By Ruth:


“Akosua! Akosua! Where’s your brother?”

“I don’t know, mama. He should be at the stream”

“Why did you leave him there?”

“No, mama. He left me there. He went into the bush with his friends”

“Not Afua, again!”

“It’s him, mama. He left with his friends, Afua and Kofi”

“Lord help him from my hands today. If he’s not back by sunset then he’ll be sleeping outside tonight,” Mama Akili sputtered.

Mama Akili, an elderly woman who has advanced so much in age muttered. Akili and Akosua are her only children. Though she got her children late but that didn’t stop her from disciplining them when they were wrong, especially Akili who was in his teens.

Akili’s’ father died two years after the birth of Akosua. Leaving his wife a widow to look after their children. Being an industrious African mother, Mama Akili worked tirelessly to carter for her children. She made sure Akili was enrolled into school. She could only afford to take him to Government Primary School but she made sure he had all the requirements ranging from his text and notes books to his uniforms.

“Where have you been?” Mama Akili, who stood at the wooden door leading to their room asked.

“Are you deaf? I said, where have you been?” she asked again but an unkept looking Akili only stared at his feet. He dared not look at her eyes, for it’s believed to be a sign of disrespect.

“Since you can’t speak, get out of my house! Go back to where you’re coming from!” Mama Akili yelled and locked the door. That night Akili had to sleep outside but before the break of another new day, his mother called him in. That was the last time Akili ever thought of branching else where without his mothers’ permission.

The next day being school, she made sure her children got up early, including Akili who barely slept well. She got them prepared for school before leaving home to hustle what she could. She’s a trader who had invested so much on her pond and livestock business.though her business was gradually booming but the thoughts of Akili leaving home soon for higher institutions kept bothering her mind. How will she cope with all their fees? She thought of adding a new factor to her business, she needed more income to look after her kids.

Barely an hour, after Mama Akili got home after a stressful day, Akili walked into the compound with an injured elbow. His mother, though shocked and filled with much pity hid her feelings.

“What have you done today, Akili?” she asked but got no reply.


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