By Debbie Middaugh:

I was made
For war.
She let her
Sugar pour.

She was made
For peace.
I fought with
The police.

I have a head
Full of bad ideas.
She is making
Home-made tortillas.

I’m a work
In project.
She is a
Desired object.

I have too
Much to say.
She is a
Quiet day.

I easily
Fall apart.
She is smooth,
State of the art.

I’m full of
Nervous energy.
She’s that special

I’m that,
Four AM call.
She is the
First snowfall.

I’m full of
She is a solid

I’m ready
To attack.
She’s easy going
And relaxed.

I can make
A scene.
She is a
Living dream.

I’m a fucking
She is hot
Off the press.

I seem to
Know it all.
She is that
One free call.

I’m a big
Ball of worry.
She is never
In a hurry.

There is something
Wrong with me.
She is perfect
As can be.

I run hot
Then cold.
She is a
Sight to behold.


Debbie Middaugh
Debbie Middaugh
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