Born of a Woman

By Mairo1:

I was born of a woman
Bred and suckled by a woman
This is my song for women
A song of deliverance

Women of every race, Women of every kind
This is your time to shine
Shine for a new genesis, shine for a new glory
Shine for a new dawn!

The position of women in our society
should not be subservient:
women are our equal and special partners!
If God created women as human beings
What gives men the right to treat them like animals?
If God endowed us with the same cranial capacity
Why do husbands turn their women into punch bags
Each time they express a differing superior opinion?
If women are employed for their professional qualifications
Why do male employers demand sexual favors from female employees
As if sex is an addendum on their curriculum vitaes?

For every woman abused, disowned, dishonored
This is a prayer for your deliverance!
Women can make a difference if given the chance!
Women can show a difference if given support!
NeHanda Nyakasikana!
Chief Nyamazana!
Mother Theresa!
Queen Nzinga!
Madame Curie!
Mary Leakey!
Heroines of our history, jewels crowned by time
Curved their own story to rival men kind!

I was born of a woman
Bred and suckled by a woman
This is my song for women
A song of deliverance

Village women
You whose husbands whip like cows
You whose perpetual suffrage begins at dawn
Till yet another dawn
When shall you be freed from back-breaking labors under the searing sun?
Crucified by cultural taboos
From making decisions that matter in the bedroom:
‘Muchingozvariswa vana vakawanda kunge mbeva
Muchingozvakatswa nezvimbokoma nguva nenguva’
When shall you be freed from the burning silence?
And suffocating smoke of your round hut?

Ah, rural village daughter
Nursing aborted academic dreams
You whose hope is in marrying a rich husband
This is my prayer for your deliverance!

Is marriage bondage into slavery
Or a contract based on mutual respect?
Is lobola an insignia designed to turn women
Into simple docile domesticated parcels
passing through the rough hands of men?
For every woman divorced on the grounds of infertility
This a prayer for your deliverance!

The female factor is a vital contribution to our universe
Let us accord women the respect they deserve:
Women need our moral support, not amoral inconvenience!

I was born of a woman
Bred and suckled by a woman
This is my song of a woman
Advocating the emancipation of women
And their elevation to leadership positions!
Women of tradition; women of religion
Women in business; women in art
Women in politics, women in sport
Professional women, women of today
You are all women of progress!
Africa and the world cherish your vital contribution
To our society!


Born and bred in Zimbabwe. Currently living and working in South Africa. A primary school teacher by profession but a Performance Poet by design. My father was a wood-carver, so I fancy myself a word-carver. To me poetry is life, therefore the purpose of art is to comment on the human condition.

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