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By Jessy:

  Dear Diary,

  Today marks a new beginning . Mum’s happy with Patrick. Philip and I, though not together, were happy to be just as we were—friends that were never going to be apart, especially now things were back to normal. Mum and I visited Dad’s grave today. Mum couldn’t stop crying on getting there. It was a good thing that I was there to comfort her. She asked for his forgiveness. And I know that wherever Dad is, he would be glad to know that she felt true remorse.

  Oh, and we would be leaving for London very soon. We’d start anew, along with Derek… and Dad. L❀O❀L. I could say I was having a hard time calling him that, but I had to accept the fact that he was bio Dad. I couldn’t wait to bond with him better, and certainly couldn’t wait to be done with college. My transfer paper was ready. I was going to miss Campbell for sure.

  Campbell… sigh.

   Many would talk about their campus experience, but when it came to mine, I could say it was one hell of a ride… a bitter sweet one, if I should say. But all the same, “My campus life” brought love, friendship, and memories I’d never forget.

  “Tricia? Honey? The guests are all waiting.”

  “Coming mother,”

  “I guess that’s it Lil D,” I closed my diary and got up to leave. I gave a final scan of my room and walked out the door, ready to hit the dance floor.

  I walked carefully down the stairs, rolling my eyes around for Philip, as Derek stood at the foot of the stairs looking dashing with his stylish hair-do.

  “What’ you doing?” I asked, smiling.

  “Being your knight in shining armor!” he winked.

  I placed my hand on his and had me lead me to where Mum and Patrick were.

  It was the last party we were going to have in Henson—also, thanks to Mum for insisting that we threw it, since it was going to be our last with our friends and neighbours.

  Our house was packed with people, making it hard for me to find Philip. I rolled my eyes for him one more time and concluded he was never going to come. I was on my way back to Mum, when a guy that dressed in a flashy tux came walking through the front door.

  “Phil!” I let out a happy yell and rushed towards him and his grams.

  I greeted grandma Hennia, and we began making towards where Mum and Patrick were.

  “Grandma Hennia,” Mum greeted with a hug, and Philip and Derek exchanged manly pleasantries.

  Father also greeted her, and just as grandma Hennia made to hug Derek, she stopped and looked briefly into his eyes, moving them to Philip, and then back. “Lionel?”

  We stared in shock, myself remembering where I had heard the name before.

  “Lionel!” she called again, cupping Derek’s cheeks.

  “I-I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m Derek. Derek Nielsen,” Derek corrected.

  “No. No, you’re Lionel,” she said in all seriousness, and continued. “I know my grandson very well. I can feel it in my heart.” she brought her hand on his arms and rubbed it warmly. “Lionel. My grandson!” she hugged him with joy. “You’re alive! You’re alive—” she kept muttering.

  We all stood confused, watching the drama go on. How can this be?

  I remembered how mad Derek had gotten when dad told him he wasn’t really his son. They had found him on the front porch, Dad narrated then. They had taken him in as their own son. Derek was heartbroken on hearing him tell him the truth—only no one knew whose baby he was.

  “Grams. Grams, you’re not saying that Derek is my brother. Are you?”

  Grandma Hennia released Derek on hearing Philip ask. “He’s your brother, Philip. The mark!” she exclaimed suddenly, making to unbutton his shirt.

  The mark—


  “What is this? Why do you have this on your chest?”

  “I was born with it—” I could recall his exact words.


  Could Derek really be her grandson? Has his family been here all along?

  “Philip, it really is Lionel. Look!”

  I was lost in thought to notice Derek had slightly opened his shirt.

  Grandma Hennia ran her palm on it, and Philip’s eyes grew wider in shock, along with ours.

  “Derek is a MacKenny?” my mum finally spoke. “He’s family has been here all along?” our thought collided with each other.

  Derek is really a MacKenny, I thought inwardly. I’ve loved the same blood without knowing! What a small world we live in!

  I couldn’t help but marvel at everything that was going on. Derek was finally reunited with his family, and I couldn’t be much happier knowing that.

  But wait! How did he end up on the Nielsen’s porch?

One thing we’ll never know.


  “So… you’re finally happy,”

  Derek’s head came up at Tricia’s voice.

  “I am,” he smiled. “What about you?” he admired her as he asked.


  He beckoned to her to sit by his side. “You know, when Dad told me I wasn’t really his son, I felt I had no purpose in life…”

  “And why did you feel that way?” her question came.

  And he replied, “Maybe it’s because I thought Dad finally got the perfect family he’s always wanted…”

  “Perfect?” she raised her brows. “You think we’re perfect?”

   He nodded, then changed the topic. “Now’s my turn to ask.” his gaze lingered on her.

  “Well, what do you wanna ask?”

  He clasped her hand and looked into her eyes. “Would you let me be wherever you are?”

  Tricia knew where this was headed. She couldn’t say a word but kept mute, for fear she would end up ruining the moment.

  “D-Derek, I don’t know what to say. London’s not just here, and I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna be far away from your people.”

  “When I’m with you,” he began. “I feel a lot better…”

  “Derek—” she sighed and stood up, knowing what he had in mind. He wanted her to stay, but this she wanted. Her mind was already made up, and not even her feelings would stop her from going to London.

  He caught her hand…

  He drew her back…

  And into his arms she came falling.

  “Marry me!”

  Her jaws dropped open. She thought it was all a dream—only that this was happening.

  He made to stand and she got up from him.

  “Y-you can’t be serious, can you?” she wanted to be sure.

  Her eyes widened when he took out a little box from his breast pocket and got on one knee. Has he always wanted to do this? she gaped at him, as he searched in her eyes.

   Smiling up at her, their eyes met.

  “D-Derek—” she couldn’t speak. She was having a hard time believing that this was real. How did he get the ring? she wondered, though it wasn’t hers to do. She was blushing all this while—was this really happening? She hoped she’d never wake up if ever it was a dream.

  “Marry me, Tricia Nielsen…. make me the happiest man on earth,” he said as tears dropped from her eyes.

  “Oh, Derek. Oh God!” this was really happening—he was proposing to her. She smiled at the thought of him being hers forever. They were going to start a family together, she looked in awe, screaming “Yes”, as the diamond ring came on her middle finger—with their lips getting locked as he stood to kiss her.

   “I love you!”

  One could tell how happy she was by her voice. Derek was going to be hers. They were going to live happily ever after—this happiness she had never known in years. Who could have known that this day would come?

  A jolting ring made them stop.

  “This has better be good,” she groaned and made to answer, a throaty voice so hard to forget, glueing her to the spot.

~ ☆ ~








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