ALICIA: PART ONE – He Defiled Me {18+}

By Jessy:

  Another boring night with my stepfather, I grumbled and got my legs crossed.


  “Speak of the devil.” I muttered at the holler of my name as my stepfather barged in. “Dad -” I made to speak and he shut me up with a growl.

  “Don’t “Dad” me, you fool! What in fuck’s sake did you serve me?” He showed the cornbread to me as he eyes moved.

  “I’m sorry, Dad, but that’s all we have left.” I managed to say, and his anger grew.

  “That’s all we have left ?!”

  “I swallowed the lump in my throat and answered, “Y-yes,”

  “And why are you shaking? Am I doing anything to you?!”

  “N-no,” I stammered and took a step backwards.

  “You’re not scared of me, are you?” He asked, his gaze fixed on my nips.

  Dang it! I should have worn PJ’s, I thought, feeling uncomfortable in the transparent night gown I had on.

  There was no where to go as my stepfather made certain of that. I was trapped in my own room. And just before I could utter a word, he wrapped his arms around me; moving one hand on my backside as he gave my right cheek a light press – the other a lasting one. “Mm, you’re so sweet!” His soft whispers came as I shuddered and gasped at the bulging muscles of his masculinity almost suffocating me. “Oh. Oh, damn!” A low moan escaped his lips as he nibbled on my left ear.

  My stepfather was a mean man, and never for once did he care about me. So why now?!

  He was the selfish kind, making me how Mum had fallen in love with him in the first place. Dad was way better – or would have been if I had gotten to be with him for so long.

  I couldn’t believe today was the day that I was to lose my virginity to a man I had no feelings for – my own stepfather! Oh, what a cruel world we live in. If only Mum and Dad haven’t died, I’d have been living a much better live now, I thought as tears trickled down my cheeks.

  “Oh, don’t cry, baby. I’ll take it really easy on you.” He said in a mocking tone and gave my right nipple a pinch.

  “Dad!” I groaned at the sensation birthed by his actions, and he threw a deadly scowl at me.

  “How many times have I told you not to call me that?” He questioned aggressively and pushed me on the bed.

  “D-Dad. Dad, please…!”

  “Oh, I’m not even doing anything yet,” He parted my legs roughly and got between them. “Ah, look how scared you are, my kitty.” He said with a naughty smile.


  He cut me short. “Oh, no, no, honey. Call me… DADDY!”

☆ ~~~ ☆ ~~~ ☆ ~~~ ☆

  The name’s Alicia. I’m an orphan who has got no one but a horrible stepfather who wastes no time in making life a lot more difficult for her. I was born with a silver spoon, but unfortunately, I lost my parents before I even turned eighteen. I didn’t get to know my dad really well as he died just before I clocked eight. Mom never made me feel any different as she showered me with all the love that I could ever ask for. And even when she got married again, she didn’t stop. I was only twelve, and I was really happy that I was going to have a father again, totally unaware what the future held.

  When mom got married to my stepfather, I never expected him to be more of a grump. I was looking forward to having a father-daughter bond with him, but it turned out the opposite.

  Three years after my mom was married to my stepfather, she grew terribly ill and was diagnosed with cancer. I was so heartbroken when my stepfather broke the news to me, and I could see he felt not a single pain at the thought of my mother on the brink of death. I could see right through his eyes, but my dearest mother, who was deeply in love with this man couldn’t see what her little girl could. At that time I knew not what glioblastoma was, but when I had asked my science teacher, he gave me just the answer I needed, giving me the chills at the thought of my poor mother dying anytime soon. There wasn’t anything that I could do… not even the doctors, as my mom had hidden it for quite long. She died a year later, and I was left with no one other than my stepfather, who found a way to make my life a miserable one.

☆ ~~~ ☆ ~~~ ☆ ~~~ ☆

  “Alicia!” I heard my stepfather call.

  I groaned and shook my head in annoyance as I tossed the broom to the side. “I’m coming.”


  “Oh, I’m coming.” I treated loudly and left for his study room.

  “Alicia, have you seen my credit card?”

  I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t know. Who would have taken it?” I stifled a laugh, pleased that my plan was working. Just who does he think he is trying to frustrate me?

  “You don’t know?” His teeth clenched as I remained quiet. “You don’t know, huh?” He repeated, expecting me to say something, which I did.

