❤🧡 HIS SON ❤🧡

By Jessy:

❤❤ HIS SON ❤❤

❤ CUTE ❤


❤ MUTE ❤


   I had caught her staring at me; her perfect figure one I longed to see.

   I wanted to see her again; to see her pretty face so close, and to get to know her more. I never knew the MacKennys had another daughter.

  How come Nita never said a word?


  It seemed as though a call of her name got me remembering we were meeting up today.


  She was calling—

  Had she caught me staring?

  I couldn’t worry much about the thought as she threw herself on me.

  “Hey… Nita,”

  She raised her head, a frown appearing on her lips. 


  She smiled. “Love the sound!” her head came back on my chest.

  Looking up slightly, I saw her sister no more.

Nita’s presence must have made her move away, I thought so hard.

  I was so lost in thoughts that I hadn’t heard Nita’s voice. She called to my attention, and I looked down at her, realizing she had been calling me all this while.

  “Babe?” she called again. “Are you all right?”

  My brows arched up at her question. “Alright?”

  She nodded and purred.

  “You know, I was thinking…”

  I couldn’t hear the rest as she went on.

  “Babe? Babe!”

  A holler of my name made me stop thinking. “Mm?” I looked down again. “Mm, I’m listening,” I hoped she wouldn’t stress further because I knew I wasn’t listening.

  All this time I was worried that she had seen Nita and I cuddling.

  Wait. What’s with the worry?

  “Sam, are you sure you’re all right?”

  I knew Anita was starting to suspect that something wasn’t right.

  She pulled away from me and rolled her eyes at me for a minute.

  “What? I said I’m fine,”

  “You look pretty stressed out to me,” she observed.

  I chuckled nervously. “Oh, come on, don’t let it bother you.”


  I couldn’t come up with anything better to say, so I went for that.

   This is lame—

  “Let’s go?”

   “Go where?”

  “To Burger King?” her brows arched up again. “Thought you wanted…”

  “Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.” I didn’t let her finish.

  She gave me a strange look, and slid her arm under mine.

  Shit! Now my plan is ruined—I felt helpless knowing I had to wait for another day to come before I could see her again.

  Lucille ✍️

  I had grown sober at the thought of not being able to call out to him. I really wanted to know this guy, and why I felt so drawn to him.

  I laid down, holding my pillow to my bosom, still thinking about him, as the door of my room came open and Mum walked in, clutching a tray.

  “Here… you… go,”

  The words… I could silently make out.

  I sat upright and she placed the tray on my laps—kissing me lightly on my forehead, she turned to leave.

  I felt really lonely… Even though I had Mum with me. I wanted to relate more with her… but just had to bear the thoughts of my life not getting any better.


  I needed Anita by my side, but I knew it was never going to be possible convincing her to stay just where I needed her. I missed my sister so much, and I so needed her with me. We used to be best friends when we were little—but now—things were really different.

  Different, I stopped to think.

  Different! I yelled in my head, knowing I had just gotten the perfect title for a new song.

   I got the tray off my laps, got my guitar in front of me, and brought out my songbook so I could write in it.

  I put in thousands of words, not giving up on placing them all in, as evening came and it was time for us to go for a walk.

  And by us… I mean “Mum and I”.

  Anita still wasn’t back, and it was getting Mum really worried. She was always doing that, leaving Mum in a state of worry… with the thought she wasn’t anywhere near home—or so I thought. Still, it didn’t stop us from taking our usual walk down the lane.

I could say I was having a fun time enjoying the cool breeze, until a striking view came sending chills through me…

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