✍❤✍ HIS SON – CHAPTER SIX (Main) ✍❤✍

By Jessy:

Y’all remember my author’s note, right? So I’m gonna start from here 😘.

  I got back home only to realize the door was wide open. It was strange finding it that way because I knew Hilda would never leave it open, as long as she was around. I shoved the cracky feeling that I was having off and stepped inside, finding the whole place messed up, with the living room turned into another thing entirely.
  I walked in shakily, getting my toes curled, as I tried not to step on anything, in case there was a broken glass. I called Hilda’s name but no one answered. Hilda wouldn’t have known about this, I’m sure, I said to myself as I slipped my hand into my bag and pulled out my phone, dialing her number. Her line wasn’t going—a first—leaving me with no option but to make an emergency call.
  “So, Miss, who did you say was the last to leave the house?”
  I was still shaken by the incident. The police checked everything, and seeing nothing taken, I tried to relax. But if it really was a case of robbery, I thought. Why didn’t they take a thing? I wondered trembling.
  “Miss?” the police officer called to my attention, and I looked up.
  “M-my best friend and colleague,”
  Mum and Dad came in at that moment, with Lucille following behind—mum’s favourite pet!
  “Mum?” I was surprised to see they were the ones walking through the door, as I hadn’t told them about the incident… yet. “D-Dad, what are you guys doing here?”
  “We should be asking first of all,” Mum chipped in. “My God! What happened here?” she asked, taking off her shawl as she made towards the cop. “Officer, is everything all right?”
  I knew how panicky my Mum could get. It was a good thing the officer had affirmed to her question, sparing me the stress of going into details.
  “Anita, it sure doesn’t seem like everything’s all right,” Dad scanned the area as he spoke.
  I had forgotten that everything was left untouched, as instructed by the police, and the appliances were still scattered on the floor. Mum had gotten behind me, like she wanted to hear all the police said, while I kept throwing hateful glances at my sister.


  “Mmm. My dearest Belinda. Have you seen what grave danger you have brought to your family?”
  The man dressed like a cop smiled mischievously. “Come to see lover girl?”
  “Dad, what are you doing here?”
  “Oh, you have no idea, son,” the smile on his face disappeared, a grin taking over it.
  “Dad, what did you do?”
  His Dad chuckled.
  “What did you do?!”
  “You’ve seen nothing yet—”


  Tricia MacKenny ✍

  I had thought I had seen him again—the man I had dreaded so much. I couldn’t help but wonder why he hadn’t shown himself after his last phone call, and now it seemed this feeling I was having meant he was back in town.
  “Hon, we should go,”
  “Already?” Anita looked at me as she got up from Lucille’s side.
  “Y-yes,” I responded shakily and made unconsciously for the door.
  “Dear, are you okay?” I heard my husband ask, though not clear. I turned and looked at him, smiled faintly, and opened the door so we could get going.
  “Mum!” Anita hollered.
  And I turned again. “I’m okay,” I lied, feeling sorry inside.
  The girls couldn’t stop looking at me—as I acted like one who was possessed.  Derek followed behind, quickly holding me, as I shook like one who was about to fall. I clung to him for support as we walked down the stairs, out the building, as Anita bid us goodbye and we left for home.


  “Dad, you gotta stop! You really have to stop!” Samuel paced restlessly around the room as he talked.
  “Dad, I’m serious. When are you gonna leave the MacKennys alone?” Samuel questioned angrily as Mr. Halton laughed.
  “I won’t let them be… until my work is done!”
  “You are not going to rest, are you?”
His father shook his head. “No, son. I’ll make sure I ruin their lives, until they have nothing left to live…”
  Samuel grew infuriated that his body trembled with rage. “I will not let you, father!” he growled. “What is it that the MacKennys have done that you wouldn’t let them be?”
His father stood up angrily. “If you do not abide by me, I’d make sure you don’t live to see the break of day!”
  Samuel huffed at his threat. “But I’m your son!”
  His father concurred. “The more reason you keep to our plan, else you won’t live to tell the tale,”
  “Does mother know about this woman you chase after?”
  “Your mother has no business here, so don’t you tell.”
Samuel scoffed. “Like I have a choice—” he stopped to listen. “Mum’s home,” he alerted.
  “Very well then,” his father signaled with his forefinger on his lips as he left. “Remember, do not tell—” his last words left Samuel ruminating on his life.

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