By Jessica-Ken:

I was only in Jss2 when my parents died. Used to living in a place of comfort, I tried so hard to get back everything I once had, but it wasn’t so easy.
“Would you like to work with me, Adim?”
“Yes, Boss.”
“Here,” I was handed a gun. And that was how it began.
Paid 50 every month; a heavy sum I could never achieve by doing meagre jobs, I was able to gain ground in two years—was only 15—was ready to walk away and be a boss of my own. A better boss than ‘he’. I was certain that I could handle the situation.
Being part of a syndicate gave me the confidence I thought I’d never have. My blood boiled every time. Each time I held a gun, I felt an ounce to kill. And it was that spirit that drove me to commit the greatest crime… killing my boss Mtagi… a story of how I’d done it to be written another day.

~A Jess Short


A student of the popular Nnamdi Azikiwe university. A Human Anatomy stud—and a passionate writer, with the hope of one day making the world a better place.
~Authoress Ciara

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