By Victor Ogan:

It’s a confusing world says I
Years ago, you were once my friend
There was always a joy when you saw me
Twas the same for me too
We used to talk ’til the morning
We were inseparable
I could have sworn the same blood flowed in our veins
You were a friend someone I could lean on
Someone who always advised me and looked after my heart
With you I could never look lost in a crowd
The moment had come we got separated by time, environment and distance
I got your number tried to reach out to you
You were never there
Voice mails left delivered
Messages unread
Calls Forwarded
It’s unreal how the world is changing everyday
I never knew it could change us
It hurts knowing that you’ve moved on without me
Not that I’m unhappy about your success
Having been once the closest to your heart, it’s quite the contrary
I just wish I could be part of it all too
I wish we could have journeyed this road of life together
I offering my shoulder for you to lean on
Cleaning your tears when you cry
Picking you up when you fall, knowing you’d do the same for me
I just have to move on, Cause you’ve already moved away
I was once the first thing on your mind,
Now I’m not even on your mind
My name doesn’t ring a bell
My face is among the countless stars you’ve forgotten
Like the once you saw up in the sky when you were 3 years old
I know there’s no single emotion left for me
We are now strangers
But I know we’ll be alright
I’ll keep holding on to the best of us
But you’ve left all that in the past.

Victor Ogan
Victor Ogan
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