Because love is the language of celestials

By Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale:

ÀNÌKÉ- Day 12

Because love is the language of celestials

& I have known love as intimately
as a boy knows his mother’s call.

I have kissed the moon’s collarbone
& knows how it feels to belong
in the heart of something at dusk.

all thanks to sheer imagination,
thanks to beauty & the beast it made
of my love for love & art & music & poetry.

thanks to you & the miracles
you’ve made of my wreckage & wound,
because love is the language of celestials
& we who speak fluently are
privileged to have tasted divinity.

because love is a wonder
& we who wander in her courtyard
are privileged to live in a world
where joy is immortal, where a kiss is
somewhere light tiptoes back into the body.

so, do not air me when I profess my love in blue,
do not sleep on me when my lullabies
gravitate towards your body & all of its fullness,
I’m only a poet who have been privileged
to have a feel of the sweetness of heaven
by loving a black Yoruba girl.

© Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale
Undiluted Poet

Olabisi Akinwale
Olabisi Akinwale

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