  “I said, I… don’t… know!”

  I refused to be shaken, not this time. The girl he had known to be fearful, died the very night his filthy hands came on her.

  “Ugh. I see you’ve grown wings. You are so going to get it -”

  “Oh, I’m not scared!”

  He raised his hand to hit me as the sound of the doorbell came, making him lower his hand. “You should count yourself lucky, Miss!” He scoffed and made to answer the door, not before giving me order of not leaving the study room.

  I didn’t know what had come over me to snap at him like that. I wasn’t raised in that manner, and that was not the way my mom would have want me talking to someone way older than I was. I was getting bolder by the minute. And my vengeful side grew with each passing day. I wished to get back at him for every pain he had caused me, and for making me look like a broken toy in the hands of its owner. I had no one to talk to, not even my boyfriend, Richard. I also avoided him and could tell he was starting to notice.

  “Mr. Young, is Alice home?” I heard a familiar voice ask, and I moved out of the study room, forgetting all about my stepfather’s order.

  “Richard?” I chimed in before my stepfather could make a sentence about me not being home.

  “Alice -” He called, a faint smile escaping my lips as I ran upstairs, not caring if he gets hurt.

  I wasn’t ready to give answers to any question that morning, and was certainly not ready to tell him about my stepfather and I. The former, on the other hand, wouldn’t stop getting me irritated all the time. We would make out on daily bases, and even when I was tired, he still wouldn’t stop. I was starting to wonder if my life was really what it was, and wished he’d just disappear so I could have back my once peaceful life.

“Uh, you were really hot today, babe.”

  “Yeah.” I gave a laconic reply to his compliment and made to sit up. Well, if he’s looking for something other than that, he should go kiss the wall.

  “Just yeah?” He pulled me down on him and ran his fingers on the back side of my neck.

  “Yeah, why? Were you expecting something else?” I shrugged and got up from him again.

  “Oh, come on, baby. After the series of hot make out, do you still have to go about this?”

  “Yes, Ian. And you know why?!”

  “Well, tell me.” He sat up and fixed his gaze on me, as I made sure to leave no part of my body uncovered.

  “Cause I hate you. I hate everything that you’ve put me through!” I spat with a disgusted look and made to get out of bed, as his hand caught mine.

  “Come on, baby. Don’t be like that,” He said. “You know, if your mother were to be alive, you wouldn’t dare utter such in my face.”

  My face reddened at the mention of my mother’s name. “Exactly, stepfather! If my mother was here, I wouldn’t be stuck in this situation!” Pain and shame flushed over me as tiny teardrops broke free from their glands.

  He let go of my hand, seeing how hurt and angry I was, as he made to comfort me. I gave him no chance, swiftly standing up, as I picked up my clothes from the floor and left his bedroom before he uttered anything else.

  For the rest of the day, I stayed up in my room, not wanting to come downstairs so I wouldn’t have to face him. I only wanted to be left alone; alone with my thoughts. I was starting to miss the outside world; Richard not excluded, as I wished to be with him again, to feel his arms around me once more, and to tell him everything that I have been going through under the brute of a man that called himself my stepfather. I just couldn’t bring myself to because Richard Miller was the one my heart belonged to – revealing the secret to him would be getting him hurt.

  Richard and I have been together right from kindergarten. And even in highschool, we were never apart. He was always there for me – like a brother, he was there – a best friend, he was also there. He’s always been there for me, and I knew not telling him everything that has been going on, was the safest way for him not to get caught up in the middle. And for me not to lose him.

  The thought of him ran through my mind all morning as it gave me comfort. “I shouldn’t be shutting him out,” I said to myself as I thought aloud. …not in this way, I thought inwardly again. I’m so sorry, Richard. I wish I could tell you everything that’s been going on but I just can’t. I hope that one day when things get better, we will be together again. I promise.

  “Looks like you’re in a mood,” The annoying voice of my stepfather jolted me back to reality.

  “Oh. It’s you again.” I shrugged and faced the other side.

  The soles of his shoes made an irritating noise on the carpet as he made towards me. “You know, you should stop being so stubborn and let me do whatever I want with you,”

  “Cause I’m not your daughter?!” I turned to face him. “Tell me, stepfather. If your daughter was having an affair with a man about your age, would you have supported her?!” I asked, feeling annoyed, as he replied with a chuckle.

