By Jessica-Ken:


I’m placing the ideas like it is in my head. So, please bear 😊


I ran breathlessly on the lonely road. Someone was chasing me. I hadn’t any idea who it was… or what. All that went on in my mind was to not be caught and be perfectly safe.

The ringing of the bell got me fully awake. I was stretched out on the chair like one who was slain. Tired, beaten by the previous day’s rain, I lay lazily, not wanting to stand, grumbling at the thought of my girlfriend knocking. “Esther!’’

“Yes, it’s me,” I heard her. Her voice was low.

Something in me told me not to open but I disobeyed. I rose to my feet and got the door ajar, as she gave me an eye as though to tell me that she should be let in.

“What do you want?” I mumbled, ignoring her looks. She was magnificent I’d say, though not prettier than the other girls I’ve laid.

“You’re not going to let me in?”

“Come in,” I said, unpleased. She smiled graciously at me.

There was something about her that I couldn’t figure out. The colour of her eyes, perhaps? No, it couldn’t be.

I got distracted a bit by the way she moved her waist. She was wanting me to compliment her looks. “You’re not going to say anything?”

”You’re beautiful.” I forced myself to say.

“Well, aren’t you going to hug me?”

I’m not in the mood, Esther, I wished to say but my words felt stuck.

I found myself wanting to compliment her again, influenced by the rod. It was already hard, I could feel it. Esther had me come to her and before anyone could say Jack, had me in her.

We fucked as always. Esther and I. Our lips were glued the whole time, with our hearts beating fast. I didn’t want this. No, I didn’t. I just had to give in, but was it right?

I was in love with another, this couldn’t be right—Esther and I getting in bed, with my mind somewhere else. I know I had to tell her.

“Let’s break up.” I finally said.

“Wh-what? Why?”

“I’m no longer feeling it…”

“Feeling what?” She didn’t let me finish.

I could see the fear in her eyes as it turned to rage. I knew I was in for it,

“What do u mean by you’re breaking up…?”

“I just don’t want the relationship.” I gave it a thought. “Oh, wait. I don’t want you.” I blurted out.

It must have stung her really bad cause her face reddened. “You’ve been sleeping with me for almost five years and this is all you can say?”

I rubbed my face and looked at her. She was making it hard for me. “Esther, you’re making this hard for me,” I said.

She angrily took up her clothes and rose from beside me, quickly putting them on.

I watched her leave and the door slam shut, pleased I told her my mind. I didn’t see her after that day, and strange things started happening.

I ran breathlessly on the lonely road. Someone was chasing me. I hadn’t any idea who it was… or what. All that went on in my mind was to not be caught and be perfectly safe.

“You didn’t think you could dump me, did you?” Esther appeared.

She had a fierce look and gave a growl that’d tell she wasn’t happy.

I ran so fast, not wanting to be caught, even though she wasn’t chasing me. Everywhere I went, she was there. It seemed there was no place safe.

“Esther, I’m sorry…”

“Sorry? You ruined my life, James, and all you can say is sorry?”

“I didn’t mean to,”

“Now, you’re going to pay!”

I woke up suddenly, drenched with sweat. It was a dream. A dream, I realized.

I was panting wildly, rolling my eyes. It was partly dark. The silhouette of a man stood at the end of the room. It grew bigger as my heart raced. I got my legs down, shoving my fear off. A man was all I needed to be to face the intruder.

The silhouette transformed into a woman’s and my fear got the best of me. My hair shaft stood erect. Her face came into sight and I shivered, It was… I couldn’t say.

I gagged as she held my throat. I was going to be dead at any second.

Midnight was my worst. For one thing, I hated it.

It felt like a nightmare, being choked last night. I ran my hand on my throat and remembered the scene, trying to recall who it was.

“Was it Jessica?” Xavier’s voice brought me back. “Or Evelyn?” He didn’t know it wasn’t any of the two.

“Esther,” I gulped.


“It was Esther,” I repeated myself.

Xavier hadn’t known that I had broken up with Esther. It was one of the reasons I had invited him. I planned on telling him everything that had transpired between us, and my encounter last night; the latter of which I did first.


“Yes,” I said vaguely.

My man was confused about how Esther could have been the one. I had to tell him about the incident before. “Esther and I broke up yesterday.”

His jaw dropped. “What?”

“I couldn’t continue with her, man. I got tired.”

“You ain’t serious,” he said.

Sadly, I was. Letting Esther go was the best I could do for both of us. “I’m serious.” I got up from the bed.

“But you didn’t do good, man. That girl’s been there. There for you.” He completed. “And wait. How could she have possibly been the one in your dream last night?”

“I swear, it wasn’t any dream,” I said. “Esther was there for reals. I saw her.”

He couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t, either, knowing fully well Esther wasn’t possessed. Or was she?

Xavier’s eyes moved at every interval as I rubbed my chin. I was thinking deeply about last night—Esther appearing out of nowhere—by 3 am. Weird!

I stopped rubbing my chin and made to talk about something. I remembered Frances. Of course! I quickly thought about her and smiled, as Xavier arched his brows at me.

“Why are you smiling?”

It was obvious. I couldn’t tell Xavier about Frances yet. It was still early. “Nothing.”

