Atinúkẹ́: Journey of Healing.

By Rebecca Oluwole:

Atinuké, a name that whispers grace,
A beauty that time cannot erase,
From darkness emerged a shining light,
A transformation, a soul’s respite.

Once lost in the depths of despair,
A soul burdened by anguish and care,
But now, reborn with newfound pride,
In radiant beauty, I now reside.

Envy no more, for I’ve found my way,
Through trials and doubts, I’ve learned to sway,
The melody of bitterness is no more,
Replaced by a symphony of self-adore.

No longer defined by others’ perception,
I embrace my uniqueness without exception,
For true beauty lies within my soul,
A radiance that outshines any role.

So inquire no further, for you shall see,
The transformation that has set me free,
Atinuké, the embodiment of grace,
A testament to strength in every trace.

In a world of shadows and despair,A story unfolds, a tale of nightmare.
He, dressed in hunger’s wicked attire,
With demonic outrage, fueled by desire.
His “stick” devoid of any restraint,
Oscillating to and fro, a force untamed.

At the sight of skirts, his lust ignites,
Leaving victims broken, engulfed in fright.
I, too, became a casualty of his lust,
My strength muted, my voice reduced to dust.

The stigma that awaited me sealed my lips,
Leaving me to bear the pain as it grips.
Revenge whispered sweetly in my ear,
Promising solace for the one I held dear.

But in its pursuit, I discovered with dread,
I was slowly turning into a monster instead.
My shine faded, lost in the abyss of hate,
As I wallowed in darkness, my heart’s weight.

But then I realized amidst the gloom,
That vengeance would only seal my doom.
So I broke free from the cycle’s chains,
Embracing healing rays instead of stains.

I found my strength in rising above,
Choosing forgiveness and self-love.
For though those scars may never fade,
I refuse to let them define my shade.
I’ll reclaim my light and rebuild anew,
Knowing that resilience will see me through.

©Imoleayomi 2020
📷 Oladimeji Odunsi_Unsplash

Rebecca Oluwole
Rebecca Oluwole
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