  “Well, why not? Everyone’s got a choice to make.”

  “God, you’re so unbelievable.” I scoffed and got up from where I laid. “You can have fun staying here, anyway. I’m going downstairs.”

  “Not without a kiss,” He grabbed my waist and pulled me into his arms.


  “Oh, don’t stop calling me Ian now,” He tickled me, and I burst out laughing.

He swooped me up in his arms and turned around, making to place me on the bed as I grumbled.

   “Dad, I need to eat,”

  “Oh, you can do that later, baby.” He said, and sealed my lips with a kiss

  He leaned closer and whispered in my ears, as I nodded at his command and dared not object, lest he used the whip on me. I parted my legs for him and watched him take off his belt. “Ready?”

  I replied with a nod and laid still, though surprised he was actually being gentle.

  He planted light kisses on my legs as I tightened my lips, feeling his move slowly up, as I suddenly remembered I had nothing. It was too late reminding him of that, as a naughty grin broke out on his lips at the sight of my glistening trimmed pussy; the fleshy mound in between perfectly revealed from where it stood, its surface wet from his gentle touch, as I made to cover my legs at the sight of his lustful stare.

  “Just stay still,” He spoke softly, having no hard time locating my hot centre.

  He gave a light press, gently applying pressure on it, and then a pinch, as I trembled and moaned. “Oh!”

  He withdrew his hand and looked up at me. “Hurts?”

  Well, that’s a first. Why is he being so nice today? I wondered and uttered no word, letting him play with his toy.

  I felt his hand slide into my entrance, my walls ready to welcome him, as he began thrusting, slowly at first, then faster at the insertion of another, while his thumb worked on my throbbing “c”.

  I could feel two hungry fingers inside of me, a third sliding smoothly in, followed by another; the whole slipping in and out of me at once, as my cavity felt like they were going to explode having them all in. “Ah-ahh-ahhh!” Moans of pleasure filled with pain, graced the hot air as I couldn’t stop myself from dancing to his tune.

  I was so lost, till the point I knew not when my moans grew louder, caring not if people nearby could hear. My orgasm was building up really fast, and I knew that there was no way I could hold on much longer, as it won’t be long before my juices came flowing onto the bedsheets.

  I braced myself, grabbing the sheets, my eyelids glued shut, as I felt something warm move out of me, followed my Ian’s hand.

  I breathed heavily, hoping that wasn’t the last, as Ian brought his lips on mine, as though he had read my mind, and began sucking wildly like his life depended on it. I could tell he was enjoying himself, and the way my legs were moving all over his face was turning him really on.

  We went all day, letting him take the lead. And I loved the fact that he didn’t have to use that wholesome 6-inches of his inside of me, else I would have ran short of breath.

  I was enjoying the new him to my surprise, and I wondered what my poor mother would say if she saw her daughter and her husband having the best time of their lives under her roof.

  Know this. All this started with me not running away from home, and not telling anyone about what was going on inside. Even though a part of me didn’t like what I was up against, the other wished to be Ian’s submissive slave, not caring who ended up hurt.

  One day, I gathered up courage to visit Richard, only for me to find out that he and his family had moved away without saying goodbye. I was dumbfounded and hurt, knowing I’ll never be able to see him again.

☆ ~~~ ☆ ~~~ ☆ ~~~ ☆


“Hey.” I sat up and got my hands folded.

  “Thought I might bring you some snacks. You’ve been in here for so long,” My stepfather spoke nicely, placing the tray on my legs.

  I looked at the smoothie and crackers as that same feeling came again –

  “Excuse me.” I got the tray off my legs immediately and rushed into the bathroom, as I began throwing up in the sink, my inside feeling really hot.

  “You okay there?” Ian walked in, and I didn’t know what answer to give; was it to tell him that I was puking for the third time, or to tell him that I was sick of him hiding things from me?

  “You are definitely mocking me, aren’t you?” I looked up with a weary smile and looked down again, this time sprinkling water on my face to keep it cool. “Why didn’t you tell me that Mr. Miller and his family moved away?” I asked the minute I turned the water off.

  “Who? You mean Richard’s family?”

  I snapped at him, so fed up with his pretence. “Don’t act so dumb. I know you and the Miller’s are pretty close.” I said with eyes rolling.