“C’mon, it can’t be nothing…”

I laughed and slipped my legs into my slippers as I got up.

“Believe me. It’s nothing.” I hoped he’d stop.

Xavier persuaded me and I was forced to tell him. He gasped on hearing I was in love with my neighbour’s daughter. Doctor Mac was never going to approve. He saw me as one of the street’s baddies and, so didn’t want me to come near his daughter.

“You know Doctor Mac. The MacAnthonys are never going to let you come near their only child. You know that right?” he said.

I knew, alright, that they weren’t going to let me. Telling Xavier was a mistake. “You’re such a killjoy…”


“You are.” I frowned.

Mom came in, unannounced, staring at both of us. I almost laughed, seeing the curious look she gave.

“I’m going out. To the village meeting. Will come back late.” She said at a stretch. “Your food is on the table. Don’t forget to warm the rest before your Dad comes back. I’m going now.” She stepped out.

“Warm the food?” Xavier said in a mocking tone as I gave him a playful shove.

Mom still saw me as her innocent boy and I couldn’t blame her.

“Does Mama know about the dream?” Xavier asked in a negro-ish voice.

“Nope,” I answered, not wanting to say more.

That same day, shortly after Xavier left, I had another encounter—a scarier one, when I was being tortured by that same girl.

“Esther, leave me alone. Leave me alone, please! I haven’t done anything to you, so why try to make my life a living hell?” I yelled.

I was bound and left in a dark corner, which I was sure wasn’t my place. Esther wasn’t there. I could only hear my voice echoing and the clinging of the chains.

Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Evil cackles hovered in the air. It sounded unfamiliar and strange. What does Esther want with me? Why is she doing this?

Hahahaha! Hahahaha! A voice spoke. “You dare mess with me?” Hahahahahahahaha…

“What do you want with me? Why are you doing this?”


“Stop! Please stop!”



I slowly opened my eyes to the call. It was my mother. Our Pastor was standing beside her. Pastor Olumide, the area Pastor.

“He is greatly possessed!” The words hit me like a roaring wind.

“Possessed?” I looked up at them. “How long have I been here, mother?” I looked around me. Sister Evelyn was there, our choir mistress. She was looking at me in fear as she clasped her bible.

“Son, can you hear us?”

Hear us? Was I deaf before? I thought. It was then I realized I wasn’t even in my home.

“You’re in the church,” Mom said, as though reading my mind, and I stared with mouth agape.



I wondered how I had gotten there. “What happened?” I asked, rubbing my head.

“We came home only to meet you groaning on the floor. Your Dad and I were scared.” Mom explained.

“Groaning?” I arched my brows in surprise, remembering nothing.

“Well, what was making me groan?” I relaxed my brows again, anxious to know.

“We have no idea!” Mom exclaimed. “Your Dad and I brought you to Pastor Olumide few days ago…”

“Few days?”

“You just got yourself.”

“But where is Dad?”

“He went to bring some of your things,”

Pastor Olumide cut in. “James, you’ll be staying here for a while. Well, at least, until everything’s being sorted out.”

I gulped.

I looked at the chains I was bound in. They were holding me. I wanted to stand and be free, but it couldn’t be.

Mom was looking at me, with our Pastor and Sister Evelyn. Mummy J came in and asked my mother how I was doing, as she pointed at me and I smiled.

“I’m doing well, ma. I just don’t understand the chains.”

Pastor Olumide chuckled and handed his bible over to her. “Our boy is doing fine now. He just needs to rest.”

I looked at the chains again and wondered why I couldn’t be set free. I wasn’t possessed like they said—was perfectly fine. The air grew cold and the atmosphere changed. It was accompanied by a whisper. A loud bang followed, getting me deaf. I could hear nothing else but the buzzing sound that went on in my ears. My head spun, making me groan. It was as if I was stuck on a merry-go-round. My hands were still, frozen from the cold. I could hear voices now, echoing and ringing in my head. Someone was calling me.

“James. James—”

I looked around to see who it was but no one was there. Everyone had disappeared and I was back in the living room. Esther was sitting beside me, she wore an angry look. Scared half to death, not being the man I ought to be, I sprang up and ran out the door, as she appeared right in front of me.


I woke up, panting heavily. My Mom was staring down.

“What kind of deep sleep were you in? I was calling you since.” She had her right-hand midair, frowning. Dad was behind her.

“So it was a dream after all?” I asked aloud.

“A what?”

“A dream.” I looked at Mom who was staring at me.

I narrated the dreams to them. The vague nightmares. Mom was staring with mouth agape. She couldn’t believe it.

Dad stood with arms folded, gulping as I ended. The expression written on his face showed he was confused as me. He asked me if I knew the girl who was tormenting me, but I denied it. I lied, knowing they had no idea who Esther was in the first place. And I wasn’t even sure if she was the one tormenting me for real or the demon using her face. She was as innocent as a lamb, and wouldn’t even think of hurting me because of what went on. I sighed wearily and rose to my feet, and Mom clapped her hands, still not believing me.

The nightmare was over, thank God. I could finally live in peace. I was done with anything that had to do with girls, and even had to let go of Frances 😬


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