By Jessica-Ken:

“Mm. I’m sorry, honey, but I won’t be able to get back in time. The line’s too long.” Clarissa groaned and looked at the pack of people lined up in front of her. It was getting really late. Why won’t they just get attended to?
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but you would have to wait your turn.”
She groaned again, going back to her spot, having heard the lady at the counter.
It was Christmas eve. The mart was packed, with everyone rushing to get their house stuffed.
Clarissa was feeling frustrated already. She was going to miss The Hiltons visit. They had actually stopped by, after a long time of not seeing them.
The Hiltons had return from the states. Clarissa was eager to see them. She couldn’t now being caught up in the rushy air of mart-stuck busy land. Her patient clock was slowly running out as her shoes made click clack sound on the shiny floor. “Clarissa, you have to chill,” she muttered to herself. “You’d get back in time to see The Hiltons—” though uncertain, yet she hoped.
Clarissa was the kind who ensured Christmas went well for she and everyone. She had mapped out the perfect celebration, and was one who believed Christmas was all about sharing love and spending time with family, with lots and lots of presents being given. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if those weren’t there, she believed. She wanted this to be the perfect Christmas. If only the mall wasn’t packed.
“I’m sorry,” she heard a voice more like a whisper.
Turning around to see who it was, she saw an old-time friend—one she had never expected to see anytime. “L-Luan,” she called in a shaky tone.
“R-Risa?” It was really her.
Who’d have thought both friends would end up meeting…?
“After all these years—” Clarissa said and hugged her tight.
Luan was Clarissa’s childhood friend. They had lost contact when her family moved away.
Clarissa was pleased to see Luan again. Two childhood friends… meeting again. How sweet!
Chatting happily and forgetting all about why they were there, they got rid of the tiredness caused by having standing in line—and when it was Clarissa’s turn to pay for the things she bought, she bid her old-time friend goodbye and left—happily.
Back at home, Clarissa met The Hiltons. It was nice seeing them again after a long time. Heaven knew how she’d missed them, and how grateful she was for being able to see them again. “Oh, how delighted I am to have made it in time,” she beamed, hugging them both.
It was a perfect Christmas, Clarissa gave a thought. Carrying the Hiltons’ kids, she kissed them on their foreheads, and complimented with a wider smile. “Aren’t they beautiful?” she wished for God to grant her very desire while staring at them. . .having twin babies!


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