  “And even if I did tell you, and even given you the letter he had left, what would you have done? Follow him?!” He questioned with rage, and my eyes widened.

  “R-Richard sent a letter? Richard sent a letter?!” I questioned twice, not believing he had kept that part from me, too. “Why didn’t you tell me Richard came to say goodbye? Why, stepfather?!” I shouted on top of my voice as my heart felt heavy at that moment.

  “It still won’t change anything.” He said.

“Oh, hell, it will!” I snapped and staggered backwards, clinging to the sink. “Are you really this selfish?”

“Yes, Alice. I am! I’m so selfish that I can’t let any man have you but me!” He yelled and gripped my hand. “That letter is better off in ashes than in your hands.”

  “Y-you got rid of it?”


  “Oh, no. No, no! Now I’ll never know what he wanted to say to me. How could you do such a thing? You’re so heartless! I hate you. I really hate you!” I ranted and began hitting him.


  “Just leave me alone! I never want to see you again. Just go!” I gestured to the door, and he made no utterance but leave.

  I couldn’t believe Richard was gone. I never should have pushed him away. I never should have. I cried all day, feeling sorry for my mistakes – for shutting him out completely.

  The next morning, the same thing happened again, leaving me with no option but to go see a doctor.

☆ ~~~ ☆ ~~~ ☆ ~~~ ☆

  “How old are you again?” The doctor asked, and I answered, having nothing in mind.

  “I’m 18,”

  “Have you had sex before?”

  My lips quivered, and I looked down at my fingers as they trembled nervously. Why is she asking me all this? “I-I don’t know where you’re getting at, doctor. What has this got to do with me feeling unwell?”

  “Well, Ms. Jones, you’re three weeks pregnant.” She broke the news to me, and my jaw dropped open.

“I’m sorry, what?”

  “Yes. The test shows that you are.” She handed the paper to me, as my eyes got fixed on it, not believing the records. “But… but it can’t be possible, can it, doctor?”

  “Doctor Lopez,” A nurse called to our attention. “We have an emergency -”

  I still held the paper in my hand as I walked down the hall. How will Ian react when he gets to know about this? No, I can’t tell him. I can’t let him know about this baby. Tears rolled down my face and I quickly wiped it off so no one will see it. You’re three weeks pregnant – the doctor’s voice echoed in my ears. I couldn’t believe I was carrying a child inside of me – one to call my own. I was really happy, and at the same time scared; scared of being denied. But the thought of having my child being raised by a delusional man scared me even more. I wished for a better future, one he’d grow up to be better – or she. Whatever the baby came out as.

  I reached home to find my stepfather already there, and he asked me where I had gone to. “I went to the mart,” I gave a reply, and showed him the grocery bags.

  It was a good thing that I had stopped by the market to buy some things that I’ll be needing on my journey. Ian bought it and gave me a ‘welcome’ kiss, as he left for his study room.

  I quickly rushed upstairs, packed a few of my things, and tiptoed quietly down the stairs. I caught sight of him at the door, a mischievous grin seated upon his face, as he walked towards me and asked, “Just where do you think you’re going?”

  “N-nowhere,” I spoke haltingly as my legs trembled.

  “Doesn’t seem like it,” He said with a smirk, and I gathered up courage to speak.

  “I’m leaving, Ian. I can’t stay here anymore…’

  “You ungrateful child!” He thundered and grabbed my wrist, the rage in his eyes clearly seen.

  He pulled me with him, a sharp groan escaping my lips as I pleaded for him to let me go. “Dad. Dad, please stop!”

  None of my pleas were heard.

  His hand tightened with it making red marks around mine, as he snatched my bag from me with the other, and lifted me to his shoulder, as he carried me all the way up.

I was really terrified about what he was going to do, and I felt really helpless, having no one rescue me from the devil’s grasp.

I pleaded for him to let me go, but he remained stubborn, slamming my body on his bed, as he came on top of me with full force, ripping my clothes off like an animal that he was.

He pushed my legs apart, getting my pant ripped off in just a second, as he brought his briefs down, getting his enormous head released from the comfort of his boxers, as he drove roughly into me, showing no mercy.

I had never seen this kind of rage in him before, not even when he got so mad at me. I knew at this point that I was going to pass out, so I was ready for anything that was on the way – if only I’ll be able to survive it…


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