miss universe- the most beautiful women in the world
Nigerian girls- African girls (Nigerian represents the whole black African world because she’s the most populous and NIGERIA rhythms better in my poem)
Jolt- shock
Butter- yellow
Crease- wrinkles
Wont- used to do
Bliss – paradise (to achieve jannah)

Je t’aime – I love you (FRENCH)


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